Small Businessman’s Reality — Romney Leadership Needed Now!

By Glen Goodsell

Our nation and world is at a crossroads. I’m a businessman and have been for over 25 years. I work closely with many other entrepreneurs. I can speak from the realities of those in the trenches. Our economic freedom and opportunity for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” have never been more in jeopardy. I see it; I live it every day.

Glen Goodsell

Jobs are being lost, particularly in small business – the backbone of our nation’s economy. The statistics and propaganda the government and media are feeding us is misleading. Our situation is dire.

I have a close business associate who will lay off three employees Monday. This represents 30% or more of his work force. One of my businesses, a commercial construction business, will likely lay off 10 employees by month’s end - again, representing over one third of the current employee base. In another separate start-up business we already laid off one third of the work force.

We (small businesses) hope to rehire, but the situation is grim. Frankly, people we do business with say they are reluctant to make any decision to expand or execute contracts due to concerns about the economic direction of our nation. This reluctance stems from the fear we will experience another four years of disastrous leadership in the executive and legislative branches of our Nation’s government. Yes, these fears are directed at the current President of the United States of America.

Governor Mitt Romney speaking at Sauereisen, Inc., a construction materials company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, May 4, 2022 / Photo Credit: Justin K. Allen, Getty Images

In my construction business the final quarter is typically a boom quarter where clients look to spend budgeted funds or look to an optimistic start to a new year. Unfortunately, this is not the case this year.

These are some realities from a businessman who is working the streets every day:

  • Unemployment in reality is two to three times what the government and media want us to believe.
  • The number of those underemployed is staggering.
  • Owners of small business by the thousands would add to the ranks of the unemployed, but don’t qualify for relief. They may be out of business or on the verge of going out of business.
  • I took a short drive on the freeway Saturday with my son and daughter to a specialty retail shop. I was shocked as I noticed several empty places of business and signs soliciting space for lease. These signs were like litter along the freeway.

I believe in our Nation. I believe in the people of this great land. I believe in the entrepreneurial leadership this land has spawned over decades. We (the people) need to be set free from our present shackles and chains. This can only happen in a timely manner if we are given a change in leadership in our government. It is time to clean up the litter. That change needs to happen NOW!

Glen Goodsell is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He is married to Amy and they have five children (two married and three are miracles through adoption and are African American). Glen is a businessman, CPA, and has a master’s degree. He has spent the last 25 years as an owner of a construction business as well as various other business ventures. He loves people, has a passion for helping youth, and has served as a Boy Scout Master for many years. Glen spent his childhood years in the Washington, D.C. area. This provided a foundation for his love of American history, particularly our founding fathers. He lives in Southern California where he and his family live an active life with a love of the outdoors.

Exclamation Point on Mitt Romney’s Very Good Week: Meets with S. Carolina Small Business Owners

Gov Mitt Romney met with small business owners at Meetze Plumbing in Irmo, South Carolina. The event was organized by S.C. Rep. Nathan Ballentine. 5/21/11

South Carolina was the exclamation point on a very good week for Mitt Romney today!

Romney’s first visit to the Palmetto State this election cycle began with a morning event at the home of S.C. Representative Nathan Ballentine. Gov Romney then attended an informal meeting, arranged by Ballantine (one of Gov Nikki Haley’s top lieutenants in S.C.’s legislature), at Meetze Plumbing in Irmo. The gathering provided an intimate setting for community business owners to voice their concerns about staying viable in this economy.

*Ballentine tweeted earlier this morning:

Enjoyed hosting @MittRomney in our home and our community today! Thanks to everyone (especially the business owners) who attended!

Hoping to blunt Romney’s foray into South Carolina, an “Independent” group, consisting of former Obama White House Staffers and former S.C. Gov. Jim Hodges (Dem), released a negative ad which coincided with The Gov’s visit. It ran on local TV stations.

Romney was undeterred:

Irmo, South Carolina (CNN) – Mitt Romney spoke to a button-downed group of small business owners Saturday in the early primary state of South Carolina, but with frequent nods to the Constitution and states’ rights, he sounded like he might have been at ease addressing a Tea Party rally instead.

Romney, who donned jeans and rolled-up shirtsleeves for his first visit to South Carolina as a potential Republican presidential candidate, questioned President Barack Obama’s understanding of the role of government and basic economic matters.

“I believe in the Constitution,” Romney said. “I believe in what the Constitution said, that the government that would deal primarily with citizens at the local level would be local and state government, not the federal government. I don’t think the president respects states like I do.”

“I respect the rights of states to come up with their own answers and their own solutions to compete with one another,” he added.

The former governor’s argument conveniently dovetails with his aggressive defense of the health care plan he implemented in Massachusetts, which has drawn scorn from some conservatives because of its strong resemblance to President Obama’s health care law.

Later, taking questions from the roughly 30-member audience, Romney went out of his way to address the elephant in the room.

“Someone’s got to ask me about health care right?” Romney said with a chuckle, prompting several voters to raise their hands.

He responded that, if elected, he would immediately repeal “Obamacare” and give states block grants to develop their own health care programs.
Romney cited a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board that could halt construction of a new Boeing facility in South Carolina. The North Charleston plant is expected to create thousands of jobs.

“How in the world can the president justify the federal government taking power from South Carolina and not allowing South Carolina to compete on a fair and level playing field?” he asked. “It’s simply unexcusable.”

(my emphasis)

Romney was also asked about Rep. Paul Ryan’s plans for Medicare:

Romney responded that he will roll out his own ideas for Medicare at a later date but blasted the president for not coming up with his own solution.

While he applauded Ryan for thinking seriously about fixing the entitlement debt burden, Romney said Ryan’s plan “is not the same as my plan.”

“The Ryan plan and my plan are on the same page,” he said. “We have the same objectives. My plan is different than his. It’s not identical.”

Continue reading here.


A crowd of about 40 in a hot warehouse stacked with plumbing supplies cheered when he said it was time for politicians to spend less time thinking about getting re-elected and more time on “thinking about how to get the country on the right track and put Americans back to work.”

Mitt Romney fills containers with food from Farm Boys restaurant in Irmo, S.C. to serve later at a meeting with local business leaders. 5/21/11

Although Governor Nikki Haley was unable to attend the event due to scheduling, Romney spoke with her on the phone on Friday. Hayley’s spokesman, Rob Godfrey, said this:

“They were just touching base,” Godfrey said. “The governor told Governor Romney she was sorry they couldn’t catch up this time, and he let her know that he’d be back often.”

After the confab concluded, Romney treated the audience to trays of barbecued pulled pork, hush puppies and jugs of iced tea (which he and his staff purchased beforehand from Farm Boys restaurant).

*Note on S.C. Rep. Nathan Ballentine:

Did you know? Nathan doesn’t keep his State House salary. He donates his salary to local community groups and organizations and in 2006 designated funds specifically to scholarships for deserving seniors in our community.

Who else does this sound like?

UPDATE by Ross:

UPDATE 2 by Jayde: To see photos of Mitt mingling with folks at Farm Boys restaurant and Meetze Plumbing, click here (click on photo on left-hand side).

► Jayde Wyatt

UPDATE 3 by Ross: Interesting insight here.

The issue at hand is, what does that mean for Gov. Nikki Haley? Ballentine and Haley, former deskmates in the House, rarely make a move without the other. Haley supported Romney during the 2008 primary, and Romney endorsed Haley during her campaign for governor. Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin did as well.

But, with Barbour out and Palin unlikely to run, and her best friend siding with Romney, is this a sign Haley is with the Romney camp, too?


Thanks @NathanBallentin + Karen for hosting me for some real lemonade and discussion about the economy w/ voters in your SC homeless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Zogby: Even With Third Party Factored In, Mitt Romney Preferred over Obama

A new Zogby poll shows voters prefer Mitt Romney over Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg in a hypothetical three-way race. Independent voters, small business owners, voters who pay federal income taxes, and Tea Party voters strongly prefer Romney.

Today from

Washington, D.C. — If the 2012 presidential election were held today, and the race was between Democrat President Barack Obama, Republican candidate Mitt Romney, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg running as an independent, Romney would prevail. This according to a recent poll conducted August 20-23 by Zogby International of 2,062 likely voters.

The poll asked:

If the election for President in 2012 were held today and the candidates were President Barack Obama as the Democratic nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney running as the Republican nominee, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg running as an Independent, for whom would you vote?

Romney would win the election with 42 percent of the vote, barely edging out President Obama, who would garner 41 percent of the vote. Bloomberg would receive 6 percent of the vote.

Among independent voters, 40 percent would choose Romney and 30 percent would vote for Obama. Just 11 percent would pull the lever for Bloomberg.

Romney would also hold a significant edge over both rivals among small business owners, with 49 percent voting for Romney, 32 percent voting for Obama, and only 5 percent of small business owners voting for Bloomberg.

Tea party supporters would overwhelmingly support Romney in this three-way race, with 84 percent siding with the former Massachusetts governor, and just 2 percent voting for Obama and 1 percent voting for Bloomberg.

There is one just one area where voters preferred Obama over Romney; those who don’t have any skin in the game:

However, among those voters who do not have to pay federal income taxes – either because their income level is below the taxable threshold, or their deductions negate any tax liability – President Obama would receive the most support. Among the non-taxpayers, Obama would get 47 percent of the vote, Romney would get 32 percent, and Bloomberg would get 4 percent.

The Zogby International poll was commissioned by The O’Leary Report newsletter. The Poll surveyed 2,062 likely voters August 20-23, and has a margin-of-error of plus-or-minus 2.2 percentage points.

My feeling is that Zogby, wanting to include a third party candidate that may have a fair amount of appeal to independents, chose Bloomberg. It’s significant that, even with a third party detractor factored in, Romney still beats Obama.

► Jayde Wyatt