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Santorum’s wins this week in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado caused some to cry out, “The sky is falling!” Everybody needs to calm down and look to our file leader. None of us should allow the mainstream media (or “new media”) or outside source define how the campaign for Governor Romney is progressing, or not.

From day one, Governor Romney told the world the race to the nomination would be a long, competitive process, probably not decided until April. Yet, we allow the MSM make us feel that Governor Romney has it in the bag early, or not. Governor Romney has told us from day one that the nomination process would be competitive and then when it is, the MSM tells the world that he does not have conservative backing, when in fact he does. Governor Romney has told us from day one that his strategy is based on securing as many delegates along the way as possible — the MSM tries to change the subject at every turn — because it needs a new story every day; and that is what it does.

We all just need to settle down and take our lead from Governor Romney.

Remember this: Every writer, every pundit, every blog, every “news” organization, every knucklehead out there needs to write something new every day. Their desire to be clever causes them to come up with crazy stuff to make us all think that Governor Romney’s strategy is somehow not working. Just keep your eyes on Governor Romney himself. Nobody has more experience in planning a successful strategy and executing to it than Governor Romney. Nobody still left in this hunt.

On the Hannity show yesterday, Governor Romney leads the way — CLICK TO WATCH

Meanwhile, the boogeyman Gingrich would have us all believe that he will be hitting doubles, triples, and home runs (I can’t wait for baseball’s spring training!) on Super Tuesday and in the South. Oooooooh, my knees have been shaking for weeks now as I have imagined him secretly lining up support down there. Well yes, he is going South. BTW, I heard that his wife may speak soon! Can’t wait!

Karl Rove brought some sanity to the race yesterday in the Journal in his Op-Ed column titled, NEWT’S SOUTHERN STRATEGY WON’T WORK. While the many points Rove makes below are all spot-on, I will never count Gingrich out — not ever — with an ego the size of Texas and a determination driven by revenge, he will always be dangerous.

I just love Rove’s pragmatism and dry humor!

By Karl Rove

Newt Gingrich’s remarks Saturday night after the Nevada caucuses and on NBC’s “Meet the Press” the next morning proved that presidential candidates should talk policy, not process.

Proclaiming “We want to get to Georgia, to Alabama, to Tennessee,” Mr. Gingrich said primaries in the South would produce “a series of victories” that by the April 4 Texas primary would make him “very, very competitive in the delegate count.”

Well, the Gingrich Southern strategy faces big obstacles, starting with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Demanding that these two candidates drop out so he becomes the only conservative alternative to Mitt Romney hasn’t worked.

Mr. Paul sees himself as the leader of an insurgency. He’s made it clear he’s in the race to stay. And while Mr. Santorum’s victories on Tuesday in the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and Missouri’s beauty contest primary didn’t produce any national convention delegates (Missouri’s vote was nonbinding, and the caucuses were for precinct delegates), his wins also spell trouble for the former House speaker’s plans.

Headed South -- Photo: Getty Images

Mr. Santorum’s success came because while Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich battled in Florida and Nevada, he barnstormed Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, making 22 stops in the three states to Mitt’s three and Newt’s two. He demonstrated that showing up matters and gained critical momentum toward becoming the not-Romney alternative.

Newt’s Southern strategy also faces a geographical obstacle. There are 25 contests in February and March, and 18 of them, with 579 delegates, are outside the South.


Mitt’s Sister Gets Secret Service Security Sweep at Michigan Home

Is this kind of news indicative a Veep selection for Mitt? I don’t know, but they are peculiar signs not dissimilar to those events leading up to the announcement of Biden for the Dems.

H/T to Justin Hart of for the news. There was no post on it, but he sent it in an e-mail.


According to sources with strong Michigan ties, the Secret Service has conducted a security sweep of the home of Romney’s sister. Romney was raised in Michigan, where his father served as governor.

However, one campaign operative familiar with the working of a presidential-level campaign cautioned that a sweep of such a location could have been conducted in advance of Romney appearing as a surrogate — not the vice presidential nominee — at an upcoming McCain campaign stop in Michigan.

Other sources and some news reports have also suggested that Romney in the last few days might be traveling with a security detail, although exactly who employs this security detail could not be confirmed.

My intent is not to unnecessarily get all the Rombots’ hopes up, but the news will be of interest to most of them I’m sure. Remember to keep a level head, because there is a great possibility still that Mitt won’t be selected.

~Nate Gunderson