#MIGOP LEADERS AGREE: Mitt Romney Won the Debate


This is an impressive list of statements from well respected conservatives in the state of Michigan, including current and former office holders:

Governor Rick Snyder: “Mitt Romney is not a career politician. He’s a businessman who knows how to balance the budget and he has a credible plan to put our country on a sustainable path. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Washington. Mitt Romney understands the economy and what it takes to create jobs.”

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley: “Mitt Romney is gaining support among conservative voters in Michigan because it’s clear from his track record that he is not afraid to make the tough decisions needed to reduce our nation’s debt.”

Former Attorney General Mike Cox: “Mitt Romney is gaining support and strength in this primary because of performances like the one he delivered tonight. Michiganders can feel confident that they will have a president who is looking out for them by creating jobs and lessening the crushing debt that we face. The bold economic plan that he laid out today will unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that has been held back by President Obama’s anti-growth policies. I look forward to spreading this message to Michigan voters over the next week.”
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