Mitt Romney & Norm Coleman Pen Op-Ed on Palestinian Bid for Statehood

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

Before Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas presented his case for Palestine to recognized as a member state to the United Nations today, Mitt Romney and his newly-named campaign special adviser, Norm Coleman, paired up to write an op-ed. It was published in the National Review:

Mistakes That Led To The Palestinian Statehood Bid, And How To Fix Them

By Mitt Romney & Senator Norm Coleman
September 22, 2021

This Friday, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas will appeal to the General Assembly for United Nations recognition of Palestinian statehood. We need to be completely clear about what is transpiring. This is not a step forward in the quest for peace and, legally, will not create a Palestinian state. Rather, it is a step forward in the vicious campaign to delegitimize the State of Israel.

The Palestinian action in the United Nations does not conform to the process for arriving at a two-state solution laid out in the Oslo Accords. Indeed, it is taking place in naked defiance of an agreement to which the Palestinians are signatory. Its effect will be to once again dash the hopes of all who seek lasting peace in the Middle East.

This is an especially dangerous moment for the state of Israel. It has deteriorating relationships with Turkey and Egypt. It faces longstanding dangers from Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, a violent and highly unstable Syria, and a nuclear-aspiring Iran. United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state at this juncture will serve only to further isolate the Jewish state, sap its confidence in the peace process, and exacerbate regional tensions.

Worse, because it will not change the facts on the ground, it will raise and then dash Palestinian and Arab expectations. This increases the likelihood of violence, particularly at a moment when despots like Bashar al Assad want nothing more than to divert attention from their internal crises by scapegoating Israel.
Without question, a blow is being struck against peace. How did we arrive at this point?

Unfortunately, the road was paved largely by a series of mistakes and miscalculations by President Obama. He and his administration have badly misunderstood the dynamics of the region. Instead of fostering stability and security, they have diminished U.S. authority and painted our ally Israel into a corner.

To begin with, President Obama for too long has been in the grip of several illusions. One is that the Palestinian–Israeli dispute is the central problem in the region. This has been disproved repeatedly by events, most recently and most dramatically by the eruption of the Arab Spring. But it nonetheless led the administration to believe that distancing the United States from Israel was a smart move that would earn us credits in the Arab world and somehow bring peace closer. The record proves otherwise.

But the administration’s errors extend in other directions as well. […]

(emphasis added) Read full article here.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority President, addressed the U.N. General Assembly yesterday (9/23/11):

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, also addressed the U.N. General Assembly yesterday (9/23/11):

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Romney in Indiana Today, Endorsed by IN Congressman Todd Rokita

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN), left, pictured with Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), has endorsed Mitt Romney.Sept 23, 2011

Another endorsement has rolled out for Mitt Romney. Today, it comes from the Hoosier State


Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today won the support of Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita.

Congressman Rokita has been a strong public servant for Indiana and has worked hard to improve the state’s economy,” said Mitt Romney. “I look forward to working with him during my campaign and welcome his support.”

Announcing his support, Congressman Rokita said, “Mitt Romney has proven that he has the much-needed experience to lead the country toward an economic recovery. While President Obama has failed to control spending and get the economy moving, Mitt Romney has a record of cutting taxes, keeping spending low, and creating jobs. Mitt Romney’s record speaks for itself and that is why I support his bid for the presidency.”

Background On Congressman Todd Rokita:

Congressman Rokita Was Elected In 2010. In the U.S. House of Representatives, he sits on the Budget Committee and the Education and Workforce Committee. Prior to his election, Rokita served as the Indiana Secretary of State. In this role, Rokita worked to improve services for Indiana’s businesses and investors and create a stronger economy for the state. Congressman Rokita and his wife Kathy are the parents of two children.

After speaking at CPAC in Orlando this morning, Romney made his way to Indiana::

click on map to enlarge

Mitt Romney Participating in Indiana GOP Forum at the JW Marriott Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be in Indianapolis trying to build his base of Hoosier supporters and raise money for his presidential campaign.

The top-tier presidential candidate will speak at the JW Marriott Friday evening and also plans to attend a pair of fundraisers. Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb has been lobbying presidential candidates since June to campaign in the state.

Gov. Mitch Daniels’ national prominence has also become a strong draw for Republicans looking for his possible endorsement.

(emphasis added to articles)

Thanks for the endorsement, Congressman Rokita!

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Romney Strong on LEGAL Immigration: ALIPAC “Rick Perry is Finished”

After last night’s presidential debate and hearing Rick Perry’s clearly stated stance on issues related to illegal immigration, Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) sent out this email:

Friends of ALIPAC,

You have to see this new video from last night’s debate. We have never seen a crowd response like the one here where Rick Perry is booed again.

Please take the following quick important steps today.

Step 1: Click this link , watch this video, and consider making a comment and sharing it with others.

VIDEO - Rick Perry Booed Again for $100K Illegal Immigrant Support Plan

Step 2: Please read, understand, share, and report on our national press release going out today.

National Press Release from ALIPAC September 23, 2021

Rick Perry Is Finished

Special thanks to all of our ALIPAC supporters that submitted illegal immigration questions for this debate!


From ALIPAC letter linked above:

Texas Governor Perry destroyed his chances of winning the GOP Presidential primary during last night’s debate when he defended his support for in-state tuition for illegal aliens which is opposed by 81% of all Americans.

Rick Perry proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not the right choice for America by supporting these radical illegal immigration attracting measures,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegals forces taxpayers to pay to replace their own children in the limited seats in our colleges!

H/t Crystal

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Gov Tim Pawlenty: “Romney Electable, Extraordinary Command of Economic Challenges”

Governor Tim Pawlenty wrote a strong op-ed in support of Mitt Romney which was published by Politico yesterday:

“Romney Is Electable” - By Tim Pawlenty

September 21, 2021

What do Republicans want in a presidential candidate in 2012? Certainly, someone who passionately believes in our conservative values.

But considering what’s at stake — the possibility of four more years of President Barack Obama’s ruinously wrongheaded ideas — electability is a key factor. We have to win.

This is a topic I know something about. It’s one reason I endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president.

I served two terms as a Republican governor of a blue state. The last time Minnesota voted for a Republican candidate for president was 1972. It has the dubious distinction of the nation’s longest streak of voting for the Democratic presidential candidate.

But Republicans can be elected statewide in Minnesota. I was. The reason is fairly straightforward.

Practical, common-sense conservative ideas to increase jobs and reduce government burdens improve people’s lives. Voters, whether Republican, Democrat or independent, understand this. As governor, I found innovative ways to balance Minnesota’s budget, cut spending, reform health care and bolster education — all without raising taxes.

I also did my best to lead with a hopeful and positive message and leadership style.

Mitt has done the same. A conservative businessman, he won the support of independent voters — and even some Democrats — to win election as governor of the blue state of Massachusetts. That is no small accomplishment.

It reveals Romney’s tremendous strength in bringing Americans together.

He also governed successfully. His state’s economy was mired in recession when he took office. Expenditures exceeded revenue. Without raising taxes — he cut taxes on 19 occasions — he balanced the budget and led the effort to turn the state’s economy around.

By the time he left office, Massachusetts had a $2 billion budget surplus — and was again gaining jobs.

While all the Republican candidates have their respective strengths, Romney is uniquely positioned to help the Republican Party return to the White House.

Though he had an outstanding tenure as governor, Romney’s not a career politician. He’s spent most of his adult life working in the private sector — launching new businesses and rescuing failing ones.

He has an extraordinary command of the economic challenges we face, gained from day-in, day-out experience working in the marketplace. If ever America needed a leader who knows his way around the business world, it is now. Unemployment is more than 9 percent, and the economy is poised for a second recession.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

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Senators John Thrasher & Norm Coleman, Rep. Tom Rooney: Romney Won Debate

The overwhelming consensus regarding the GOP presidential debate in Orlando, Florida last night is…

Mitt Romney won.


Boston, MA – Florida State Senator John Thrasher issued the following statement on tonight’s Orlando debate:

Sen John Thrasher (R-FL)

Mitt Romney came out on top in the debate tonight by sharing his vision for getting America back to work. His experience in the real economy is unparalleled in this field of candidates, and he demonstrates the leadership necessary to create jobs and turn this economy around. President Obama’s failure to do so will be the critical issue of this election.

“Our nominee must also be someone who will save Social Security, not someone who will dismantle it. Millions of Americans rely on this program. Does Rick Perry think it will be feasible for these hardworking Americans to still receive the benefits they have been promised if Social Security is run by the states? The federal government has an obligation to honor its end of the bargain, and Mitt Romney will ensure Social Security is sustainable for future generations.”


Fmr Sen Norm Coleman (R-MN)

Boston, MA – Former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman issued the following statement on tonight’s Orlando debate:

Mitt Romney stood out tonight as the only candidate prepared to lead our country at home during a time of economic strife and abroad during a time of great uncertainty. Mitt is clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the field when it comes to understanding the free market and what it will take to get our economy on track again. Whether it is his twenty-five years of experience working in business or his record turning around Massachusetts’ economy, Mitt Romney has a lifetime spent creating jobs and working in the real economy. That experience was on display tonight.”


Rep. Tom Rooney (R-FL)

Boston, MA – Florida Congressman Tom Rooney issued the following statement on tonight’s Orlando debate:

Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate by laying out his pro-growth economic plan and displaying why he is ready to be president on day one. President Obama’s policies have failed Florida – unemployment is now at 10.7% and is much higher in parts of the state. Mitt Romney has the experience working in the real economy that will be needed to get Florida and our country on the right track – he isn’t another career politician. Floridians are also looking for the candidate who will fix Social Security for future generations, not a candidate who has pledged to dismantle it and possibly put our seniors’ retirement in question.”

(emphasis added)

Governor Tim Pawlenty wrote a strong op-ed for Mitt Romney; that will be a separate post.

Dick Morris: Romney Won, Perry Lost:

What do you think of Morris’ assessment? Regarding ‘flip-flop’s… that label has now been welded on Rick Perry.

What commentary are you finding on the debate? Please share it in the ‘comments’ section.

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