What Happened in Michigan? Here’s a Little Help for the Media

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, the UAW, President Obama’s Super PAC, Gingrich’s Super PAC, Santorum’s Super PAC, Michael Moore, Fox News, Red State, and the dirty tactics of Santorum’s own campaign couldn’t beat Mitt in Michigan where polls show the fact that Mitt was born here didn’t factor very largely in the decision of voters.

I don’t know if I can remember a candidate surviving and continuing to win when faced with such adversity. Michigan’s results are truly amazing. Despite an onslaught of outrageous attacks from both sides and the media giving voters virtually no where to turn to for the truth, that fact that Mitt still won must strike fear in the heart of the Obama campaign. Even with Catholics across Michigan getting inundated with robocalls calling Mitt a baby-killer, Mitt won the majority of Catholic votes. Mitt ended up winning among republicans by over 10%, he and drastically increased his vote totals from 2008 despite 3 years of sustained attacks by the local and national press claiming that Mitt wanted Michigan and Detroit to fail and lose all of our auto sector jobs. President Obama fears that Mitt could carry Michigan in the general which would make his path to re-election basically impossible. President Obama’s campaign and Super PAC had laid the groundwork to defeat Mitt Romney in Michigan for years, and they failed.

Mitt Romney emerges from this primary as the only acceptable candidate. Newt Gingrich and his Super PAC have disqualified themselves with their blatant dishonest on Bain Capital and with the robocalls they ran against Mitt about the 2nd Ammendment. Rick Santorum has disqualified himself by running robocalls aimed at democrats admitting he is a weaker general election candidate. That is not an appeal to democrats that will result in extra votes in November. It is an admission that Sen. Santorum has no business in the race if even he admits he doesn’t stand much of a chance against President Obama in November. He can argue that he was playing off media stereotypes, but he could’ve let the UAW, Michael Moore, the democrat lawyers, and several other democratic leaders in Michigan make that argument. I cannot recall any instance of an actual Presidential campaign doing what Sen. Santorum’s actual campaign did. Republican voters across the country will not forget and will not forgive Sen. Santorum in time for him to regain momentum. Ron Paul, the only other candidate with an organized and professional campaign, is satisfied with the opportunity to spread his ideals, and has also indicated that Mitt Romney would make a fine and acceptable President.

This race should be over! Mitt continues to build a huge delegate lead while Sen. Santorum’s campaign spent every last penny in Michigan. However, the dishonest media continues to propagate the narrative of Mitt being “wounded”, a “weak-frontrunner”, “stumbling”, or “unable to excite the base”. The media has worked tirelessly to elongate this process in order to increase ratings and/or to stop Mitt Romney from getting the nomination. Their claims don’t hold any water. It must be clear to any honest clear-thinking individual that Mitt is the only candidate that can beat President Obama. Rick Santorum and the actions of the democrats all admit it. It’s time we all rally to Romney.

Mitt Romney: Financial & Economic Expert — Chief Executive with Decades of Experience

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In my opinion, Chris Wallace of FOX News is one of the best journalists alive. He is tough in his questions, but most fair, I believe. He is equally tough will all those he interviews. He is by far the most prepared of any journalist I have seen on television and is always ready with an intelligent comeback to any answer provided by the person being interviewed. If Wallace has any partisan biases, I have been unable to detect them.

Remember the question that Governor Romney was asked in the last debate about the biggest misconception voters have of him? Remember he chose to answer that question with a more substantive reply, providing information voters could use? In the following video, Wallace asks him that question again and this time he answers it directly.

Governor Romney provides important answers that the voters need to hear in Michigan and Arizona. His answers are unambiguous and I believe outstanding. Wallace asks questions on the following topics:

  • Afghanistan — Obama’s announced withdrawal and recent apology
  • Gov. Romney’s winning margin in Michigan in 2008 & expected margin Tuesday
  • Who’s going to win Michigan Tuesday?
  • Gov. Romney’s recommendation to allow the auto companies to go through bankruptcy
  • Gov. Romney’s more detailed economic plan detailed
  • Two Cadillacs

Governor Romney exudes a high level of confidence in this clip. I realize I am biased, but I think any objective viewer would agree that Governor Romney is the brightest of the four candidates left in the race. Clearly, he is not merely recalling facts as Gingrich does, but is speaking as an economic and financial expert with decades of experience as a chief executive. See next page for the video, photo, and tribute. (more…)

Democrats Attempt to Deceive Michiganders and Mitt Romney Fights Back + Stephanopoulos Interview

Not only are democrats running newspaper ads against Mitt in Michigan, but the DNC has a new video that attempts to make Mitt feel unwelcome in the state of his birth. Mitt is fighting back with the truth in interviews, with a great op-ed, and with the following video:

Ahead of tonight’s debate in Michigan, Gov. Romney has decided to take the battle back to the democrats who have been trying to deceive the voters in Michigan into thinking native son Mitt Romney doesn’t care about Michigan and wants to see Michigan fail. CNBC has Mitt’s op-ed titled “President Obama has Failed Michigan” on their front page. You should read the entire op-ed. It’s great to see Mitt go on offense in one of the only areas he’s been playing a little defense on. For those of you who remember, the Democrats have been trying for years to twist Mitt’s words from a 2008 op-ed to make voters think Mitt is heartless and callous when anyone who reads the piece will see that Mitt is pragmatic and perhaps clairvoyant. He was exactly correct on his prescription for the domestic auto industry, but President Bush and President Obama wasted billions of taxpayer dollars before they came to the realization that Mitt had been right all along.

I wish I could say these attacks on Mitt have had no effect on Michigan voters, but I have had numerous conversations with people here in Michigan who were fooled by these democratic attacks on Mitt. Back in June, Mitt Romney Came to Michigan and Liberals Had a Hissy Fit. Thanks to that experience and others, I didn’t need to wait for the proof that the occupy movement was in coordination with the labor unions because their chants are exactly the same. Both groups have been fooled into hating Mitt as well. The good news is that Mitt should win the primary here, but the general election is where the real battle will be. Mitt will turn Michigan red and take those 16 electoral votes if he can prove to Michiganders that the Democrats are lying about Mitt’s love for Michigan.

Watch Mitt’s interview with George Stephanopoulos below the fold (more…)

Mitt Romney Comes to Michigan and Liberals Have a Hissy Fit

Gov. Romney continues to have the best chance to defeat President Obama in 2012 and the President’s supporters know it. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm decided to welcome Gov. Romney to Michigan with a ridiculous op-ed for Politico titled “Let Romney Go Bankrupt” pleading with Michiganders not to donate to Gov. Romney’s campaign. She and the protesters outside the Livonia Coney Island claim that Gov. Romney wanted the auto companies to go out of business and essentially disappear when quite the opposite is true. Romney said if the auto companies had “gone through regular bankruptcy, we’d have saved $17 billion.” Instead, he said, the UAW ended up with a large ownership stake and stockholders and bondholders were hit financially worse than they would have been.

I know the UAW protesters are paid to protest and don’t actually understand the issues (one of them even called me a derogatory term used to demean homosexuals because I was wearing my Mitt Romney 2012 shirt), but Granholm knows she’s lying when she says Gov. Romney doesn’t support the domestic auto industry. Mitt’s dad, George Romney, ran a Detroit automaker before he became a 3-term Governor of Michigan for goodness sakes. Maybe Gov. Granholm is still smarting from the debate she lost with Mitt on Meet the Press during the auto bailout debate…

If anyone wants to read Mitt’s original op-ed that was given its title by the New York Times, you can read it here. As you can see from both Mitt’s original article that liberals only ever reference the title of and Mitt’s own words during the debate, Mitt never wanted the domestic auto makers to go out of business. Being the forward-thinking businessman he is, Mitt knew the companies could only survive and thrive in the future by going through a structured bankruptcy. The bailout money was a waste because GM and Chrysler ended up going through the bankruptcy that money was supposed to prevent.

Despite the best efforts of the protesters, Gov. Romney had a very successful event. His trip to Michigan has been talked about on the local radio stations and been in the news for several days now and Mitt attracted quite a crowd. People were asking Mitt to sign all kinds of things, but baseball mitts were my favorite. Well, the fact that Mitt signed the latest copy of Newsweek was interesting as well. When he saw it, he said “That’s pretty funny isn’t it”. Later. a man stood up on the counter at the Coney Island and sang he own rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In” where he changed to words to “When Romney comes marching home again…” Mitt won the Michigan primary handily in 2008 and he leads here again. I expect Mitt to win Michigan in the general election against President Obama, but the democrats are going to continue to fight tooth and nail to keep Michigan blue.

Mitt stayed much longer than his driver, who was driving the new Chrysler 300, wanted because Mitt kept sitting down to talk to people. Mitt finally got dragged out of there to head to Bizdom U in Detroit, but before he could, he was confronted by a misinformed person who was saying that Mitt shouldn’t be allowed in the state of Michigan anymore and that he’s a traitor. I haven’t seen Mitt do this before in person, but he turned around the face the accuser and instantly the media pushed in forcing Mitt and the other person to be face-to-face. I could see it in Mitt’s eyes that he was hurt and angry that someone was suggesting that Mitt shouldn’t be allowed to visit the state he was born in, grew up in, met his wife in, and still has a lot of family in. He told the accuser that he was misinformed and explained what his position on the auto bailout has always been. The media ate it up, so I hope to see some videos of this confrontation soon.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Bizdom U is all about, Bizdom U provides comprehensive, real-world training, mentorship, and support for entrepreneurs who have a burning passion and determination to build a growth-oriented, Detroit-based or Cleveland-based business. Hopefully we’ll be able to post some details from the Bizdom U visit soon.

VIDEO of the Coney Island event, a photo of Mitt at the roundtable discussion at Bizdom U, and Mitt’s radio interview with Frank Beckmann below the fold: (more…)