Romney Is Right about a Teacher Shortage — There Isn’t One

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You may recall that Governor Romney has stated a few times in different ways that the problem we have in educating our children has nothing to do with a teacher shortage. If you listen to Mr. Obama, he would have us all believe that is precisely the problem. Well, let’s stick to the facts. The following is an excerpt from The Imaginary Teacher Shortage from yesterday’s WSJ:

For decades we have tried to boost academic outcomes by hiring more teachers, and we have essentially nothing to show for it. In 1970, public schools employed 2.06 million teachers, or one for every 22.3 students, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s Digest of Education Statistics. In 2012, we have 3.27 million teachers, one for every 15.2 students.

Yet math and reading scores for 17-year-olds have remained virtually unchanged since 1970, according to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress. The federal estimate of high-school graduation rates also shows no progress (with about 75% of students completing high school then and now). Unless the next teacher-hiring binge produces something that the last several couldn’t, there is no reason to expect it to contribute to student outcomes.

We need to return education and the teaching of our children to the local levels and take it away from the fabulously inefficient federal government. Why do we keep throwing good money after bad?

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Gov Chris Christie Speaks at NJ Townhall Meeting: The Time for Reform is Now

Ready for a little political refreshment?

I posted an article on July 12th about Mitt Romney’s endorsement of New Jersey candidates that also mentioned Governor Romney’s backing of now-Governor Chris Christie way back when – in May 2009 - when Christie was an unknown and needed encouragement and money. Romney provided both. So, it’s very satisfying to observe the great things Christie is doing in New Jersey. Take yesterday for example…

September 8, 2021 - In Case You Missed It: Governor Chris Christie – “The Time For Reform Is Now…”

On The Urgent Need For A Bold Reform Agenda To Rebuild New Jersey, “We Can’t Wait Any Longer For These Reforms To Be Done”

“We can’t wait any longer for these reforms to be done,” Christie told about 250 people at the Packanack Lake Country Club in Wayne. “We are in a crisis and we can no longer afford to keep digging this hole deeper and deeper or we’ll never get out of it.” (Matt Friedman, “Gov. Christie pushes reform agenda for N.J. ethics rules, pension and health benefits,”, 9/8/2021)

“The time for reform is now,” said Christie, who established the 107 days remaining in the legislative session as his deadline. (Rob Jennings, “Gov. Chris Christie kicks off town hall meetings in Wayne, NJ; plans pension reforms,” Daily Record, 9/8/2021)

The Governor added “there is a sense in New Jersey that the time for reform is now- that we are in a crisis, and we can no longer afford to keep digging this hole deeper and deeper, or we may never get out of it…I’m going to do what needs to be done- I’m going to break the eggs that need to be broken, I’m going to step on the toes that need to be stepped on, and I’m going to make the tough decisions that need to be made…it’s about fixing the problems that need to be fixed, and I’m not going to miss this opportunity by playing Mr. Nice Guy.” (David Matthau, “Gov Christie Begins Reform Campaign in Wayne,” NJ 101.5 FM, 9/8/2021)

The governor said he wants education and ethics reforms voted on by the legislature before Christmas. (“Christie Slams N.J. Teacher Union, Calls For Ed. Reform,” CBS-2 New York, 9/7/2022)

The video below was recorded at no-shrinking-violet Gov Chris Christie’s town hall meeting yesterday in Raritan, NJ. Watch as a school teacher begins to question Christie’s necessary paring of New Jersey’s education dollars. The longer she speaks, the more she revs up. Then, stand back! Governor Christie tells it like it is…

With America’s strangling entitlement mentality, burgeoning deficit and debts, along with 47 states operating in the red budget-wise, more legislators need to emulate Chris Christie; pragmatic, forthright, unbowing, and gentlemanly.

Thanks, Governor Romney, for helping to bring us Governor Chris Christie.


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