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It’s the Economy Stupid

Matt Lewis of the “Political Machine” credits the economy as the final nail in the coffin for McCain in the 2008 elections…AND as the reason we’re most likely to see Romney in the mix in 2012.

… I’m also hearing that former President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay Meg Whitman has been slated to address an upcoming hearing.

On the surface, this may appear to be nothing more than a series of economic meetings featuring former CEOs, to offer advice. While there is no doubt Romney and Whitman have substantive advice to offer, this is no doubt also an opportunity for Republicans to highlight GOP economic experts with an eye on the future.

Should the economy continue to be the most significant issue in the minds of voters, count on seeing Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential mix — and a future Whitman for California Governor bid.

It will be an up-hill struggle, but by shrewdly utilizing these hearings to highlight Republicans with economic credentials, the GOP is at least taking a step toward rebuilding its image as the party you can trust with the economy…

No matter what the condition of the economy is in 2012 Romney could only help improve it even more. I’m not going to sit around and hope it gets worse so that Romney has a better shot in 2012, in fact I think it’s very likely to get better during Obama’s tenure.

~Nate Gunderson