Mitt Romney Announcement in Michigan!

From National Review

Key Excerpts:

“I love America and I believe in the people of America.
I believe in God and I believe that every person in this great country, and every person on this grand planet, is a child of God. We are all sisters and brothers.
I believe the family is the foundation of America – and that we must fight to protect and strengthen it.
I believe in the sanctity of human life.
I believe that people and their elected representatives should make our laws, not unelected judges.
I believe we are overtaxed and government is overfed. Washington is spending too much money.
I believe that homeland security begins with securing our borders.
I believe the best days of this country are ahead of us, because…
I believe in America!”

“There are some who believe that America’s strength comes from government – that challenges call for bigger government, for more regulation of our lives and livelihood, and for more protection and isolation from competition that comes from open markets.”

“That is the path that has been taken by much of Europe. It is called the welfare state. It has led to high unemployment and anemic job growth. It is not the path to prosperity and leadership. “

“How is the American family made stronger? With marriage before children. With a mother and a father in the life of every child. With healthcare that is affordable and portable. With schools that succeed. With taxes that are lower. And with leaders who strive to demonstrate enduring values and morality.”

Good speech. You can read the whole thing at the link above.

Excerpts from Governor Mitt Romney’s Remarks at the Detroit Economic Club

Detroit, MI - Today, Governor Mitt Romney will deliver a major policy speech on the economy at the Detroit Economic Club. Governor Romney will address his policy ideas for keeping America strong and meeting a new generation of challenges so all Americans can realize the New American Dream.

Governor Romney’s Five Factors That Accelerate Growth And Assure Economic Leadership:

- Skilled, Educated, Motivated People

- Free Trade, On The Level

- Capital And Savings

- Innovation And Technology

- Consumer Freedom

Governor Romney’s Five Braking Factors That Decelerate Economic Growth:

- Excessive Taxation And Spending

- Excessive Regulation

- Excessive Burdens On Business Activity

- Excessive Health Care Costs

- Excessive Energy Costs

Governor Romney’s Initiatives To Ensure America’s Continued Economic Growth:

Below are excerpts of Governor Romney’s remarks as prepared for delivery.

MAKING THE 2001 AND 2003 TAX CUTS PERMANENT: “Which course is better for America? A European model of high taxes and regulations? Or, low taxes and free trade - the Ronald Reagan model? That’s the choice the next President will make. Some are already fighting to implement a massive tax increase. Instead, we should make the tax cuts permanent.”

- REFORMING THE TAX CODE: “However, making the tax cuts permanent is only the first step. We also need reform of the tax code that moves towards a tax system that encourages growth, fairness, and simplicity.”

TAX FREE SAVINGS: Governor Romney Proposes Allowing People To Save Tax Free. “It is time to make saving easy in America. I believe people should be allowed to earn interest, dividends and capital gains up to a certain amount a year, tax free and without restrictions on how or when their savings and investments are spent. As an example, let’s say we chose $5,000 for joint filers as the annual tax free figure for dividends, interest and capital gains. This would help middle class families to be able to save and to invest - and spend their savings the American way: any way they want.”

FISCAL DISCIPLINE: Unless Given The Line-Item Veto, Governor Romney Would Veto Any Appropriations Bills If They Exceed Spending Targets. “I have a fairly simple idea for keeping spending in check. Give Congress a spending target and then insist that it is met. If Congress does not meet the spending targets, then its appropriations bills should be vetoed. I regularly exercised my veto power while governor. The alternative is for the Congress to vest the President with a power held in some form by 43 governors, including this Governor - the line-item veto.”

REGULATORY RELIEF: Governor Romney Would Reinstitute A Regulatory Relief Board To Cut Back Regulations That Choke Off Growth. “Our regulatory burden is also overbearing. I’d re-institute a regulatory relief board to cut back the regulation weeds that choke off growth. One that deserves pruning is Sarbanes Oxley - it’s driving away IPO’s, depressing jobs, and requiring billions of unnecessary cost. Executives who violate the law should go to jail, but the entire economy shouldn’t have pay an inordinate price for the sins of the few bad actors.”

NATIONAL TORT REFORM: Governor Romney Believes America Needs National Tort Reform, Not Reform State-By-State. “Another burden on our economic future is our out-of-control tort system. Last year, U.S. corporations spent more money on tort claims than they did on R&D. If innovation is the key to our long term leadership, then some tort lawyers are cashing out our country’s future. I spoke with one member of the plaintiff’s bar the other day. He said that the tort lawyers are ok with state reform, but not national reform. You know what state level tort reform means - it means that as long as there is one lawsuit-friendly state, they can sue almost any major, deep-pocketed company in America. No thanks, America needs national tort reform.”

FUEL EFFICIENCY: Governor Romney Would Evaluate Reforms To CAFE Standards To Develop A Better Way To Get Higher Fleet Mileage Without Market Distortions. “What does this mean for Detroit? Well, it means that the automotive fleet will have to become more fuel efficient. CAFE improved mileage initially, but the consumer has gotten around it over the last couple of decades. CAFE has some real problems. It distorts the market. It penalizes the domestic automakers. It can ignore technical realities. So before I would change the CAFE standards, I want to sit down with every major knowledgeable party and evaluate each of the alternatives. A good number have been proposed; let’s decide which is the best course by looking at the data and analysis, rather than by playing to the TV cameras Let’s not forget that a far more fuel efficient fleet must be part of our energy future. The issue is which is the least distorting way to achieve it.”

Video/Audio: Mitt Romney on Iran

Why wishful thinking on Iran is wrong (2 min clip):

Confronting the Iran Threat: A 5-Point Plan (6 min clip):

Concluding remarks (2 min clip):

Listen to the entire speech online or download as an mp3 file:
This is really one of the best speeches Mitt has given. For all his prowess on domestic issues, Mitt holds no punches to address the reality of the enemy we face.

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