Are You Coming to CPAC? Mitt Wants to Know

So, I log onto Facebook today and my news feed contains the heartwarming news item about the birth of Mitt and Ann Romney’s 16th grandchild. Once I’m on Mitt’s facebook page, I notice that a new tab has been added to his page after “wall” and “info”. Mitt now has a tab devoted completely to CPAC 2011!

If you’re coming to CPAC Feb 10-12, please go to Mitt’s new CPAC 2011 tab, and let Mitt know you’re coming. Even if you aren’t coming, it looks like you can sign up to get updates during the conference in addition to the ones we here at MRC will be providing. If you’re still thinking about coming, but haven’t decided yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? This is going to be an amazing conference and probably the highest attended ever. Let’s get as many Romney supporters to CPAC as we can! It’ll be great to meet so many of you in person. Besides, Mitt gives one of his best speeches of the year each year at CPAC, and you won’t want to miss this year.

Also, CPAC just released the Agenda for this year’s conference, so check it out here. There are tons of other great speakers and seminars to attend and we still don’t know who will give the surprise address at the end of the conference. It was Glenn Beck last year and Rush Limbaugh the year before, so it should be a very compelling speaker whomever they choose.

Finally, we’re extremely thankful for the support so many of you have shown us to get a few more of us to the conference. Aaron, (previously unable to go), will now be joining myself (Ross) and Dave at the conference. If you want to help us send a few more team members to the conference or you just want to check out the progress made so far, click here.


Rumor has it, Mitt will be sending texts about where he is exactly during CPAC so anyone who signs up here will be the first to know where and when to find Mitt at CPAC.

Will You Help Sponsor Team MRC members for CPAC 2011?

Hello stalwart Mitt fans! I am making an official request for financial help in order to send members of our hardworking team to CPAC this year. Since we are an independent site and have no financial backers we are left to our own means in order to make this trip. We have two team members Ross and Dave P. who are already attending at their own expense. There are 4 of us who’d like attend but our respective personal finances would not allow for that. Collectively we have put in literally thousands of hours to produce this website, and no team member receives compensation for doing so. Time is something we have, and have sacrificed. Money is something we have not. Will you help us?

If we are able to attend we will do our best to promote Romney for President, promote this site, and provide frequent and interesting updates on CPAC. We will bring our video and still cameras, laptops and our iphones, everything at our disposal to bring you live updates on this site and via Twitter.

It will cost us about $500 per person to attend. That cost includes airfare, hotel, and cost of registration. If there were a little extra we’d also like to throw a little lunch reception to meet with any of our readers who may be attending also. (I highly recommend attending if you are able. I attended last year and had an absolute blast.)

How could you not want to send these young, Romney-supportin' chaps to Washington DC?!

Depending on how much we raise, this is what we will do with the money:

$500 - We send Aaron the stalwart.
$1000 - We send Luke our SEO expert and page manager (He’s got the nice camera, too.)
$1500 - We send dedicated contributor Jared A.
$2012 - I (Nate G.) will attend myself. I have attended before and want to make sure the younger chaps get an opportunity first.
$2300 - We will rent a meeting room and hold a small lunch meet-up where we can train team members and any readers who want to attend.

Anything more than that we will use to bring promotional items such as fliers, button, bumper sticker, and perhaps some of our t-shirts.

Can you help by contributing $100 or more? Even $5 will help. But my favorite is $20.12, just to send a message. Just click the button to donate.

We will run this drive through the day and keep you posted on our progress. Thanks!

~Nate Gunderson

Update: Wahooo! We just cleared $500 - Aaron is packing his bags as we speak! Now we just need another $500 to send Luke… Thank you so much!