Despite Attempts to Get Mitt to Attack Fellow Republicans Romney Focuses on Obama

Debate moderators and members of the media are trying to get Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney to go after each other. However, Romney remains focused on Obama. Let’s help Mitt get signatures for his new ‘Unemployed Americans are not just bumps in the road’ petition.

Pawlenty Takes a Line from Romney in New Web Video: “It’s Going to Take a New President”

Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney

During his most recent CPAC speech, Romney made a particular declaration that, I’ll be honest, made a thrill go up my leg. It brought the entire audience to their feet in applause — a simple, but memorable statement that was delivered only after plenty of build-up. It went like this:

“It’s going to take more than new rhetoric to put Americans back to work — it’s going to take a new president!

That was mid-February. Fast-forward to just yesterday, when T-Paw’s team released a movie trailer video response to the announcement of Obama’s reelection campaign. See if your eyes can focus through the joltiness until the very end, where you may hear a familiar line:

Did you catch it?

Now, I’m not saying that Romney has a trademark on that particular phrase; in fact, it will undoubtedly be used (and has been used) scores of times by any challenger seeking to remove an incumbent President. I guess I just found this certain instance to be déjà vu provoking. It’s almost as if either T-Paw himself, or one of his advisers, was in that CPAC audience back in February, taking good notes on what charisma is supposed to sound like. Kudos to the media team for nailing it down.

-Tommy Winter

NEW POLL: Mitt Romney Leads Among Tea Party, Independents, College Graduates, and Women

Marist 2012 GOP Poll Gingrich Huck Palin T-Paw Romney Christie
All GOP and GOP leaners 10% 16% 13% 2% 20% 9%
Independents 10% 17% 11% 1% 26% 10%
Republicans 10% 16% 14% 2% 17% 8%
Tea Party Supporters 13% 17% 16% 2% 19% 10%
Income < $50k 6% 13% 20% 1% 20% 7%
Income > $50k 11% 20% 10% 3% 22% 9%
No college degree 10% 15% 18% 1% 17% 6%
College graduate 10% 19% 7% 3% 24% 12%
Under 45 5% 19% 13% 2% 19% 7%
45 or older 12% 15% 13% 2% 21% 10%
Men 8% 18% 12% 2% 18% 10%
Women 11% 14% 14% 2% 23% 7%
Obama Approval 6% 15% 5% 2% 1% 6%
Obama Disapproval 10% 16% 14% 2% 23% 9%
Landline 10% 16% 13% 1% 22% 8%
Cell Phone 8% 17% 13% 5% 8% 11%
November 23, 2021 - Marist Poll N=337 MOE +/- 5.5%

*Note: the original poll included 11 potential candidates and an undecided column. Due to the large table size I reduced the number of candidates showing to fit on our page. ~Nate G.

1. The most interesting statistic here is that Romney is up among Tea Party supporters — especially after recent comments from TP ‘leaders’ saying that Tea Party supporters won’t give Romney a pass. This isn’t the first time he’s lead among this group, infact there’s been several polls now showing Romney the preferred candidate among Tea Party supporters …So what’s with the recent media reports saying the Tea Party will hurt Mitt’s chances?!

2. No surprise that Republican-leaning Independents are flocking towards Romney; he’s appealed to that demographic all along (which, might I mention, is huge for electability in a general election).

3. Notice Romney’s appeal among people approve of Obama: 1% — Romney also leading among those who disapprove of Obama.

4. While tying among men voters, Romney dominates the women category. Is it the hair?

5. Fascinating how Chris Christie (who has said many times that he has no intention of running), is walloping Tim Pawlenty (who has made no secret of his presidential intentions).

6. Not sure if Gingrich really plans to throw his name into the race; but, should he choose not to run, I see Romney as the major beneficiary as polls often show he and Romney share a similar voting base. He takes a good chunk of the electorate in this poll, and past polls have shown that that chunk comes, primarily, from what would normally be Romney support (if Gingrich was not on the ballot).

Please feel free to share your thoughts below!


Hardball Panel Puts Mitt Romney as 2012 GOP Frontrunner

“I think by the traditional standards [Mitt Romney] is the front runner. As far as money, as far as organization and as far as doing it before,” commented Jonathan Martin from Politico. “He knows the mistakes he made last time.”

Jonathan Martin offers further commentary on all of the 2012 GOP hopefuls in a piece entitled Early Signs of 2012 Power.

The Silver Lining of the Health Care Cloud Over Mitt Romney

Pundit after pundit and political junkie after political junkie have pronounced Mitt Romney’s 2012 chances dead or mortally wounded by the recent Health Care debate and passage of the bill.  Democrats of all ranks (even President Obama himself) have gleefully compared their health care plan to Mitt’s health care plan in Massachusetts.  The reasons why this comparison is false are too numerous to effectively lay out here, but this, this, this, and this should get you started.  Also, kudos to T-Paw for stating the obvious that Mitt did and would’ve continued to do his best to fix health care in Massachusetts if Mitt was still governor.  However, far too many conservatives have fallen into trap set for us by the democrats and that is where the pessimism for 2012 comes from.  However, as Mark B. Lowe speculates,

All they have accomplished in the past few weeks since ObamaCare has passed is to make Mitt Romney a indispensable part of the biggest political conversation going on in the country right now. He is continually being interviewed on local and national media.  His name, face, and voice is everywhere.  TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet — they are all clamoring to talk to Romney.  And what do they want to talk about?  HealthCare.  Mitt hasn’t been in this much demand since he ended his 2008 Presidential more than two years ago.   It is all free publicity for him.  The results are when people think of HealthCare and Republican, they think not of Huckabee, Palin, Pawlenty, Gingrich, or any other potential Romney rival.  They think of the former Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney.  And with the national conversation firmly focused on HealthCare right now, they are thinking of Mitt a lot.  And it’s all thanks to those who wish to destroy him.

The media has pushed, prodded, and grilled Mitt since the passage of Obamacare trying to force him to make the false choice of admitting his health care plan in Massachusetts was a mistake or calling on republicans to tone down the rhetoric against Obamacare.  What democrats don’t seem to understand is that Mitt lost the 2008 nomination because the average citizen didn’t know Mitt very well at all.  Mitt spent the majority of his campaign just trying to build name recognition with the average voter, and now the dems are giving Mitt millions of dollars worth of free publicity. The more people get to know Mitt and hear how articulate he is and the strong and positive vision Mitt has for America, the more appealing Mitt becomes. Even when people disagree with Mitt on certain details of his plan, no objective person can listen to Mitt and not conclude that Mitt has the best interests of the country at heart and that Mitt is an extremely intelligent and capable leader. All of this free publicity is giving Mitt the platform to explain his views on health care in a detailed way which debates and commercials during a campaign don’t allow.  Mitt is at his best when he is allowed more than 30 seconds to explain an idea and Mitt also shines when he is under attack and has a chance to defend himself.

Exit Question: Are the dems rethinking their strategy to attack Mitt?

Tuesday News Tidbits

1. released today the transcript to an extensive interview they did with Governor Romney last Friday. It’s so fresh (and extensive) that I have not even read it yet. Give me some feedback.

2. Tim Pawlenty, the GOP Governor of Minnesota, who was also considered a strong contender for the VP nod in 2008, has announced that he is starting his own PAC, dubbed the Freedom First PAC. It has long since been rumored that T-Paw would jump into the fray of 2012 contenders. His announcement in June that he was not seeking re-election, coupled with his new PAC, and his recent high profile speeches, are a clear indication that he is doing just that. Another indication being that he has taken several shots at MA health care (ie. shots at Romney) recently.

Chris Cillizza from Washington Post’s The Fix reports:

Pawlenty’s expected rivals for the 2012 nomination already have PACs up and operational.

Former Gov. Mitt Romney (Mass.) is at the head of the PAC class, having collected $2.3 million for his “Free and Strong America” committee so far in 2009 and ending August with $811,000 in the bank. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin closed June with $732,000 raised via her “Sarahpac” while former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee collected $305,000 through his “Huck PAC” in the first six months of the year.

In recent presidential elections, leadership PACs have become de rigeur for top tier candidates — allowing them to begin the construction of a national financial apparatus while also building up chits with candidates running for office.

This process is especially important to Pawlenty as he has never run for national office before and starts at something of a disadvantage in terms of national organization and name identification when compared to Romney, Palin and Huckabee.

Tim Pawlenty does start a little behind, but he’s not in any different boat than Romney was in early 2007 when he was polling less than 4% nation-wide. Will his campaign gain traction? My guess is yes, and the Big 3 will soon become the Big 4. In fact, my early prediction is a T-Paw vs. Romney match up down the stretch. Good luck with that Tim. (Note to self: time to make a Tim Pawlenty category for blog posts ….. done.)

3. Two different GOP rankings. The first from The Hill’s Pundit Blog. Their scoop: Huckabee’s in first. Romney a close second. Big wild cards: Palin, Pawlenty.

The second is again from The Fix: Romney in first (5 times in a row now), Pawlenty at number 2, Huckabee at 7 and Palin at 9. Keep in mind this ranking is for “most influential Republicans” and is not necesarilly a handicapping of the GOP nomination race.

Said of Romney in the rankings:

1. Mitt Romney: No one in the Republican party at the moment can match Romney’s motor. The guy is simply everywhere. During Romney’s visit to Washington this weekend, he will address the Value Voters Summit in Washington on Saturday, raise money for his Free and Strong America PAC and collect cash for — among others — former state Attorney General Bob McDonnell, who is running for governor, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, and Republican consultant Barbara Comstock who is seeking to unseat a Democratic state legislator in McLean. Couple that packed calendar with the favorable reviews Massachusetts residents are giving to the health care plan Romney signed into law as governor and you see why Romney continues to hold the top slot on the Line. (Previous ranking: 1)

~Nate G.