Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are Coming to Michigan!

On the back of some great polling news in Michigan showing the Romney-Ryan ticket surging to the lead, Mitt and Paul Ryan are holding a homecoming rally in Oakland County in Michigan. Oakland County is perhaps the most important county in the country and a win in Mitt’s home county will likely lead to a win in the state of Michigan which will make President’s Obama’s path to victory virtually impossible.

Do everything you can to promote this rally and try to make it to the last big rally before the Republican National Convention where Mitt will officially become the nominee!

To RSVP or for more information, click here.

You’re Invited to a Victory Rally with

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan

and the Republican Team!

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Doors Open 9:30 AM | Event Begins 11:30 AM

Long Family Farm, Orchard & Cider Mill

1540 East Commerce Road

Commerce, Michigan 48334

Mitt Romney Coming to Colorado/Utah Area Tomorrow — Time for a Road Trip?

Since Utah is hardly in political play, there won’t be too many opportunities for folks to see a Mitt Romney town hall event here. Fortunately, we’re surrounded by key swing states like Nevada and Colorado, so if we really want to attend a Romney rally or town hall event, we just have to make it into a short road trip!

So if its not too late to call your boss and let him know you won’t be in tomorrow, then pack your bags and take the short trip (4 hours from Provo & Denver, 5 hours from SLC & Cedar City) to Grand Junction, Colorado — where Mitt will take questions from attendees in a town hall format. This should be a great event — an historic event, even — for all ages.

*Here is the invitation and details. RSVP here:

Mitt Romney Writes an Op-Ed for the Detroit News

Taxpayers Should Get GM Shares’ Proceeds

By Mitt Romney
February 7th, 2012

I am a son of Detroit. I was born in Harper Hospital and lived in the city until my family moved to Oakland County.

I grew up drinking Vernors and watching ballgames at Michigan & Trumbull. Cars got in my bones early. And not just any cars, American cars.

When the president of American Motors died suddenly in 1954, my dad, George Romney, was asked to take his place. I was 7 and got my love of cars and chrome and fins and roaring motors from him. I grew up around the industry and watched it flourish. Years later, I watched with sadness as it floundered.

Three years ago, in the midst of an economic crisis, a newly elected President Barack Obama stepped in with a bailout for the auto industry. The indisputable good news is that Chrysler and General Motors are still in business. The equally indisputable bad news is that all the defects in President Obama’s management of the American economy are evident in what he did.

Instead of doing the right thing and standing up to union bosses,Obama rewarded them…

Read the rest of the important op-ed here and leave a comment there for Michiganders to read. No doubt the democrats will try to characterize Mitt as someone who hates the auto industry, so it’s up to us to make sure Michiganders are provided the truth.

UPDATE: Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is making TV reservations in Michigan, starting with the Detroit market. Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future, has already purchased a half-million dollars in airtime over the next week, but Romney’s campaign was quiet until this morning. The full size of the flight is yet to be determined.

Here’s Mitt’s ad:

If you are interested in learning more about Mitt’s life in Michigan, read the beginning of our summary of the new biography about Mitt Romney.

Do You Have a Question for Gov. Romney? He’s Answering Our Questions Tomorrow at 3:00 EST

Don’t forget to RSVP to Gov. Romney’s Townhall and Q&A! Tomorrow go to at 3:00 pm EST and click the livestream tab on the left of the homepage to join the livestream. Governor Romney will be answering our questions during a Q&A session, so leave your questions here on Facebook or Tweet Mitt your questions for the Q&A by using #MittCallDay to be entered.

Tomorrow is one of the most important days of the entire primary! I expect it to be Mitt’s biggest single-day fundraiser before the primaries actually start. If you haven’t yet, click here to make a pledge to donate to Mitt’s campaign tomorrow. We will be giving updates all day on how the call-a-thon is going, how much money is bring raised, and we’ll definitely be here to chat about the live Townhall and Q&A at 3:00. One last day to encourage people to pledge and then the fun begins bright and early tomorrow morning!