U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Have a Friend in Romney, NEW COALITION

American ranchers and farmers have formed a new coalition for Governor Mitt Romney…

Having lived a portion of my life among America’s western sagebrushed ranches and farm hayfields, I know what a hardscrabble existence it can be. I also know how VITAL America’s amazing salt-of-the-earth ranchers and farmers are to our nation’s well-being and to the world.

Did you know that farming alone creates 23 MILLION jobs for Americans? That makes agriculture our nation’s largest employer. 23 million jobs is enough to employ every single person in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Houston, Philadelphia, and Boston - COMBINED. No doubt about it, farmers and ranchers grow our economy.

These are just a few of the reasons I was happy to hear today’s news from Mitt Romney. A dynamic new coalition has been created - ‘Farmers and Ranchers for Romney’:

I’m honored to have so many farmers and ranchers standing with my campaign,” said Mitt Romney. “They are the backbone of America and play a critical role in ensuring Americans across the country have access to safe and affordable food. The fruit of their labor nourishes the world, and I admire their hard work in harvesting our country’s bountiful resources. Our farmers and ranchers also have a critical role in the health of our economy, employingth millions of Americans. I’m grateful to have their support in my efforts to turn around the economy and strengthen the middle class.”

I’ve heard Governor Romney speak of the summer when he was 15 years old and he went to work on his uncle’s ranch in Idaho. He said they raised corn and lots and lots of alfalfa. He recalled how long the days were; it was good, hard work - and a great way to gain real appreciation for the daily rigors of ranching and farming.

Commissioner Adam Putnam said, “As Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, I’m proud to be supporting Governor Romney’s campaign to get this country moving in the right direction again. While agriculture in America has its own set of unique challenges, farmers are looking for a leader in the White House who knows how the private sector works. Throughout the past three and a half years, President Obama has demonstrated in both his rhetoric and his policies that he lacks that understanding. I’m confident that Governor Romney’s experience and vision will restore a brighter future for all Americans.”

Senator Mike Johanns said, “Having served as U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and represented Nebraskans as both Governor and Senator, I’m familiar with the challenges and opportunities throughout rural America. From ranches to family farms, the heartland helped build this nation and agriculture remains part of the very fabric that binds it together. President Obama’s policies have failed to reinvigorate our economy, and even worse, his regulatory overreach stifled growth and cost jobs. Once a man of soaring rhetoric, his words now diminish the labor and sacrifice of all Americans by saying they didn’t build their businesses. I grew up on a farm and know that success is not the result of government action, but rather individual initiative and hard work. Mitt Romney understands the power of free enterprise and its ability to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit. As president, he will not only jumpstart economic growth in this country, but also carefully tend to the needs of agricultural producers and rural communities.”

Former USDA Deputy Secretary Charles Conner said, “I was raised on a family farm, and having policies which help agriculture thrive is close to my heart. That’s one of the reasons why I’m supporting Mitt Romney. The task of turning around our economy so it works for all Americans will not be an easy one, but I’m confident Governor Romney will deliver. Having spent most of his career in the private sector, he knows why President Obama’s policies have ill-served economic growth and the jobs that only free enterprise can create.”

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey said, “Here in Iowa, farmers and ranchers form a key role in powering our economy. Over the course of the past three and a half years, President Obama hasn’t made good on the promises of his campaign four years ago, and the impact of his economic policies has been devastating throughout the country. The need for a new direction and fresh leadership in the White House could not be clearer, and I believe Mitt Romney will provide both.”

What do American farmers grow?

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Obama’s Health Care Pig, Mitt Romney’s Prescription for Repeal

Got Health Care?

Pucker up.


It’s the law. Americans must now kiss the Obamacare pig.

Regardless of how much lipstick the Obama administration smears, the oinking isn’t going away: a sweeping Ponzi scheme of federal graft to pass the bill including San Joaquin Valley water-for-votes, Bart Stupak’s $52 million dollars for airporKs, Chris Dodd’s new $100 million hospital, special deals for union members, Louisiana purchase, Harry Reid conniving behind closed doors to exempt his staff and others from the health care exchange, abortions paid for by tax payers (an executive order won’t stem the stench), prescription-strength sex-enhancement medication for child sex offenders, federal government take-over of student loans resulting in private sector job loss, $500 billion cut to Medicare, raising Medicaid eligibility and forcing states to pay for it, $100 million in Medicaid money for Tennessee, steep hikes in capital gains and federal income taxes, taxes on medical devices such as automated wheelchairs, heating pads, and ace bandages, heightened risk of medical identity theft and abuse, increased cost of health insurance premiums, massive increase in federal government bureaucracies – over 150 new agencies, 17,000 enforcing IRS agents to be hired, and the swirling slop continues to grow.

The CBO reports that Americans bought a pig in a poke; our debt will rise to 90% of our GDP by 2020. In the meantime, we’re supposed to wade through the muck while paying for four years of taxes before the ‘supposed’ benefits become reality (Obama lied about children with pre-existing conditions being covered NOW).

Mitt Romney’s ‘Prescription for Repeal’:


Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced a new donation program, dubbed “Prescription for Repeal,” to support conservative candidates who will repeal the worst aspects of Obamacare and restore commonsense principles to healthcare. The first wave of endorsements goes to three conservative leaders in key Ohio Congressional Districts.

The PAC will send each of the endorsed candidates a primary election contribution of $2,500. They are:

Representative Jean Schmidt: Representative Jean Schmidt represents Ohio’s Second Congressional District and is running for reelection to her third full term. She voted against ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Jean Schmidt and her campaign, visit www.jeanschmidt.com

Representative Steve Chabot: Representative Steve Chabot served as Congressman in Ohio’s First Congressional District for fourteen years and is running to reclaim his seat. His opponent, Representative Steve Driehaus (D-OH), voted in favor of ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Steve Chabot and his campaign, visit www.stevechabot.com

Steve Stivers: Steve Stivers is a former State Senator and small businessman who is running for Ohio’s Fifteenth Congressional District. His opponent, Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), voted in favor of ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information about Steve Stivers and his campaign, visit www.stivers4congress.com

“Health care reform shouldn’t mean higher taxes, cuts to our seniors on Medicare, insurance price controls or greater federal involvement in our lives. America has unfortunately been taken down the wrong path by President Obama, which is why it’s critical we elect fiscally-responsible conservative leaders who will restore commonsense principles to healthcare,” said Romney.

The Ohio donations are the first of a series of “Prescription for Repeal” state rollouts over the coming weeks.

Romney’s ‘Prescription for Repeal’ keeps rolling:


Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC continued the rollout of its new program, dubbed “Prescription for Repeal,” which supports conservative candidates who will work to repeal the worst aspects of Obamacare and restore commonsense principles to healthcare. This second wave of endorsements goes to six conservative leaders in Missouri.

Representative Roy Blunt: First elected by the people of Missouri to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, Representative Roy Blunt is currently running for the U.S. Senate. In his current capacity as a U.S. Representative, he voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Blunt and his campaign for Senate, visit www.royblunt.com.

Representative Jo Ann Emerson: Representative Jo Ann Emerson represents Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District and is running for reelection to her eighth full term. She voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Emerson and her campaign, visit www.joannemerson.com.

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer: Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer represents Missouri’s Ninth Congressional District and is running for reelection to his second term. He voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Luetkemeyer and his campaign, visit www.blaineforcongress.com.

Representative Sam Graves: Representative Sam Graves represents Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District and is running for reelection to his sixth term. He voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Graves and his campaign, visit www.gravesforcongress.com.

Ed Martin: Ed Martin is community leader and public servant who, among other things, served as chief of staff to former Governor Matt Blunt. Ed is running to represent Missouri’s Third Congressional District. His opponent, Russ Carnahan (D-MO), voted in favor of Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Ed Martin and his campaign, visit www.edmartinforcongress.com.

Tom Schweich: A former U.S. Ambassador, prosecutor, law enforcement official, and author, Tom Schweich is currently running for Missouri State Auditor. For more information on Tom Schweich and his campaign, visit www.tomschweich.com.

The PAC also announced that it is sending Emerson, Luetkemeyer, Graves, and Martin each a primary election contribution of $2,500 and that it has already sent Blunt a maximum $5,000 primary election contribution. Romney is headlining a fundraising event for Schweich on April 27 in St. Louis.

“President Obama’s healthcare bill – with its higher taxes, cuts in Medicare, insurance price controls and greater federal involvement in our lives — is unhealthy for America. It is critical that we elect fiscally-responsible conservative leaders who will work to restore commonsense principles to healthcare,” said Romney.

These Missouri endorsements are the second in a series of “Prescription for Repeal” state rollouts over the coming weeks.

Joe Biden’s attempt to tie a bow on the pig’s tail at the Obamacare signing ceremony failed when he uttered a rancid expletive remark which was later approved through a text message from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Obama glibly expressed a desire for t-shirts emblazoned with the expletive and immediately set off on his Rub-‘Ravishing-Red’-Lip-Gloss-on-Miss-Piggy tour. Mocking Republicans was a priority:

Jason Mattera is the author of Obama Zombies – a book about the behind-the-scenes methods and tactics the Obama campaign exercised on the youth culture to win an election and create long-lasting devastation to our country. Mattera’s message is to jolt the young masses from their slumber and spark a countercultural barnyard battle against the oinking, ignorant left. In the following video, Mattera speaks with Senator Al Franken (D-MN), Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fl), and Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) about the nonsensical gluttony in the porcine Health Care Bill:

We’ve got TWO chances to demolish the pigpen: 2010 and 2012. We’re one step closer to Obama’s stated goal of a single-payer system and must OUT the SNOUTS who voted ‘yes’ for this bill. We must donate money to their opponents, work hard in their districts, and vote to replace as many Democrats as possible. While judicial challenges hope to address the fetid odors coming from this bill, we MUST win seats in the House and Senate this fall. We must capture a larger portion of the youth vote. With a majority in both chambers we can defund lipstick appropriations for Obamacare. We must elect a Republican president in 2012. Then, we must empty the slop bucket by replacing Obamacare with an alternative plan based on private-sector free-market principles.

The way to repeal Obamacare is to remove those who swill the trough. Vote Republican. Support Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC:

Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC […]supports officeholders and candidates who are dedicated to advancing social, fiscal and foreign policies that will strengthen America at this critical time in the nation’s history. The guiding focus is on the core principles that have built and nurtured America since its founding – uncompromised military strength, a belief in the power of free markets and that a competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small, an emphasis on strong families and a federalist approach to government that leaves decision-making as close to the people as possible.


The Real Dirt

Sept 17, 2021 - Michelle Obama, honored guest at the grand opening of a farmers’ market in Washington, D.C., shopped for fresh produce. During her remarks she exclaimed, “I have never seen so many people so excited about fruits and vegetables!” Meanwhile, across the country on the west coast, plenty of people were “excited” about the Obama’s produce double standard…

A ground-breaking story occurred in America last March. Literally.

With rake in hand, First Lady Michelle Obama was praised for scratching a bit of sod and overturning a spade of soil to create a White House vegetable garden. She even got her knees dirty. The news was so huge Mrs. Obama now says the first thing foreign leaders ask her is how the garden is doing.

In the month prior to digging earth on the White House lawn, the First Lady praised Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s People’s Garden Project. She also spoke to employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture on the importance of supporting farmers and protecting the nation’s food supply.

A week ago today (9-17-09), Mrs. Obama stood on D.C. terra firma and spoke at the grand opening of a new farmers’ market near the White House. “I have never seen so many people so excited about fruits and vegetables,” exulted the First Lady as she filled her basket with fingerling potatoes and black kale. “I’m a big believer in community gardens, both because of their beauty and for their access to providing fresh fruits and vegetables to so many communities across this nation and the world.”

So, where’s the dirt?

On the very day Michelle Obama was sniffing produce and being feted at the new D.C. farmers’ market, thousands of out-of-work farm workers and destitute farmers, brandishing protest signs, were assembling in dusty, withering San Joaquin Valley, CA – the turning-to-dust bread basket of America - all brought about by a liberal-legislated drought.

The area that once produced a $20 billion crop industry, and more in farm sales than any other individual state in the country – is now a dust bowl. The cause? Government-made drought. In 1993, the tiny, two-inch Delta Smelt fish was declared an endangered species. Smelt fish pass through irrigation waters pumped through the San Joaquin Valley. Claiming that pumps harm the Smelt, radical environmental groups and liberals have battled for years to turn the San Joaquin valley into a desert. Well, they’ve won. Water now bypasses one of the most important agricultural areas on earth and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean.

Several hundred thousand acres of farmland now lie fallow and crops that were planted now rot in the fields. Thousands have lost their jobs; unemployment in the area is at 40%. Food prices will rise with estimates of up to 38 million people being affected. Farmers who once fed the world now stand in food lines. This is what happens when extreme environmentalists prevail over reason.

An appalling history of political negligence shrouds this dilemma. Even though members of the California Latino Water Coalition (a group formed by residents in the San Joaquin Valley) and others met with CA officials to resolve the water problem, seven attempts to get the pumps turned back on have been killed seven times by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Letters, petitions, and pleas to Washington continue to be ignored. Aware of the situation, President Obama remains unmoved. Just yesterday, Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) voted no on an amendment introduced by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) designed to help the San Joaquin Valley. Compromise and common sense are nowhere to be found.

This isn’t a local problem; it’s a federal government imposed drought and is rapidly becoming a national problem. Here are just a few of the crops California’s central valley supplies to our nation: 94% of America’s tomatoes, 93% broccoli, 89% carrots, 86% garlic, 78% lettuce, 90% strawberries, 88% grapes, 99% almonds.

Given the enthusiasm with which Michelle Obama loves to have our White House chefs feed fresh produce to her family, perhaps, if the San Joaquin Valley were called the San Joaquin Community Garden, the President would turn the water back on.

And that’s the real dirt.

Here is The Valley Hope Forgot – Part 1: Comedian, activist Paul Rodriguez, Radio Talk Show Host Inga Barks, and Sean Hannity decry Obama’s refusal to help California’s central valley:

The Valley Hope Forgot - Part 2: Congressmen Jim Costa (D-CA), George Radanovich (R-CA), Devin Nunes (R-CA) “This can happen to you. They’re on their way… to the rest of America.”

The Valley Hope Forgot - Part 3: FOX News reporter Ainsely Earhardt explains how loss of crop production in CA’s central valley will affect you. Former mayor Fresno, CA Alan Autry: “Turning this water off is not just bad politics, it’s an act of domestic terror.”

Michelle Malkin: Cali’s man-caused drought (scroll down to see video of Feinstein’s excuses)





January 14, 2022 - Michelle Obama’s garden food was fake.

February 29, 2012, Washington, D.C: House Approves Bipartisan Plan to Protect Jobs, Restore Water Deliveries, Prevent Man-Made Droughts in California – Bill H.R. 1837

March 3, 2022 - Obama will veto H.R. 1837 if it passes Senate

H.R. 1837 DEAD in Harry Reid’s Senate

March 20, 2012, Washington, D.C. - Subcommittee Questions Obama Administration’s BOR and PMA Budgets that Could Increase Electricity Rates and Decrease Water Deliveries:

Today, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power held an oversight hearing to examine the negative impacts to water supplies and hydropower rates that will result from the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget and priorities for the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), the Four Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs) and the U.S. Geologic Survey’s Water Resources program.

“The Bureau of Reclamation and the Bonneville Power Administration are two of the agencies before us today. Along with the Army Corps of Engineers, these agencies have played a vital role in providing reliable and affordable water and power supplies to the Pacific Northwest. It is our duty to ensure that these traditional missions continue for future generations. This duty is becoming increasingly challenging. The historical roles of these agencies are being undermined,” said Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (WA-04).Ongoing endangered species litigation and a sue-and-settle approach embraced by this Administration have transformed these agencies into something that was never envisioned. The result: less water storage, continued man-made droughts and policies that are driving up electricity rates. At a time when Americans are paying record prices at the gas pumps, higher water and electricity rates will only make matters worse for the economy.”

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