Weekend in Memoriam

On Monday, Governor Mitt Romney will hold a Memorial Day Tribute with Senator John McCain at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center in San Diego, California.

Veterans Museum & Memorial Center
2115 Park Boulevard
San Diego, California

Doors Open: 8:30 AM PDT - Program Begins: 10:00 AM PDT

This event is open to the public and tickets are free. For reserved, priority seating, the public may pick up tickets at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center Building during the following times:
Saturday, May 26th: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT
Sunday, May 27th: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT

If unable to pick up tickets during the above times, the public is still welcome to attend by sending an RSVP email to TeamCA@mittromney.com or by calling (858) 480-1077.

For information on Memorial Day observances in Washington, D.C. click here.

THANK YOU to @Jim_Peoples_ (The Hammer) for the following image by way of update:

A few years back, I took my three teenage children to a speech by a United State Marine Corps colonel in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The day was Memorial Day, a Monday holiday. That was instead of our usual trip to the beach. They protested at first, but later understood better why the day is set aside for us nationally.

Years ago, my wife, son, and I visited the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. Below are some of the many inscriptions we found there:







Memorial Weekend

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” ~ George Washington

Romney’s ASNE Speech Underscores Obama’s “Hide ‘n Seek Campaign” (VIDEO)

They meet once a year in Washington D.C and attract lots of attention…

This year was no exception. The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) was privy to speeches from the two political figures the nation is focused on - President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

There was one exception, however. Yesterday, ahead of GOP primary election returns, Obama took an unusual turn in his speech… Previously rarely mentioning Mitt Romney by name, the President chose to deliver a stinging attack against Republicans and particularly, Mitt Romney.

Obama slammed The Gov for supporting Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan (which passed in the House last week) and the measures proposed therein to save Medicare and rein in spending. Obama claimed Romney and Ryan would see that mothers and young children wouldn’t get healthy food, college students would lose financial aid, the Dept. of Justice and FBI would be weakened, in certain parts of the country air traffic controllers would vanish, even weather forecasters would be harmed – that Governors would be tardy issuing hurricane warnings, and so on.

After his doomsday diatribe, Obama intoned, “This is not conjecture. I am not exaggerating. These are facts. And these are just the cuts that would happen the year after next.”

One of my potential opponents, Governor Romney, has said that he hoped a similar version of this plan from last year would be introduced as a bill on day one of his presidency.”

“He said he’d be very supportive of this new budget and he even called it ‘marvelous’, which is a word you don’t often hear when it comes to describing a budget.” (Laughter.) “It’s a word you don’t often hear generally.” (Laughter.)

Obama further elaborated - calling the Romney/Ryan goal to stop wasteful spending a “Trojan horse – thinly-veiled social Darwinism.”

Obama’s speech reeked with the usual leftist M.O. - class warfare, scaring Americans, exaggerations, mischaracterizations, untruths, and dividing the electorate to score political points.

Obama has now clearly targeted Mitt Romney, the Ryan budget, Republicans, and our opportunity society.

The general election has begun.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan check out latest results in Wisconsin. April 3, 2022
(Photo/Zac Moffat - click on image to enlarge)

Today, it was Governor Mitt Romney’s turn at the ASNE lectern. Fresh after long days of campaigning in Wisconsin with Congressman Ryan (and victories last night in said state, Maryland, and D.C.) he delivered a riveting, powerhouse speech - highlighting Obama’s “Hide and Seek” campaign. It was characterized by a CNN politico as a very sobering, somber speech.

In the course of Governor Romney’s campaign-defining remarks, he underscored Obama’s lack of CANDOR with the American people, especially in light of Obama’s live mic incident with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev:

“[I]nstead of answering those vital questions, President Obama came here yesterday and railed against arguments no one is making – and criticized policies no one is proposing. It’s one of his favorite strategies – setting up straw men to distract from his record.

And while I understand why the President doesn’t want to run on his record, he can’t run from his record either.
. . .
On what other issues will he state his true position only after the election is over?”

C-Span aired Romney’s speech (great Q&A included):

Here’s the transcript of Romney’s ASNE speech (you won’t want to skip over this):

Over the last ten months, I’ve come to know a good deal about some of the journalists who write for your newspapers.

We’ve aired our dirty laundry together – sometimes literally as well as figuratively. We’ve bathed hour upon hour in the fine diesel aroma of a campaign bus. And we’ve shared more birthdays and holidays with each other than with our families.

One of the reporters covering our campaign is Maeve Reston of the Los Angeles Times. For Maeve’s birthday, I got her a cake and sang her a birthday song. For my birthday, she was kind enough to remind me that I’m now old enough to qualify for Medicare.

In just the few years since my last campaign, the changes in your industry are striking. Then, I looked to Drudge or FOX or CNN online to see what stories were developing. Hours after a speech, it was being dissected on the Internet. Now, it’s Twitter, and instantaneous reaction. In 2008, the coverage was about what I said in my speech. These days, it’s about what brand of jeans I am wearing and what I ate for lunch.

Most people in my position are convinced that you are biased against us. We identify with LBJ’s famous quip that if he were to walk on water, your headline would read: “President Can’t Swim.”

Some people thus welcome the tumult in your industry, heralding the new voices and the unfiltered or supposedly unbiased sources. Frankly, in some of the new media, I find myself missing the presence of editors to exercise quality control. I miss the days of two or more sources for a story – when at least one source was actually named.

How your industry will change, I cannot predict. I subscribe to Yogi Berra’s dictum: “Forecasting is very difficult, especially when it involves the future.”

But I do know this: You will continue to find ways to provide the American people with reliable information that is vital to our lives and to our nation. And I am confident that the press will remain free. But further, I salute this organization and your various institutions in your effort to make it not only free, but also responsible, accurate, relevant, and integral to the functioning of our democracy.

Given the number and scale of our nation’s current challenges, the November election will have particular consequence. It will be a defining event. President Obama and I have very different visions for America, both of what it means to be an American today and what it will mean in the future.

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AFP Summit: Romney Keynote Speaker at Tribute to Ronald Reagan Dinner

Mitt Romney is delivering a one-two punch on fiscal policy…

After Gov Romney delivers a fiscal policy speech in Exeter, NH on Thursday, he will then head to Washington D.C. the next day to deliver another fiscal policy speech at the 5th annual Americans for Prosperity “Defending the American Dream Summit.” The summit is being held Nov 4-5; Romney be the keynote speaker at the Ronald Reagan dinner.

CNN: Mitt Romney will deliver a policy address Friday at an Americans for Prosperity summit in Washington, according to the group and the Republican presidential candidate’s campaign.

The conservative group is partially funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch and has served an influential role in the tea party movement.

Romneywill be the keynote speaker at the event’s Tribute to Ronald Reagan dinner Friday night. GOP rival and former pizza executive Herman Cain will speak to the gathering Saturday morning.

(emphasis added ) Check back for a livefeed of the event.

Thursday, November 3, 2021

Event: Mitt Romney Discusses Fiscal Policy In Exeter

When: 5:30 PM EDT

Location: Exeter Town Hall
10 Front Street
Exeter, New Hampshire

Friday, November 4, 2021

Event: Mitt Romney Delivers Speech On Fiscal Policy To The Americans For Prosperity “Defending The American Dream Summit”

When: 100 PM EDT

Location: D.C. Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.

Confirmed speakers at AFP summit:

Mark Levin, Radio Host
Herman Cain, businessman and GOP presidential hopeful
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst
Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City
Jonah Goldberg, New York Times best selling author
Dinesh D’Souza, best selling author
Andrew Breitbart, conservative commentator, author
Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia Attorney General
Congressman Marsha Blackburn, U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Andy Harris, U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Mike Pompeo, U.S. House of Representatives
Ann McElhinney, conservative film maker
James O’Keefe, conservative film maker
Bob Bowdon, conservative film maker
John Fund, American Spectator
Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform
Tim Phillips, AFP Foundation President
Phil Kerpen, AFP Foundation, VP for Policy
Carly Fiorina, U.S. Senate candidate, former CEO Hewlett-Packard

If you haven’t done so, click here to go to the AFP facebook page to ‘like’ their announcement of Romney’s speech (leave a comment and ‘like’ other pro-Romney comments!).

Additional reading:

Time for Boldness by Jennifer Rubin, WaPo

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Romney in Rhode Island: Fundraiser & Endorsement From Former RI Gov Donald Carcieri

The Gov will be in Rhode Island this evening…

Supporters of Mitt Romney in Newport, Rhode Island, Les and Carol Ballard, are co-hosting a fundraising reception for him tonight. Also co-hosting tonight’s event is former Governor of The Ocean State, Donald Carcieri, and former First Lady Sue Carcieri.

Governor Carcieri has announced that he will endorse Mitt Romney:

July 25, 2021

Former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri will endorse Republican Mitt Romney for president, according to Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams.

The confirmation is unsurprising, considering the ex-Republican governor is slated to co-host a fundraiser for Romney in Newport on Tuesday evening that the campaign says will be closed to the media.

Former Rhode Island Gov Donald L Carcieri will endorse Mitt Romney.

Carcieri also endorsed Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, in his bid for president in the 2008 election.

Last year, Romney returned the favor somewhat by helping fundraise for Carcieri’s chosen successor to the governor’s office — John Robitaille, who eventually lost.

Romney, who formally announced his candidacy in June, will look to bolster an $18.3-million campaign war chest that, so far, dwarfs that of other potential Republican candidates, but is still far behind the $45.4 million that President Obama has raised for his reelection campaign, according to federal campaign finance reports.

Romney has collected about $14,300 from Rhode Island donors, the most of any other Republican candidate in the Ocean State, but again behind Obama’s more than $53,000 haul, according to FEC reports.

Tuesday’s fundraiser represents the first public appearance in Rhode Island by a presidential candidate for the 2012 election cycle. […]

(my emphasis)

Rhode Island suffers from the third highest unemployment rate in the nation at 10.8% (CA is at 11.8% and NV is at 12.4 %). Their housing market continues to falter. (A Commerce Dept. report released today reveals that new home sales fell 1% in June; the northeast and parts of the west continue to be hit particularly hard.)

Romney is also attending a fundraising luncheon billed as ‘Lawyers for Romney’ in Washington D.C. today:

The former Massachusetts governor will attend a “Lawyers for Romney” luncheon at the powerhouse lobbying firm Patton Boggs, according to an invitation nabbed by the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation. The host committee includes former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott and Ben Ginsberg, who served as counsel to Mr. Romney’s campaign in 2008 and to President George W. Bush’s two campaigns.

UPDATE July 27, 2021 - ‘Photo of the Day’ at MittRomney.com

Former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri & former RI First Lady, his wife Suzanne, pose with Romney at an event in Newport, RI. July 26, 2021

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Romney Addresses Faith & Freedom Crowd: “Economy is Moral Tragedy”

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney addresses crowd at Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C. 6/3/11

Why have conservative thinkers, commentators, Tea Partiers, politicians, political strategists, and GOP presidential hopefuls converged in Washington D.C. for a couple of days?

They’re in our nation’s capitol to participate in Ralph Reed’s 2nd annual Faith and Freedom Conference and to get a ‘look-see’ at the upcoming GOP presidential campaign.

Governor Mitt Romney was there:


* Economic issues dominate

* Romney: Economy is “moral tragedy

WASHINGTON, June 3 - Republican presidential hopefuls courted Christian conservative voters on Friday at a conference where U.S. economic concerns shared the stage with social issues that frequently dominate the religious right.

Many political speakers at the Faith and Freedom Coalition emphasized jobs, debt and deficits on the day the Labor Department reported the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent in May.

In contrast to some previous presidential campaigns, social issues like gay marriage and abortion have not been prominent topics for Republican hopefuls seeking to replace President Barack Obama in next year’s election.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who announced his bid this week, began his 2008 presidential run talking largely about social issues. His 2012 run has begun with an emphasis on the economy.

Romney told the crowd the sputtering economy is a “moral crisis” and criticized the White House for saying the rise in unemployment represented “bumps on the road to recovery.”

“No, Mr. President, that’s not a bump, that’s Americans,” Romney said. Unemployed people are not statistics, he said.

Evangelicals are a powerful force in Republican politics, usually a reliable base of support for the party. And they will be key to victory in Iowa, whose voting contest in January will help set the tone for the 2012 Republican presidential race.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

F&F Conference founder, evangelical Ralph Reed, was interviewed by Newsmax TV yesterday. Here’s what he said about Romney:

He [Reed] credited former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with being a “trail blazer” in 2008 as the first Mormon candidate by either party to be a viable candidate for the presidential nomination. He predicts the Mormon faith will be much less of an issue for Romney and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman in the upcoming cycle.

To watch Romney’s Faith and Freedom speech, click here.

I can’t count the number of political commentators I’ve heard in the last two days state that Gov Romney’s presidential announcement and Faith and Freedom speech couldn’t have been better timed. With the troubling unemployment numbers released yesterday, unrelenting home foreclosures, high gasoline, clothing, and food prices, slumping auto sales, overall market uncertainty, and genuine fear of a double-dip recession, Romney’s authentic voice on economic recovery is making people sit up and pay attention.

When The Gov’s Faith & Freedom speech ended last night, he was inundated by the excited crowd; so much so, that after waiting for a few minutes, the emcee had to interrupt the crush to introduce the next speaker.

UPDATE: Mitt on the Road: Irmo, South Carolina

For additional reading, more video, and updates Click here to continue reading

Mitt Romney to Speak at Faith & Freedom Conference in D.C. Tonight

Scroll to the bottom to see the YouTube video of Mitt’s speech.

Mitt Romney is in our nation’s capitol tonight to speak at the Faith & Freedom Conference and Strategy Briefing. The second annual event is being held at the Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown Hotel.

You can now watch Ann’s introduction followed by Mitt’s speech here.

Tonight’s schedule:
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

Donald Trump
Tim Pawlenty
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman spoke earlier today. Those among the speakers for the two day event include: Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, and Glenn Beck.

C-Span TV channel will also air tonight’s program from 7:00 -10:00PM EST.

Romney supporters are invited to drop by our chat forum tonight during Gov Romney’s speech!

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UPDATE from Ross

While you’re waiting, check out the highlights Mitt’s video team put together from the big announcement yesterday:

Video of Mitt’s speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference below the fold. Click here to continue reading

(VIDEO) Mitt Romney Announces Candidacy for President in NH: “Obama’s Misery Index Has Never Been Higher”


Governor Mitt Romney announced today that he is a candidate for President of the United States

Doug and Stella Scamman, of Scamman Farms in Stratham, New Hampshire, provided the setting for the highly anticipated announcement. Both Scammans spoke glowingly of Romney. (Besides running a huge farming operation, the Scammans both served as state legislators in New Hampshire.) Then, Ann Romney introduced her husband.

With a large American flag on an outbuilding on one side and a big Romney banner rippling in the wind on a barn behind him, Gov Romney strode up stacked hay bales to the microphone and addressed a very large and enthusiastic crowd.

Transcript of Romney’s speech:

Thank you for coming. And I want to thank Doug and Stella Scamman for hosting us on their beautiful farm.

You know, everyone here today can tell a different story. We have different backgrounds and we wake up in the morning and go to different jobs … or, look for different jobs. We go to different churches or maybe don’t go to church so much. I bet some of you have families who go back 200 years or more in New Hampshire. And there must be some who just snuck in across the border, from Massachusetts. I hear the taxes are better over here.

But here we are on a beautiful June day coming together to begin a process that we often, quite naturally, take for granted. But it is really one of the great achievements in the history of the world. For all of our country’s wealth and influence, those are not the source of our greatness. The true strength of America is self-rule, and a government that answers to a free and independent people.

We live in the most powerful nation that ever existed. And it all goes back to a few men and women who had the courage to stand - and even die - for their belief in liberty and equality. Because of their vision, the United States of America is not ruled by a monarchy or controlled by an aristocracy. Though sometimes folks in Washington might act otherwise, we don’t have a House of Lords with inherited power. And as the Red Sox like to remind the New York Yankees, there are no dynasties in America.

Who rules this great nation?

You do. Every four years you decide who will give that State of the Union address, who will set the course of the country, who will be Commander in Chief.

What’s true right here in this New Hampshire farm has always been true in America. Though each of us is different, though each of us will choose to walk a different path in life, we are united by one great, overwhelming passion: We love America. We believe in America.

Today we are united not only by our faith in America. We are united also by our concern for America.

This country we love is in peril. And that, my friends, is why we are here today.

A few years ago, Americans did something that was, actually, very much the sort of thing Americans like to do: We gave someone new a chance to lead; someone we hadn’t known for very long, who didn’t have much of a record but promised to lead us to a better place.

At the time, we didn’t know what sort of a President he would make. It was a moment of crisis for our economy, and when Barack Obama came to office, we wished him well and hoped for the best.

Now, in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by.

Barack Obama has failed America.

When he took office, the economy was in recession. He made it worse. And he made it last longer.

Three years later, over 16 million Americans are out of work or have just quit looking. Millions more are underemployed.

Three years later, unemployment is still above 8%, a figure he said his stimulus would keep from happening.

Three years later, foreclosures are still at record levels.

Three years later the prices of homes continue to fall.

Three years later, our national debt has grown nearly as large as our entire economy.

Families are buried under higher prices for food and higher prices for gasoline.

It breaks my heart to see what’s happening in this country.

These failing hopes make up President Obama’s own misery index. It’s never been higher. And what’s his answer? He says this: “I’m just getting started.”

No, Mr. President, you’ve had your chance. We, the people on this farm, and citizens across the country are the ones who are just getting started.

Continue reading here.

Video of Governor Romney’s inspiring speech - including Ann’s wonderful intro:

A hearty barbecue lunch, including Ann Romney’s chili, was enjoyed by attendees. Due to safety concerns at the venue, event planners issued a generous, but limited number of free admission tickets.

Mitt and Ann Romney serve lunch (incl Ann's chili) to supporters at Scamman Farms, Stratham, NH. 6/2/11

Mitt and Ann’s view…

One of the many tweets regarding The Gov’s announcement (a trending topic on twitter):

Just left Scamman Farm in Stratham where 1,000 strong were inspired by the future president. #FITN #Mittless than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

Long after his speech was over, Mitt and Ann greeted the large crowd of well-wishers. I’ll finish this article with Gov Romney’s final remarks:

These last two years have not been the best of times. But while we’ve lost a couple of years, we have not lost our way. The principles that made us a great nation and leader of the world have not lost their meaning. They never will.

We know we can bring this country back.

I’m Mitt Romney. I believe in America.

And I’m running for President of the United States.

Reminder: Romney will be on the Sean Hannity show tonight on FOX News. Tomorrow morning, June 3rd, he will hold his first Town Hall meeting at 8:30 AM EDT at the University of New Hampshire Manchester. Later in the evening, he’ll speak at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington D.C.

Rebel Ross has also posted good information here.

UPDATE - (2:26 PM PT) Tweet from Mitt

I laid out my vision, but America’s greatness begins with you. What’s your vision for America? #Mitt2012less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

UPDATE 2:More pics…

TwitPic: “Podium where Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy.”

TwitPic: “Waiting for Romney - music is pumping - crowd is excited!”

Mitt needs our help to get to the White House! Donate here.

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Romney Having Good Day in DC

Romney is in DC today showing his competition how it’s done:

Republican Mitt Romney focused his attention on the nation’s capital Tuesday, meeting with members of Congress and attending two fundraisers that his aides hoped would raise nearly $1 million more for his presidential campaign.
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During the second of two days in Washington, the former Massachusetts governor took part at a midday fundraiser that took in about $450,000, said one top adviser. Many of the attendees were lawyers and lobbyists, along with former Massachusetts residents and colleagues from Bain Capital, the venture capital firm Romney started.