Floodgates Open: Support for Romney from Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Alaska

Floodgates of support are really opening now for Mitt Romney…

Today, social and fiscal conservative Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn penned a strong op-ed supporting Romney. GOP Representatives (32 of them!) in Massachusetts and Alaska Lt. Gov Mead Treadwell also issued well-muscled letters of support. Eric Cantor also stepped up to the plate for Romney.

It’s clear.

They all believe Romney’s years of private sector work and leadership skills seal the deal. Unquestionably, they feel Romney is ready to be wrapped in the presidential mantle.

UPDATE - Add former First Lady Barbara Bush’s name to the list. She recorded a robo call message for Mitt that is playing throughout Vermont:

Senator Coburn:

I’m proud to support Romney because he is a leader. What Romney has done in his 25 years in the private sector is precisely what we need a president to do in Washington. Romney has done hard things. He has turned businesses around, told people hard truths about what needed to be done, inspired confidence and overcome excuses.”

Mitt Romney Best Equipped To Solve Problems Facing Our Nation
By Sen. Tom Coburn
The Oklahoman
March 4, 2022

Sen Tom Coburn

America faces the greatest challenges of any in my lifetime. Our debt is now the size of our entire economy. If we don’t change course in the near future, we will face an economic catastrophe far worse than our recent recession.

At the same time, we’re facing a crisis of leadership in Washington. The problems and solutions are widely understood — and far from impossible to implement — yet our so-called leaders have shown little interest in solving problems. President Obama campaigned as a transformational leader, yet he has rejected transformational solutions such as the Simpson-Bowles plan that gave Washington a framework for averting a debt crisis.

Elections are about choices. This November, the most important choice facing the American people will be whether we will demand a solution and avert a debt crisis or whether we will continue to accept the status quo and hope for the best. I’m confident the vast majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle want a solution. The next choice, then, is deciding who is best qualified to enact a solution.

In life, and especially politics, our choices are seldom perfect and often difficult. But it is critically important to make a choice and support the person who is best equipped to solve the urgent problems before us. In my view, that person is Mitt Romney.

From my experience, Washington tends to be divided between two groups — leaders and career politicians. Leaders tend to have a wealth of real-world experience outside of politics and are in office to give rather than take something from their position. Career politicians, on the other hand, mean well but are ill-equipped to solve problems. Their greatest skill is getting re-elected.

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From Romney’s Press Office - MA Republican Reps (32 signatures!):

If Mitt gets to the White House and has a chance to do for the country what he did for Massachusetts, we will see a turnaround in this country unlike any we have seen before.

Massachusetts Republican Representatives Stand with Mitt

Click on map to enlarge.

Over the course of this election season, we members of the Massachusetts Republican Legislative Caucus, have watched and listened as our former Governor’s record has been scrutinized by his rivals and by the national media. Now it is our turn to speak.

Republicans in Massachusetts never had a stronger leader, a greater defender, or a better friend in the State House than Mitt Romney.

Let’s start with the economy. When Mitt was elected Governor, Massachusetts was on the verge of financial disaster. Workers across the state were being laid off at the rate of thousands a month.

Our state budget was bleeding red ink, and Democratic politicians were proclaiming that only tax increases could fill the gap. Raising taxes, of course, was not Governor Romney’s way. Quite the opposite. With the same energy and intelligence he brings to every challenge he faces, he brought efficiency to our state government. He streamlined our budget and cut unneeded programs.

Without raising taxes—indeed, he cut taxes nineteen times—he balanced the budget every year of his term. By the end of four years, he had turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy-day fund. With the state government’s finances in order, the economy picked up steam. Unemployment at the end of Mitt’s term was 4.7 percent, a rate the state envies now.

But the economy was not the only realm where Mitt was a leader. He cracked down on illegal immigration by vetoing an in-state tuition bill and by authorizing state troopers to detain people who had entered the country illegally. When Democrats caved to the teachers unions and sought to impose a one-year moratorium on publicly-funded charter schools, Mitt successfully turned back their efforts.

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Romney Announces Support of Vermont Elected Officials & Leaders, Submits Primary Pres. Papers

Autumn arrives at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Woodstock, Vermont... A long list of endorsements for Mitt Romney from the Green Mountain State have been released. September 29, 2021

A whole laundry list of endorsements for Governor Romney from Vermont have been announced. Romney has also submitted required NH primary paperwork:

Boston, MA - Sept 28, 2021 – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of Vermont elected officials and leaders. Romney for President also submitted the required presidential primary petition in order to appear on the state’s Republican primary ballot.

“I am proud to have the support of so many respected elected officials and leaders in Vermont,” said Mitt Romney. “I look forward to working with them to spread my pro-growth message and get America working again.”

Announcing his support, State Auditor Tom Salmon said, “Mitt Romney has a record of creating jobs as governor and has unparalleled knowledge of how the economy works from 25 years in the private sector. He is the best candidate to lead our country toward an economic recovery and that is why Vermont voters will support him.”

Vermont Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney

• State Auditor Tom Salmon
• Senate Minority Leader William Doyle
• State Senator Randy Brock
• State Senator Peg Flory
• State Senator Vince Illuzzi
• State Senator Kevin Mullin
• State Representative and Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman Joe Acinapura
• State Representative Gregory Clark
• State Representative Howard Crawford
• State Representative Dustin Degree
• State Representative Eileen Dickinson
• State Representative Peter Fagan
• State Representative Mike Hebert
• State Representative Robert Helm
• State Representative Robert Lewis
• State Representative Linda Myers
• State Representative Gerald Reis
• State Representative Vicki Strong
• Wendy Wilton; Former State Senator and Rutland City Treasurer
• Steve Larabee; Former State Representative and former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Thomas Lauzon; Barre Mayor
• Chris Roy; Former Republican Candidate for Secretary of State
• Tim Haywood; Chief of Staff to former Governor Jim Douglas
• Jim Barnett; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Jack Lindley; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Allen Martin; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Bradford Broyles; Rutland County Republican Chair
• Ken Copp; Essex County Republican Chair
• Dr. Bill Minsinger; Orange County Republican Chair
• Dan Riley; Bennington County Republican Chair
• Hugh Tallman; Lamoille County Republican Chair
• Leo Valliere; Washington County Republican Chair and former State Representative
• Chuck Wilton; Rutland County Republican Finance Chair
• Lenny Barclay; Londonderry Town Republican Chair
• Don Bostic; Saint Johnsbury Town GOP Chair and former State Representative
• Del Cook; Brandon Town Republican Chair
• Lawrence Daley; Peru Town Republican Chair
• Joe DeFreitas; Bethel Town Republican Chair
• Dawn Hill-Fleury; Essex Town Republican Chair
• Cliff King; East Montpelier Town Republican Chair
• Bruce Lonergan; Bennington Town Republican Chair
• Eric Osgood; Johnson Town Republican Chair
• Mike Lannon; Rutland City Republican Chair
• Don Trachte; Sandgate Town GOP Chair
• Harry Jay; Williamstown Town GOP Chair
• Patricia Morale; Secretary of the Pittsford Town Republican Party
• John Kleinhans; Former Vermont College Republican President
• Buddy and Jackie Barnett; State Central Committee
• Marilyn Childs; State Central Committee
• Ron Meroli; State Central Committee
• Bob and Pat Nowak; State Central Committee
• Ann Valliere; State Central Committee
• John and Carol Wu; State Central Committee
• Lynn Lindley; Montpelier City Committee
• J. Paul Giuliani; Montpelier City Committee
• Michael Bertrand; Volunteer Vermont Counsel, Romney for President, Inc.
• Darcie Johnston; Johnston Consulting, Inc.
• Mark Snelling; President of Snelling Center for Government
• Rick Cochran
• Jack and Kim Kane


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