Santorum: “Democrats Praying for Santorum Nomination” — “Moral Warrior” — “Tone Deaf”

A colleague of mine is a devout Catholic — a family man that I highly respect. About four months ago before Santorum got any traction, I asked him what he and other Catholics thought of Santorum generally. His answer surprised me. He said, “Oh, most people I know see Santorum as really ‘out there’ and way too extreme — he makes a lot of people uncomfortable with his far right views.” I suspect his opinion is not that far off off that of other conservatives.

Even before Santorum’s latest utterances, he was considered not nearly as likely to beat Obama as Romney in a general election. Friday’s WSJ had two articles that pretty much state that if Santorum doesn’t alter his rhetoric, there is no way he will beat Obama. The first article is by Kimberly Strassel, titled Moralizer in Chief and the second is by Dorothy Rabinowitz of the Journal’s editorial board, titled Democrats Are Praying for a Santorum Nomination.

All voters should ask if they would want a President to impose his moral views on them using government.

Strassel begins her Op-Ed with a “baloney” comment:

Asked at the close of Wednesday’s Arizona debate what the biggest “misconception” about him is in this primary, Rick Santorum acknowledged voters worry he can’t “defeat Barack Obama.” Give the man credit for a little awareness.

Only it’s not a misconception, at least not now. The former senator has a potentially fatal general-election liability on social issues. His supporters may admire him for taking on this subject, and they may be swallowing his argument that this is nothing more than a media-conjured controversy. But that’s baloney. (more…)