ROMNEY INFOGRAPHIC: Hispanics Taking the Brunt of Obama's Failed Policies

If Obama thinks he can stroll right into re-election on the backs of Hispanic Americans, he’d better think again. When (not if) Hispanics see that they are among the hardest hit by the failings of the The Obama Economy, they’ll flock to the guy who has the experience to turn around the economy.

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It’s Going to be a Close One

A new CBS/New York Times poll of registered voters came out today. Here are the results:

Romney - 46 percent

Obama - 46 percent

A tie at this stage in the process, after a very tough and bruising primary fight, is a good sign for Romney. This is going to be a very close race. If I were President Obama or any of his advisors, I would be nervous.

The economy will be front and center throughout the rest of this year as gas prices continue to rise, unemployment remains persistently high, and as our national debt continues to soar.

New Hampshire: Obama Drops By, Romney’s Ad, Open Letter to Delegator-in-Chief, P.S. From NH Leaders

In advance of President Obama’s campaigning in Manchester, New Hampshire today, the Romney campaign has released an excellent new ad targeting Obama’s economic policies.

Mitt Romney also penned a cut-to-the-chase open letter to our Delegator-in-Chief. The following letter will appear as a full page advert in three of New Hampshire’s largest newspapers: the Union Leader, Concord Monitor, and the Nashua Telegraph:

Dear President Obama,

Welcome to New Hampshire.

I hope you enjoy your visit. In 49 days, voters here will be going to the polls to choose a Republican nominee to run against you. I would like to lay out for you some of what I will be saying on the campaign trail if I am fortunate enough to become my party’s candidate.

I would begin by acknowledging that you were dealt a hard hand. You came into office in the midst of an economic crisis that was not of your making. You were asked to face great challenges and to solve difficult problems. The tasks before you would have taxed the abilities of any new president.

But we now have had three years to watch your policies unfold and to assess their results. The evidence is in and it is unequivocal. I will be blunt. Your policies have failed. It is bad enough that they have fallen short even by the standards your own administration set for itself. But things are much worse than that. Far from bringing the crisis to an end, your policies have actively hindered economic recovery. In some cases, they were the exact opposite of what our government should have been doing.

You and your advisors sold your economic “stimulus” package to Congress on the basis of a forecast that it would hold unemployment below 8 percent. There is a reason why this projection was wildly off base and that unemployment soared above 10 percent and is now stuck around 9 percent. Your stimulus bill was filled with special interest giveaways, and eased the way for your administration to shovel loan guarantees out the door to politically connected “green” technology firms, some of which are now in bankruptcy, with the taxpayers on the hook for more than $500 million.

Even where crony capitalism did not get in the way, so many projects were far from “shovel ready” or had absolutely nothing to do with creating jobs. Nearly a trillion dollars of tax dollars was spent, our budget deficit exploded, and some 25 million Americans remain either unemployed, underemployed, or have given up seeking work altogether. You placed a burden of debt on America that will take generations to repay and we got almost nothing in return.

You also failed to grasp the impact of your policies on the American business climate. Investment depends upon a degree of certainty, but your administration made it impossible for enterprises to make accurate forecasts about their future costs. If companies have stopped hiring in America, it is in no small part because of policies, including Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and an astonishing tangle of new federal regulations that have snuffed out investment. If we are ever to get America back to work, they all must be repealed.

I will also be talking about how you have catered to favored special interests, like civil-service unions and environmentalists, at the expense of American workers. Take your decision to “delay” building the state-of-the-art Keystone XL oil pipeline. Some 20,000 American jobs are at stake. You may not regard that as a large number, but every one of the unemployed men and women whose future you have sacrificed to satisfy your political base in the environmentalist left deserve far better. And this is but one of many examples I can cite.

America deserves better.

It is not America’s laziness that is the problem, as you recently suggested. It is your policies.

So once again, Mr. President, welcome to New Hampshire. We need a great debate about how best to get our country working again. We can’t afford four more years of failure. I believe in unleashing America’s potential. That is what my own campaign for the presidency is all about.


NH legislators/leaders add an emphatic P.S.

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Obama Heads West, Romney Campaign Releases Video “Welcome to Nevada, Pres Obama”

President Obama is heading west today to continue hammering his American Jobs Act in Las Vegas, before journeying on to California.

‘Romney For President’ is a step ahead of him and has released a new web video entitled Welcome to Nevada, President Obama.

Take a look…

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country. Six in ten mortgages in Nevada are underwater and Nevada has the highest state foreclosure rate in the country. - Romney For President

AD FACTS for script for “Welcome To Nevada, President Obama”:

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics U-6 rate for Nevada is 23.3 Percent. (“Alternative Measures Of Labor Underutilization For States, Third Quarter Of 2010 Through Second Quarter Of 2011 Averages,” U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed On 10/21/11)

Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in September 2011 at 13.4 percent. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 10/21/11)

According to Analytics Company CoreLogic, 60% of all mortgaged properties in Nevada are underwater. “Nevada had the highest negative equity percentage with 60 percent of all of its mortgaged properties underwater, followed byArizona (49 percent), Florida (45 percent), Michigan (36 percent) and California (30 percent) (Figure 2).” (Press Release, “New CoreLogic® Data Reveals Q2 Negative Equity Declines In Hardest Hit Markets And 8 Million Negative Equity Borrowers Have Above Market Rates,” CoreLogic,9/13/11)

According to RealtyTrac, Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation. “Nevada posted the nation’s highest state foreclosure rate — one in every 44 housing units with a foreclosure filing in the third quarter.” (Press Release, “Foreclosure Activity On Slow Burn,” RealtyTrac, 10/11/11)

Welcome to Nevada, President Obama!

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FL Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam Endorses Romney

Florida Agriculture Commissioner and former Congressman Adam Putnam is supporting Mitt Romney. 10/18/11

From The Sunshine State, more endorsement news for Governor Romney…

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and former Congressman Adam Putnam.

I am proud to have the support of Commissioner Adam Putnam,” said Mitt Romney. “Throughout his career, Adam’s leadership on difficult issues has served Floridians well. Adam’s support and counsel will be important in the upcoming election, as we work to defeat President Obama and restore the American economy.”

Mitt Romney is a tested conservative and a proven leader. With him in the White House, we can regain our standing abroad and repair our economy at home,” said Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. “Three years into President Obama’s term, it is clear that his policies have failed the country. Onerous regulations are burdening businesses, overspending has threatened our credit and unemployment remains dangerously high. Florida has felt the effects of these failed policies more than many other states, and we can’t afford to continue down the same path. Mitt Romney knows how the economy works – he spent his life in the private sector and has the knowledge and the plan to put Americans back on the path to prosperity.”

(emphasis added )

Background On Commissioner Putnam:

Commissioner Putnam Was Elected To The Florida Cabinet In 2010. Putnam heads the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, an agency responsible for promoting Florida agriculture, a $100 billion industry, fostering the development of renewable energy and enabling lawful businesses to succeed. Prior to his election, he served for five terms in the United States House of Representatives. While in Congress, Putnam was elected Chairman of the House Republican Conference and served on the Government Reform, Rules, Agriculture and Financial Services Committees. Putnam was a member of the Florida House of Representatives before being elected to the U.S. Congress.

Thank you, Commissioner Putnam!

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Obama’s Magical Misery Tour: Sell Tax ‘n Jobs Bill Piece-by-Piece in North Carolina

President Obama’s next stop on his Magical Misery Tour is North Carolina. He plans to “engage in a little retail politics’ amid our nation’s jobs crisis (translation: campaign for himself while trying to sell his failed jobs-and-tax bill by breaking it into bite-sized pieces).

Since President Obama’s visit to North Carolina last month, the state’s jobless rate has climbed to 10.4% and another 12,000 workers received pink slips:

The effect is a campaign-style trip that allows the President to engage in a little retail politics…” (Julie Pace, “Obama Gets Back On The Bus For Trip To NC, Va.,” The Associated Press, 10/16/11)

Under President Obama, North Carolina Has Shed More Than 125,000 Jobs And Is Suffering From Double-Digit Unemployment:

Unemployment in North Carolina has climbed to 10.4%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in North Carolina climbed from 9.7% in May to 10.4% in August. The jobless rate has increased in each of the last three months on record. (Bureau of Labor Statistics,, 10/16/11)

Nearly 470,000 people in North Carolina are out of work.. In August, there were an estimated 468,140 unemployed North Carolinians – an increase of more than 32,000 since March of this year and an increase of 11,747 since July. (Bureau of Labor Statistics,, 10/16/11)

North Carolina has lost more than 125,000 jobs since President Obama took office. According to Labor Department estimates, nonfarm payroll employment in North Carolina was 4,009,700 in January 2009 and 3,882,500 in August 2011. (Bureau of Labor Statistics,, 10/16/11)

The Magical Misery Tour hits North Carolina and Virginia this week:

President Barack Obama is targeting vital North Carolina and Virginia this week, as he kicks off a three-day bus tour that is as much about campaigning for his jobs bill as it is shoring up support in two southern states he wrested from Republican control four years ago.

Obama’s 2008 victories in North Carolina and Virginia were due in large part to the states’ changing demographics and his campaign’s ability to boost voter turnout among young people and African-Americans. But nearly three years after his historic election, the president’s approval ratings in both states are sagging, in line with the national trend.

A Quinnipiac University poll out earlier this month put Obama’s approval rating in Virginia at 45 percent, with 52 percent disapproving. The same poll showed 83 percent of Virginians were dissatisfied with the direction of the country. In North Carolina, Obama has a 42 percent approval rating, according to an Elon University poll conducted this month. Most national polls put Obama’s approval rating in the mid-to low-forties.

The president’s bus tour comes as the battle in Washington over his jobs plan enters a new phase. While Obama had demanded lawmakers pass the $447 billion jobs measure in its entirety, Senate Republicans have blocked those efforts, leaving the president and his Democratic allies to fight for the bill’s proposals piece by piece.

As he embarks on the second leg of the Magical Misery Tour, will President Obama listen to jobless Americans or lecture them?

President Obama, in North Carolina on September 14th:

OBAMA: “The time for hand-wringing is over. The time for moping around – we’ve got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes. We’ve got to get to work.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks in Raleigh, NC, 9/14/11)

(emphasis added)

Last month, Obama explained his failed economic record by saying America had gotten a little soft:

“President Barack Obama on Thursday said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and gotten a ‘little soft.’ … ‘This is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades,’ Mr. Obama said in response to a question about the country’s economic future. ‘We need to get back on track.’” (Jared Favole, “Obama: U.S. Has Become A ‘Little Soft,’ ” The Wall Street Journal, 9/29/11)

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Romney Campaign Releases New Video “STOP THE SPENDING”

Today, Romney for President released a new web video, “Stop The Spending.” The video highlights the failure of President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus to create jobs and help small businesses.

In 2009, President Obama’s $787 billion dollar stimulus bill passed. Here is what he said the bill would do (shovel-ready jobs):

Over the next two years, this plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs. More than 90% of these jobs will be in the private sector - jobs rebuilding our roads and bridges; constructing wind turbines and solar panels; laying broadband and expanding mass transit.” (President Obama, Remarks To Joint Session Of Congress, 2/24/09)

Oops! Remember when Obama jokingly admitted this back in June?

Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

Stop The Spending

Since the Stimulus passed Passed 1.7 million jobs have been lost. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 9/27/11)

● “The persistent weakness of the U.S. economy has left 14 million people unemployed and more than 25 million unable to find full-time work.” (“Obama Plan Would Make Small Dent In Jobless Rate,” The Associated Press, 9/24/11)

President Obama: “On Thursday, we are going to lay out a new way forward on jobs to grow the economy and put more Americans back to work right now. I don’t want to give everything away right here, because I want you all to tune in on Thursday. But I will give you just a little bit.” (President Obama, Remarks, Detroit, MI, 9/5/11)

President Obama: “First, I won’t sign a bill that adds one dime to our deficit — either now or in the future. Period.” (President Obama, Remarks, College Park, MD, 9/17/09)

Now, Obama’s latest jobs bill contains another $447 billion to stimulate economic growth. It didn’t work last time and won’t work now. And, may I just say Solyndra?

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Quick and Easy Fact-Checking of

Via Twitter I stumbled upon an article at and it only took me 2 minutes to find a major flaw in the numbers that blows open Perry’s claim to be the superior job creator. Team Perry responds to a “false, desperate attack” from Mitt’s team that points out while the US added no jobs to the economy in August under Obama (President Zero), Texas actually lost jobs to the tune of minus 1300 under Perry (Governor Sub-Zero).

The tables of data that provides yield some unintended consequences when placed under the tiniest bit of scrutiny. First, here is the data taken directly from, though I added a row of data (in red) on the second table for analysis purposes:

While Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts (Jan. 2003 – Jan. 2007):
[table "39" not found /]

[table "40" not found /]

Now this is not too difficult to figure out, just look a the “change” columns. In Massachusetts during Romney’s tenure the state population only grew by 6000, but in the same time MA added 39,500 jobs added to the private sector. In Texas on the other hand (Perry as Governor), the population grew by a whopping 1.6 million but only added less than half that amount of jobs in the private sector, about 750,000.

What is the end result? Obviously in MA that equals a much lower unemployment rate, but oddly enough Texas’ unemployment rate dropped as well. Does that mean the “other” jobs created were actually created in the government? Perhaps that could be why Texas’ government spending has doubled while Perry has been Governor.

The Big Question for Perry: Sure Texas is creating a lot of jobs, but is that rate high enough to match the growth in population? If not, unemployment rates will not go down.

The Cold Hard Facts: #1-Unemployment in Texas hit 8.5% last month, the highest it has been in 24 years! #2-The state of Texas also happens to be 46th out of 50 in poverty rate - 28% higher than the national average!!

If that is a fantastic record of economic prowess, then I have a Texas-sized bridge I want to sell you.

Factcheck #2: Team Perry calls Romney’s campaign “flailing”, but according to Rasmussen (and backed by other polls) in the space of one month Perry’s lead over Romney has shrunk from 11% to 4%. One does not “flail” when they are edging up in the polls. Perhaps this article by Team Perry is “flailing” as they are now edging downward.

~Nate G.

Bonus: On twitter Dave Weigel jokes: So if Perry is Governor Sub Zero, that makes Romney Governor Scorpion. #getoverhere

I was stumped by this for awhile until I recalled my junior-high Mortal Kombat video game days.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion square off in Mortal Kombat, ie, the GOP Primary

Mitt Romney Connects With Iowa Voters Via Tele-Townhall

Governor Romney was on his smart phone last Friday holding a tele-town hall with Iowa voters:

Romney: 2012 election to be referendum on Obama’s handling of economy

The 2012 election will be a referendum on Obama’s handling of the economy, Romney said during a Friday evening tele-town hall meeting of Iowans. That makes the Republican hopeful optimistic he can defeat Obama who has presided over a weakening economy and rising unemployment since taking office in 2009.
Romney thinks the number of people who believe Obama has “simply failed” is growing, especially among independent voters, but Democrats as well.

“He doesn’t understand how the economy works, how business thinks and how entrepreneurs invest,” Romney said during the 30-plus minute call to a statewide audience. “I will never have to be tutored on how the economy works. That’s how I have spent my life - working in the real economy.”
Answering a question from Lana from Cedar Rapids, Romney rejected Perry’s claim Social Security is a “Ponzi scheme.”

“First of all, the system ought to be saved and maintained and no one who is a senior, no one who is retired or near retirement should have any worry about Social Security being there for them,” Romney said. “This is a program they paid into. This is a benefit they deserve because they have purchased it by having deductions from their salaries and wages over the years.”

He also contrasted their experience - his 30-plus years in the private sector and Perry’s 30-plus years in politics and government.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but right now I think what’s needed in Washington is someone who understands how the economy works more than it needs someone who is an expert in legislative procedures or government,” Romney said.

(emphasis added) Read full article here.

H/T Paulee

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Romney Heads West to Strengthen Claim in Arizona

Nestled in a desert valley, the border city of Tucson, Arizona is where Governor Mitt Romney will hold a business roundtable meeting today. Sept 14, 2021

Mitt Romney will begin a full day in the southern part of the majestic Grand Canyon State today and work his way north. Here’s a look at his schedule:

Wednesday, September 14, 2021

Event: Mitt Romney Holds A Business Roundtable
When: 9:30 AM MST
Location: Jim Click Ford Lincoln East Dealership
6244 East 22nd Street

Sun Lakes (near Chandler)
Event: Mitt Romney Holds A Town Hall Meeting
When: 3:00 PM MST
Location: The Oakwood Clubhouse at Sun Lakes
24218 South Oakwood Boulevard

fundraiser - Tempe Center for the Arts

Mitt Romney’s visit today officially kicks off the 2012 presidential campaign in Arizona, an important GOP battleground state that now is set to have an earlier-than-most primary.

Romney, a former Republican Massachusetts governor who is coming off a strong performance in Monday’s CNN/Tea Party Express GOP debate, is staking out ground in a state that, despite its size, is ground zero for issues that resonate on a national level and will play well in the battle for the Republican nomination.

Those include illegal immigration and border security, the economy, the mortgage meltdown and Social Security.

South Carolina GOP to leapfrog AZ primary
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday ended speculation about the date of the state’s presidential-preference election by issuing a proclamation declaring that it will be held Feb. 28, the same day as South Carolina’s Republican primary and a week before Super Tuesday, March 6. Brewer had flirted with moving the date to Jan. 31, a decision that could have upended the entire primary calendar by forcing traditional early states Iowa and New Hampshire to shift their dates into December.

South Carolina still is threatening to move up its primary, and Arizona, because it is violating party rules by holding its primary before March 6, faces the penalty of losing 50 percent of its delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Brewer also has persuaded the Republican National Committee to tentatively authorize a GOP presidential debate for Arizona, which also could raise the state’s profile during the primary season.

Arizona’s presidential-preference election is early enough to be important but late enough that some of the more minor contenders will have been “winnowed out,” said Patrick Kenney, director of Arizona State University’s School of Politics and Global Studies.

By late February, the GOP could be down to Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has been leading Romney in the polls but who came under fire in Monday’s debate from conservative rivals such as Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Perry took shots over his immigration policies, which some opponents suggested were too liberal, and for a controversial 2007 executive order that required girls to receive a new vaccine against human papillomavirus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that can be a precursor to cervical cancer.
Kenney said none of the GOP White House hopefuls can afford to forfeit and ignore Arizona early on.

“I think any state, prior to and including Super Tuesday, is considered important by all of the candidates,” he said.

Members of Tucson’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hope Romney focuses on job growth in their area:

click to enlarge

“Definitely hoping he focuses on job growth here and addresses the need for skilled workers, education and investment in our Tucson market,” said Danielle Duarte, with the Young Professionals.

Leaders of the Hispanic Chamber agree, especially since Arizona’s unemployment rate is hovering around 9.4%.

President of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Lea Marquez Peterson says job growth is a concern for many people in the area.
“As we know, just in the Tucson area over 90% of our businesses are small businesses so what can the federal government do to stimulate small business recovery.”

Romney is in Sheriff Joe Arpaio country…

In preparation for his visit, Romney phoned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Western icon for his advocacy of tough immigration reform. Arpaio granted Romney his support over fellow Arizonan John McCain four years ago, in part over differences on immigration. He wants to give the full field a good look this time before he decides whom to back. It’s not surprising, then, that Romney aides have called Arpaio weekly recently to court him for another endorsement.

(emphasis added to articles)

Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann are also courting Sheriff Joe. Cain has met with him personally and Bachmann is meeting with him today. Arpaio says he won’t offer his support to anyone until he has been asked for it directly.

Gov Romney, ask for Arpaio’s support today!

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~UPDATE from Ross

Here’s a summary of Mitt’s time in Arizona.