Will GOP Presidential Debate Tonight be a Doozy? CNN, The Heritage Foundation, AEI Watch LIVE Stream

Ready for another presidential debate tonight? Weary GOP presidential hopefuls may be rejoicing that there is just one more day until Thanksgiving, but this one may prove to be a doozy…

Tonight’s event marks the first time Republican-leaning think tanks The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) have sponsored a presidential debate. CNN is also hosting, hence, moderator Wolf Blitzer.

Airing live, just down the street from the address each candidate hopes to occupy (1600 Pennsylvania Avenue) at the historic Daughters of the Revolution Constitution Hall, the excitement begins tonight at 8 p.m.-10 p.m. ET.

The format will zero in on national security and foreign policy issues. Expect to hear some on the economy, especially the Super Committee’s failure to come to an agreement to cut $1.2 trillion from our long-term debt. (As a result, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s are threatening another downgrade to our credit rating…)

From AEI:

The Republicans vying to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election have revealed precious little of their vision for American national security. Do they appreciate the implications of China’s rise? Do they understand the principles behind America’s alliance with Israel? What will their answer be to the challenge from Iran? How will they respond to the collapse of the Eurozone? Will they keep troops in Afghanistan? Can they articulate a clear vision for America’s role in the world?

Viewing/listening options:

TV - Airing nationally at 8 p.m. ET on CNN, CNN en Español, and worldwide on CNN International

Radio - CNN Radio

Livestream - CNN.com

Video from The Heritage Foundation:

Here’s a timelapse video of prep work at DAR Constitution Hall:

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Mitt 2012!

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In Case You Missed It: Video of Mitt Romney's Facebook Town Hall + Romney Headlines Drudge

Mitt knocked it out of the park today!

This footage was streamed live to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page during his National Call Day event in Nevada earlier today. The 8-hour fundraiser garnered a whopping $10.25 Million for Romney’s Presidential Exploratory Committee.

~Update from Ross
Even though some of the media isn’t giving Mitt’s fund-raising achievement the attention it deserves, Drudge is doing his part.

UPDATE by Jayde – Headline on Drudge: Did Mitt Romney Mention That He Can Raise $10.25 Million in Eight Hours?

[…]…we continue to maintain that Massachusetts’s health-care reform will not be the be-all-end-all for Republican primary voters that political commentators make it seem. The economy will be the most important issue in 2012, and Romney is seen as a successful businessman. As a reminder, he’s also the only person actually running (unlike Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump) to lead a poll this entire year, and upcoming polls without Huckabee and Trump will probably show him with a big lead over the rest of the field. In addition, not incidentally, he can raise a ton of money.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, Romney and over 700 of his closest friends (and Cindy Crawford, for unexplained reasons) filled the Las Vegas Convention Center in a dialing-for-dollars event that brought in $10.25 million in eight hours. It would probably take Tim Pawlenty about a month to raise that much, especially with all the time his phone-bank volunteers would spend explaining to potential donors who Tim Pawlenty is. It was a display of fund-raising muscle-flexing that should remind both his opponents and his media doubters that, far from a longshot, Romney is still the front-runner.