Swarm of Supporters Show Up for Romney at Tea Party Express Rally (VIDEO)

Mitt and Ann Romney make their way to the stage at a Tea Party Express bus tour rally in Concord, NH. Romney addressed the crowd. 9/4/11 (Photo by Mark Bolton/Union Leader)

It was a rousing time in Concord town last night…

Mitt and Ann Romney, along with scores of Romney supporters, assembled at a Tea Party Express rally at Rollins Park in Concord, New Hampshire. Ann Romney introduced her husband before Governor Romney delivered a rousing speech:

Gov. Mitt Romney was visibly fired up tonight at a Tea Party rally in Concord, N.H., where he continued his veiled swipes at Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“Of the people running for president there aren’t many who have less years in government than me,” Romney said. “I served four years as governor but I joke I didn’t inhale.”

Repeating a line he’s used all week Romney said, “Career politicians got us into this and they don’t know how to get us out … I’m a business guy.”

Of the jobs report released last week, which showed the unemployment rate hold at 9.1 percent, Romney quipped: “Shutouts are good in baseball … not with jobs.”

Despite promises to heckle Romney, the large crowd — about 150 people — behaved during the speech.

Romney had plenty of support:

Romney’s supporters, wearing campaign T-shirts and holding signs, cheered throughout the speech.

Shaking hands after his speech Romney was greeted by a swarm of supporters screaming, “President Romney!” as they posed for photos with the candidate.

Ann Romney, trailing behind, held on to Mitt’s shirt so they wouldn’t get separated.

(emphasis added)

Romney addresses the crowd:

Gov Mitt Romney speaks at a Tea Party Express rally in Concord, NH yesterday. Sept. 4, 2011 (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Many thanks to Tea Party Express and all those spirited Romney supporters. I’m sure we all would have loved to have been there!

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