Gov Tim Pawlenty Endorses Mitt Romney, Named Natl Co-Chair

Tim Pawlenty has endorsed Mitt Romney this morning. He has also been named National Co-Chair of Romney's campaign. Sept 12, 2021


Appearing on FOX & Friends this morning, Governor Tim Pawlenty gave a big announcement. *HE HAS ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY and will be his NATIONAL CO-CHAIR!

Business Insider

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty just endorsed former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney in an interview on Fox News, revealing he will become co-chair of his former opponents campaign.

Pawlenty called Romney “the “complete package,” but specifically cited his leadership on the economy as the reason for his decision.

He added that Romney “doesn’t want to abolish or end” Social Security, but made the point that front-runner Texas Gov. does.

The prominent endorsement gives Romney more ammunition in his campaign to be seen as the more electable candidate — as the debate prepares to center, at least temporarily, on Social Security.


Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed Mitt Romney for president Monday, praising his onetime rival for his “leadership ability” and the “depth and scope of [his] private-sector experience.”

I believe he’s going to be our party’s nominee,” Pawlenty said on “Fox and Friends,” predicting Romney would be a “transformational and great president.”

Less than a month after ending his own White House bid, Pawlenty was in sync with the Romney campaign’s message on everything from jobs to health care, to Social Security and Rick Perry.

Asked how he could endorse a candidate who he once mocked as the author of “Obamneycare,” Pawlenty said he’d spoken about health care with Romney and concluded: “Mitt Romney is 100 percent dedicated and committed to repealing Obamacare.”

Defending Romney’s jobs record as governor of Massachusetts, Pawlenty said Romney had “great success when it comes to growing jobs and the economy,” citing his time in business and leading the Salt Lake City Oympics.

Pawlenty also joined the escalating back-and-forth between Romney and Rick Perry over entitlement programs, which Pawlenty said Perry may want to end.

Gov. Romney wants to fix Social Security. He doesn’t want to abolish it or end it,” Pawlenty said. “Gov. Perry has said in the past that he thought it was ‘failed.’”

Pawlenty, who is joining the Romney campaign as a national co-chairman, said he wasn’t angling for any other job in giving Romney an early endorsement.

“I’m not going to consider being VP. I was down that path once before with John McCain,” he said. “That won’t be part of the future for me.”

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Tweet from The Gov:

Proud & honored to have the support of @TimPawlenty than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Quick ‘tout’ video with Mitt and Tim:

Read Gov Pawlently’s endorsement after the fold.


Frontrunner Romney: Columnist Says ‘Stop Beating Up on Mitt’

We know politics produces disparagers, maligners, and mud-slingers. Primary politics usually means a frontrunner takes disparagement, maligning, and mud-slinging from both sides.

After the presidential debate last week - a sort of official GOP political taking the plunge - the talking heads, news pundits, and those with an elephant in the fight generally called for Governor Romney’s opponents to go after him; to deluge him with the muddy-water of the business. That’s why the following article caught my eye…

While not in complete agreement with the author, it is a refreshing, ‘come-up-for-air’ read and a good way to start the week:

Stop Beating Up On Mitt

Presidential primaries have a purpose. They test the candidates’ ability to face the opposition in the general election. Whatever is thrown at you by your own team usually pales in comparison to the abuse you receive from your opponents. Unfortunately, what some Republicans are throwing at Mitt Romney, last Monday’s Republican debate notwithstanding, is way off base.

Romney is receiving criticism principally on his efforts to reform the health insurance system in Massachusetts while he was Governor. By now, Romney has refined his response without pointing fingers at his successor, liberal Democrat Deval Patrick, who enacted changes that made the program far more costly and less effective. All of this reproof is pointless because Romney has no intention of replicating it on a federal level, nor would he have to appease a legislature overwhelmingly comprised of left-wing Democrats.

Mr. Romney has clearly stated that he will order his Secretary of Health and Human Services to issue exemptions from ObamaCare to all fifty states; meaning that the only individuals subject to this horribly misguided legislation and its crushing regulations will be the residents of Washington D.C. Frankly, that’s quite fitting. He’s also confirmed that he fully intends to work toward repeal of ObamaCare. What more can you ask of the man?

Romney is also accused with being short on charisma. Are we electing a President or head television huckster? We’ve already elected a hollow orator, but he’s a little short on the more vital Presidential qualities — starting with leadership. Romney has been proven to be an effective leader in both private industry and the public arena. For example, he averted a major national embarrassment by stepping in to professionally manage the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. He not only administered operations of the Olympics, but tactfully and sensitively worked with both the international community and the IOC. America needs an experienced leader who can get things done — not just smile and hope.

Some critics dismiss him because of his unsuccessful candidacy in 2008. It brings to memory Ronald Reagan, who spent the years 1976 to 1979 gathering support for his 1980 Presidential run. Like Reagan, Romney has spent the past three years building relationships, supporting other Republican candidates, and raising money – all in preparation for his formal announcement. This is the tried and true path to the White House. When we select inexperienced newcomers, we often end up with failures such as Carter and …

Republicans yearn for another Reagan. Alas, there will never be another Reagan any more than there will be another John Wayne, Babe Ruth or Marilyn Monroe. But Romney provides something that no other Republican candidate can deliver. He can dismantle Obama without offending voters. He reeks of nice. When Reagan destroyed Carter, he reeked of nice. There was no nasty side to Reagan and there’s no nasty side to Romney. Swing voters like that — a lot[...]

(emphasis added)

Continue reading here and while you’re at it, leave pro-Romney comments there.

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UPDATE from Ross
Our friends at Americans Needs Mitt ask “Romney Was Right on Pledge. Will Anyone Admit It?”

Hat tip to Rightspeak for the following video:

Also, check out “Why Mitt Romney Came Out as the Winner in the SBA Pledge Controversy”. A big reason is because SBA Set Trap for Romney, Caught Cain, Then Choked.

Finally, Mitt isn’t the only who saw through the SBA pledge. Check out Cain and Romney were Right Not to Sign SBA List’s Ridiculous Pledge! Mitt’s got Jennifer Rubin on his side on this issue as well. The candidates who are trying to use this as a way to hurt Gov. Romney among pro-life voters are looking very silly now.

A Good Read on Romney’s Birthday: His ‘can do’ attitude is just what our country needs…

Here’s an opinion piece about Governor Romney that made my weekend. It’s written by Barbara Anderson - a Massachusetts resident who regularly contributes to the Newbury Port Daily News. Ms. Anderson is also the executive director of Citizens for Limited Taxation.

A good read; it’s an especially good way to close out Mitt’s birthday tonight:

Romney’s ‘can do’ attitude is just what country needs

If we must begin talking about presidential candidates, let me tell you about Mitt Romney.

Personally, I hardly know him.

When he was Massachusetts governor, I knew a lot of people in his administration, so I worked with them on taxation issues, but met Mitt himself only a few times over the years and never engaged in private conversation with him. So, the picture I am about to paint is only my impression of what he’s really like, created from flash-photos in my head.

I see Mitt as “Mr. Can Do,” as in “Why the h-e-double hockey-sticks is everyone standing around doing nothing?” There are so many stories of this nature that the attitude must be part of his basic psyche.

I didn’t read his book about his experience with the Salt Lake City Olympics, but recall reading somewhere that he once jumped from his car to clear a traffic jam in Olympic Park. We all heard about his rescuing foundering boaters near his waterfront home in New Hampshire. We saw him striding angrily from the Big Dig tunnel after the tile collapse that killed a woman — and it didn’t happen again.

During the New Hampshire primary, then-Granite State Sen. Judd Gregg and I were discussing which of us should walk first to the stage to introduce the candidate, when Mitt charged past us with a grandchild on his shoulder, leapt onto the stage, and reached a hand down to help me up.

I thought of this event early in Deval Patrick’s administration, when Easter Sunday drivers were stalled on the Turnpike because of a shortage of holiday toll-takers. Patrick said he could relate to their frustration because he was stuck for a while, too.

I imagined Mitt being in that same position. He would have leapt from his car and removed the tollgate (with an ax from the trunk of his car if necessary), and waved drivers through while using his cellphone to order all toll booths opened. I can’t imagine him passively sitting there in traffic for even 10 minutes while an agency of the commonwealth was screwing things up for people.

I like how the author settles the ‘Romney-dog-on-top-of-car’ meme that the clueless sometimes dredge up:

With this attitude in mind, let’s talk about the Romney family dog, whose temporary intestinal problem made it impossible for him to ride in the station wagon during the annual vacation trek to the Great Lakes. Mitt put the Irish setter in his carrier on top of the car for the daylong drive, which got them all to Michigan, albeit with an unpleasant brown substance occasionally running down the outside of the windows.

Here is how I imagine the event. Mitt saw a problem. The dog could be left behind, maybe boarded with a vet, thereby missing the vacation fun with all the kids and other dogs — or, he could get to the beach by riding on top, instead of inside, the car. Mitt solved the problem, attaching a windshield to the carrier. The eventually-happy dog got to vacation with his family.

Next, Ms. Anderson writes about ‘Romneycare’. Don’t miss it; click here.

As a sort of final candle on Mitt’s birthday cake, I had to include Anderson’s final paragraph:

I wish Mitt had won the 2008 Republican presidential nomination and then the election, because there are a lot of things that badly need to be done in America. Voters should read his new introduction to the paperback version of his book, “No Apology,” and imagine what it might be like to elect someone in 2012 with the right ideas and the right attitude, for a change.

(my emphasis)

Thanks, Barbara!

Again, Happy Birthday, Mitt!

Birthday Clipart

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