Dick Morris is Right about Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul — Gingrich’s Big Fantasies

Jayde published a piece yesterday that had a link to the Dick Morris “After Super Tuesday” Op-Ed in The Hill (it is worth a complete read). Here are a couple of the more salient snippets (written prior to ST):

Neither Santorum nor Gingrich nor Paul can win this nomination prior to the convention unless one of them gets two-thirds of the remaining delegates. That is not going to happen. It is very unlikely that even together Santorum and Gingrich can win two-thirds of the remaining delegates.

So the only way either man can win the Republican nomination is by triggering a deadlock, denying Romney a majority and fighting it out on the convention floor.

That would be OK if the convention were in early July. But it is to be held during the very last week of August. If the Republican Party does not have a nominee until Sept. 1 and we have to spend the next six months watching these candidates beating the living hell out of one another, you can kiss our chances of defeating Obama goodbye.

So the bottom line is that Santorum’s and Gingrich’s only path to the nomination is to create a situation that virtually guarantees an Obama victory. Is it worth it, at that price? Can Santorum or Gingrich credibly challenge my math? Can they really maintain that deadlock is good for our party and that it is OK not to have a nominee until Sept. 1? Are they seriously going to argue that another six months of candidate-bashing is not going to irreparably injure our fortunes in November?

Based on Morris’s simple logic and math, I would argue that by RS and NG deciding to slog it out in the race, they do not really have the best interest of the nation in mind at all. They have self-interest at their core. Dick Morris is right.

The Wall Street Journal had some outstanding analysis of ST results yesterday from the front page, its Election2012 section, and both sides of the Op-Ed pages. Following are from those articles.

From “Romney Wins…” we have: (more…)

Let’s “Help Bring Out the Fat Lady” in the South!

This just in…George Washington fails to rally troops at Valley Forge. Lack of decisive victory extremely problematic. Struggles to gain support of Continental Army. British rout imminent.

CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, Washington Post, NYT

[Anoymous, from FaceBook post]

So, what about the South? An important question it is with a few Southern states coming up. In yesterday’s WSJ article, “Race Heads South, Evangelical Terrain,” Governor Romney has some real advantages, and combined with weaknesses of RS and NG, we could see some pleasant surprises.

Mr. Romney’s performance in Mississippi and Alabama on March 13, and in Louisiana on March 24, could allow him to show new strength in a region where he has been badly beaten once—in South Carolina’s primary in January—and where his polling numbers until recently have been weak.
“I see Mississippi and Alabama as uphill battles for Romney,” said Henry Barbour, a Romney backer and GOP official in Mississippi, who is also a nephew of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. “But we have an opportunity, by voting for Gov. Romney, to really help bring out the fat lady and end the nominating process.”
Supporters of both Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Romney see an opening to attack Mr. Santorum as a friend of organized labor, because of his votes in Congress against right-to-work legislation—an especially unpopular position in Southern states where anti-union sentiment runs strong.

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, taken Feb. 29-March 1, found Mr. Gingrich’s support in the South dropping precipitously to 15%, from 45% of Southern GOP voters in January.

At the same time, support for Mr. Santorum among Southern Republicans had jumped to 31% from 18%. And Mr. Romney showed significant new strength in the region, with his support almost doubling to 39% from 21% in January.
“Sen. Santorum has a terrific record on social issues that will resonate well in Mississippi,” said Mr. Barbour. “But what matters most is jobs and the economy, and if we don’t get that core issue right, we’re going to fail.”

The pace at which primaries and caucuses arrive now is picking up, but by comparison to Super Tuesday, there are fewer states at each future date. This will allow a more concentrated effort and focus.

Many of you are either from the South or know people who live there — please do everything you can to assist in getting those you know, who are in Governor Romney’s camp, to help get out the vote.

UPDATE: CNN produced a short video on Ann Romney that I’m guessing you’ll enjoy.

What Motivates Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul Now?

In the next few weeks, you should see the smart minds among professional journalists (there are many, even in the mainstream media [MSM]) begin to do the math and ask these questions of Gingrich and Santorum: “Why are you staying in the race? Why would you continue on and damage your own party? What is your motivation?” They will, if they are doing their job. They may not because they are the MSM and it is in the best interest of Obama for the Republicans to slug it out and cannibalize the available GOP cash.

TEASER: Check MRC later for an outstanding Op-Ed that will begin the debate (nationally we hope) as to the possible ulterior motives of Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul to remain in the race when it is clearly not in the interest of the party or the nation (by David Parker).

Today’s Journal had a great article on “War of Attrition” that made some important points:

Mr. Romney has more support than ever from party leaders. And by winning the big states of Massachusetts, Virginia and Ohio, and reaping delegates even in losing Tennessee, he widened his delegate lead more than vote totals suggest.

And what about all the noise by Santorum and Gingrich about each expecting the other to drop out and how that will solidify all their supporters in opposition to Romney? They must be kidding, right? Or more likely, they are drinking their own kool-aid and think that Americans are just dumb (there are reasons that people vote for Gingrich and not Santorum, etc.). Let’s take a Romney/Santorum showdown starting today. The very last paragraph of the WSJ article says it all:

Yet maybe it doesn’t matter all that much for Mr. Romney whether it is a multi-candidate race or not. In a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released early this week, Republican voters were asked their preferences among thefour-man field, and Mr. Romney came out on top by six percentage points. When Mr. Paul and Mr. Gingrich were removed and the same voters were asked about achoice between Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum, Mr. Romney prevailed by five points—almost the same margin.

End of game.

Since there is no mathematical way the three remaining candidates can win (see David Parker’s piece as quoted by Jayde below) the nomination, pundits must now ask the question of the others, “Mr. Santorum [Gingrich,Paul], what is your motivation for staying in the race? What self-interest do you have?”

Check this graphic from the Journal article:

SUPER TUESDAY — Updates and LIVE Chat — GO MITT!

CONGRATS to Governor Romney!

We're doin' the day-after-Super-Tuesday happy dance...

Big wins in Ohio! Idaho! Massachusetts! Vermont! Virginia!

And, we’ve learned that Mitt has won Alaska!

Thanks so much to all who voted for Mitt and to all the volunteers who made really made it a Super Tuesday.

What a night!

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UPDATE by Jayde – As we await election returns, take a look at Governor Romney’s superb speech today at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference (AIPAC):

Obama addressed AIPAC yesterday. Learn about the top six exaggerations in his speech here.

If you have not taken the time to watch the video clip (just below this post by Jayde) of the interview Ann Romney gave to Neil Cavuto, you gotta take a few minutes to see that; especially toward the end. One of the attributes about the man Mitt Romney that I believe stands out above them all is his modesty.

Yesterday’s Journal included this graphic from the front page article titled, “Romney Advances As Obama Gains.”

I say we win Ohio, Tennessee, and Oklahoma and give Georgia to Gingrich. Gingrich can have one state. But wouldn’t it be nice if Gov. Romney were to provide an upset in Oklahoma and Tennessee and win Ohio by a big margin? Let’s not take anything for granted and get as many of our friends, neighbors, associates, and family members out to vote as we can!

Want a quick reference guide for today? Check this out from the Journal:


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If you want to help Mitt end this race as quickly as possible, donate to Mitt’s campaign today.

Mitt Romney: Wins WA — Super Tuesday Delegates — “Most Qualified” — Georgia: Can Gingrich Fail?

Following the big Michigan and Arizona wins this week, the WSJ published an article titled, “Contest Shifts to Super Tuesday’s High Gear.” See excerpts here along with table illustrating the delegate count leading into next Tuesday:

Of course, by prevailing on Tuesday night, Mr. Romney also increases the stakes for his opponents. Mike DuHaime, a Republican strategist who managed Rudy Giuliani’s White House bid in 2008 and remains unaligned this year, said Mr. Romney’s win “creates a great deal of pressure on the other candidates to show strongly next week, or the pressure will mount for them to drop out so as not to unnecessarily drag out the process.”
Sen. Rob Portman, chairman of the Ohio Romney campaign, said he believed Mr. Romney would overtake Mr. Santorum after voters focus on his economic policies and message. “Mitt Romney will provide the type of conservative leadership that we need to spur economic growth and create jobs,” said Mr. Portman.


Looking ahead to Super Tuesday, Governor Romney won the Washington caucuses today by a healthy margin. The New York Times reported this:

The victory gives Mr. Romney some momentum heading into the big contests this week on Super Tuesday, when 10 states vote. With 81 percent of the Washington votes counted on Saturday night, Mr. Romney had won about 37 percent, with Mr. Paul at 25 percent, Mr. Santorum at 24 percent and Mr. Gingrich at 11 percent.

“The voters of Washington have sent a signal that they do not want a Washington insider in the White House,” Mr. Romney said in a statement as he campaigned in Ohio.

The article continues after referring to a Santorum comment as to how he would transform Ohio if elected (several more photos too): (more…)

Santorum: “A Niche Candidate” — Disorganized — Imploding — Tells Host: “Do your homework buddy!” — Lies — Host: “You are unelectable”

You will recall that before Rick Perry dropped out of the race, his campaign organization started to splinter and bickering was common among their ranks. Same thing has happened with the Gingrich camp a couple of times and he has stayed in the race (in my opinion) from sheer ambition and revenge. From everything I am reading about the Santorum camp, his poor organizational skills, coupled with a lack of executive leadership experience appear to be catching up to him and the campaign team. Super Tuesday is a very good test for Mr. Santorum.

AP Photo / Paul Vernon

Earlier today, the Associated Press published an article by Steve Peoples titled, “Disorganization Marring Rick Santorum’s Campaign.” Peoples writes:

Almost as soon as Rick Santorum’s advisers outlined a new strategy for staying on message after he lost to Mitt Romney in Michigan, it was abandoned, a victim of the disorganization that’s marked his campaign and raised questions about his ability to compete against Romney over the long haul.

“They could be much better on discipline,” said Republican operative Michael Dennehy, a top aide for Sen. John McCain four years ago. “They’ve been very open about their change in messaging after Tuesday’s election. It lasted about 12 hours.”
That’s where Santorum stumbled in Michigan. His team blamed unflattering media coverage but conceded that their candidate suffered from the perception that he was off message when he defended polarizing comments questioning the value of higher education, the separation of church and state, and even Satan’s influence on America.
At the American Croatian Lodge in Willoughby, Ohio, Santorum said it was impossible to talk about the economy without talking about the importance of two-parent families.
[AP article continues below the YouTube clip]

Santorum gave an interview in Ohio this week on Bill Cunningham’s syndicated show in which Santorum gets very agitated and seems to be in motion to self-destruct or implode. At the very least, Santorum is displaying a major chip on his shoulder as he complains about the media, telling Cunningham to “do your homework buddy!” Cunningham tells him that he seems to have become “a niche candidate like Ron Paul”

In the second YouTube (below the fold), Scott Sloan slams Santorum when he says of him, “He started to go porcupine on me and shoot quills!” The irony of this YouTube is that Cunningham is a Roman Catholic and he comes right out and tells Santorum that he wants him to be elected President — but does not think he can win. As you listen to this interview, ask yourself if Santorum has the decorum to be President. These questions are not difficult and they are to be expected when running for President. Candidly, I don’t think that Mr. Santorum has the temperament to hold up under the immense pressure of a general election campaign.

Try to imagine Governor Romney saying anything resembling Santorum’s comments about “church-going Catholics!” Would never happen!

Santorum treats his seat-of-the-pants campaign style like a badge of honor, often mentioning that he doesn’t employ a campaign pollster. Aides marvel at his ability to deliver lengthy speeches and even major addresses while drawing only from a handwritten list of basic points, if any notes at all.

Even he acknowledges his speaking style has its pitfalls, citing as an example his dismissal of President Barack Obama as “a snob” for promoting higher education.
[...] Two additional YouTubes follow here: (more…)

Mitt Romney — (WSJ:6) Strong Conservative Strength / Gingrich Evaporating / Colorado Game-Changer? / Female Force! / Fathers & Sons / Appeasement / Humor

[ Political Cartoons and Great Audio Clip below the fold ]

Where to start?

Does Obama deserve a second term as President? I cannot believe that is a question to be answered by sitting President! To ask an affirmative question such as this one of a President places all the focus on the person — implying that if so deserving, he will receive a gift or that a second coronation will occur or something — because it is all about you Mr. President.

What is worse is that Obama did not even hesitate to answer the question in the affirmative! In effect, stating, “Yes, I deserve this gift.” After reading a few stories on this today, I tried to imagine what President Romney would say if asked the same question by a skilled reporter attempting to elicit the unexpected answer toward the end of a first term. What came to mind was this response:

Relaxing at Home

“Mr. Lauer, with complete respect to you, I think your question is wholly inappropriate. This Office is not about me; it is not about any individual. I have worked my heart out these last three plus years for the nation I love and for the people of America. They will decide who best will lead them for another four years. Of course, I hope they will select me, and if they do, I can promise them that I will work as hard as I can, giving all my strength of heart and will to improve upon the great things we have already accomplished.”

The presidency is all about Obama: in his mind. He is already whining like Gingrich. He has failed; he is a failed executive. Never mind that he had a Democrat House and Senate his first two years. He is still blaming President Bush. When that doesn’t go over well, he blames Congress. Nothing makes me angrier than Obama blaming Congress! President Reagan had an intransigent Congress at times too and he still passed and accomplished most of what he wanted! How? When Congress threw up the stop sign, he went to the bully pulpit and asked Americans to contact their elected officials to demand a change and they did! Obama has no clue how to do this — its called leadership — he has no idea how to lead. The lazy leader blames and then whines about failure. Obama deserves to go away to do some community organizing of his presidential library in Chicago (and why not take another golfing vacation or two before November?).

And Obama’s latest? He is now blaming our founding fathers for setting up a constitution that makes it difficult for the executive branch to act unilaterally! Nice Mr. President! A great way to make friends in America and secure votes. Keep complaining — very becoming of an officer and a gentleman!

* * * * * This clip is the BEST VIDEO CLIP of the day, in my opinion. It is of Ann Coulter touting Governor Romney’s conservative credentials while also ripping on Obama for his (and Justice Ginsberg’s) dismissive comments regarding the constitution: WATCH HERE

If you are wondering why I provide excerpts from The Wall Street Journal so often, it is because I think this newspaper provides the finest journalism of any source in the world — bar none. Just a fact (I have no stock in it). Yesterday’s Journal was chocked full of great pieces about Governor Romney, his campaign, and his rivals. Great insight! Much of it is fascinating, especially regarding strategies. Usually, I select one or two articles at most.

However, tonight I chose six. If you do not have the time to read all of these, just scroll down and pick the ones that interest you most. Each article I chose is in all caps and bold below.

(by Janet Hook & Patrick O’Connor)

Mitt Romney, buoyed by a fresh victory in Nevada, appears to be shoring up support among the conservative voters who once appeared tempted by his rivals, putting the former Massachusetts governor in the strongest position since Republicans began voting a month ago.
But it is a perilous stretch for Mr. Romney’s rivals as they try to raise money and convince Republican voters they have a real shot at the nomination.
Mr. Gingrich and the remaining Romney rivals are facing growing pressure to end their campaigns, especially from Republicans concerned about the negative tone of the battle between Mr. Romney and the former speaker.

Nevada Win / Photo: AP

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, in a CNN interview Sunday, called Mr. Gingrich’s recent campaign rhetoric vindictive. “I think he’s digressed into a state of taking a second-rate campaign and turning it into a first-rate vendetta,” said Mr. Armey, who has become a leading figure in the tea-party movement. “I think he’s putting himself out of the game.” Mr. Armey’s criticism was dismissed by the Gingrich team as carping of a longtime political rival.


Gingrich is Reaching Entertainment Level of Media Exposure

The National Journal is reporting that Gingrich is going to go unconventional after the caucuses close tonight. At first I thought that he might pick up a telephone and call Governor Romney to congratulate him. No. That would be a first and it would require true humility and grace. This NJ article has a couple of good links embedded.

Instead of the traditional election night party, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will hold a press conference after the Nevada Caucus on Saturday, raising new speculation about his future in the race.

Ever wonder why Gingrich is losing support and grassroots volunteers? It is no accident when a candidate does not get ballot certified in important primary states like Virginia (Gingrich’s home state) and Missouri. It is lack of organization and lack of focus. He touts “people power” (see his post Florida victory speech) as what will get him the nomination. He must think we are all dumb — Where do “endorsements” come from? Where does “infrastructure” come from? Where does a strong “organization” come from? Where do hundreds of thousands of “grassroots volunteers” in every state come from? Where does strong executive leadership come from? These are all huge strengths attributed to an outstanding leader: Mitt Romney.

Contrast these with what is reported by the National Journal:

Gingrich has had a rough time on the trail ahead of the Nevada Caucus, the first presidential contest in the West. Sources in or close to his campaign gave reporters incorrect information that Donald Trump would endorse Gingrich (he endorsed rival Mitt Romney). Gingrich also missed a meeting with the Silver State’s popular governor, Brian Sandoval, a Rick Perry supporter who was viewed as a possible Gingrich endorsement after Perry dropped out and endorsed the former House Speaker, according to The New York Times.

Who in their right mind would tell any reporter that he had any endorsement if he had not spoken to the person that was endorsing him? Who does such a thing? And Gingrich just keeps trudging along without embarrassment! The very best way to describe a person like Newt Gingrich is using the Spanish language. Gingrich is what is called a “sin verguenza.” Roughly translated means, a person that cares little about his behavior and how that behavior is perceived by those around him.

After the caucuses close, the NJ reports what is up with Gov. Romney:

Romney will be holding a more traditional election night party in Las Vegas. The former Massachusetts governor took 51 percent of the vote in the 2008 Nevada Caucus.

To be candid, Gingrich has reached the level of entertainment. His staying in the race is providing a great deal of entertainment value to a lot of people through the mainstream media. Though speculation might exist that he will drop from the race, I do not believe it for a second. Gingrich is too self-absorbed and too cornered to give up. His ego will not allow him ever to do the right thing (see Jayde’s GREAT post below called “NV Reps Amodei… for more insight into the character of Gingrich).

“I discourage a cult of personality.” — Newt Gingrich