Romney’s New IA TV Ad: A Conservative Businessman’s Agenda - “Simpler, Smaller, Smarter Govt”

All eyes on Iowa; eight days to go until it’s caucus time…

Ahead of his three-day Iowa bus tour that begins in eastern Iowa on Wednesday, Romney for President today released a new TV ad that will run in the Hawkeye State.

Mitt Romney Conservative Businessman

Video text

Mitt Romney: “I am going to do something to government. I’m going to make it simpler, and smaller, and smarter.

Getting rid of programs, turning programs back to states, and finally making government itself more efficient.

I’m going to get rid of Obamacare.

It is a moral imperative for America to stop spending more money than we take in.

It’s killing jobs and it’s keeping our kids from having the bright prospects they deserve.

The experience of balancing budgets is desperately needed in Washington and I will take it there.

I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message.”

(emphasis added)

Tomorrow, Governor Romney will continue reinforcing his New Hampshire lead with stops in Londonderry and Portsmouth. Then, in the evening, he heads to Davenport, IA.

It’s getting exciting now!

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Plum Endorsement for Romney: Former Iowa Gov Robert Ray

Aug 27, 2021 - Mitt Romney and former Iowa Gov Robert Ray greet each other before Romney spoke at a private campaign fundraiser in Des Moines. (AP photo)

Governor Mitt Romney has landed a plum endorsement from the former Governor of Iowa, Robert Ray:

GOP fixture Robert Ray endorses Mitt Romney
by Tony Leys
Dec 2, 2021

Mitt Romney has picked up the support of a pillar of Iowa’s Republican establishment.
Former Gov. Robert Ray said Thursday that he is publicly endorsing the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential bid.

“There’s some qualified candidates, but the one that stood out as the one most likely to get elected, I thought, was Mitt Romney,” he said in an interview at Romney’s Des Moines campaign headquarters. “As you can tell, I waited quite a while to look the candidates over and see which one was most electable.”
Ray said he believes Romney’s experience as a governor and as a business executive would help him win the nomination and the general election against President Obama. “I didn’t find that other candidates had that experience,” he said. “He’s had some success, and it’s the kind that fits this position. … If you want someone qualified to run government, get someone who has had experience of running something, actually running it.”
Ray expressed hope Thursday that a Romney nomination could unite Republicans, including those who have moved the party to the right of where it used to be and focused on a narrow set of social issues. “Those people engaged in those different organizations think that they’re pulling the party together, by everyone agreeing on a very evangelical or conservative basis. I think just the opposite, and if you split the party, you’re less likely to win an election.”

(emphasis added)


I am truly honored to have Governor Ray’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “Not only was he a great governor but he is also a tremendous leader with a long history serving both Iowa and the country. In the coming weeks, I look forward to working with Governor Ray to bring my message of a “Simpler, Smaller, and Smarter” approach to government to all Iowans.”

Fmr IA Gov Robert Ray

Announcing his support, former Governor Ray said, “I want our next president to be someone whose character and judgment I respect and whose ideas are valid for our country. I believe Mitt Romney offers the personal qualities and vision to become a truly great president. Mitt has a strong record in business, including turning around the Winter Olympics, and leading the state of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney would represent America’s values and interests in an uncertain, challenging, and competitive world. With our future in mind, I am proud to support Governor Romney in the caucuses and hope to vote for him next November.”

Background On Governor Robert Ray:

Robert Ray Was The Governor Of Iowa From 1969 Until 1983. After leaving office, Governor Ray also served as interim Mayor of Des Moines and as interim President of Drake University. He also founded the character education program, Character Counts. Governor Ray is a U.S. Army veteran and was a delegate to the United Nations Conference on Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland.

It’s great to know Governor Ray will be helping Governor Romney in Iowa!

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