NO RESPECT: Team Obama Gets Political on 9/11

Most Americans’ hearts are heavy this morning as they remember one of the most tragic days in US history. As a nod to our need for a day of reflection and remembrance, both campaigns have suspended television ads.

Evidently, though, the political hiatus — for Team Obama — does not apply to Twitter.

The first tweet from our President on 9/11 is all politics:

The first tweet from our President’s top campaign stooge gets dirty:

Compare this with the tweet from soon-to-be President Romney:

Keep it classy, Team Obama.

UPDATE: An email from First Lady Michelle Obama this morning is also politics as usual.
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Tim Pawlenty Decides to End His Campaign and His Supporters Should Read This

Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney

Running for President of the United States is a very unique undertaking that virtually all of us will never even come close to attempting. Tim Pawlenty was a very good governor, but he didn’t offer much to the table that Mitt didn’t. Almost everything that Tim Pawlenty did well, Mitt did even better. Plus, the media branded T-Paw as boring from the start which certainly impeded his ability to get traction. Gov. Pawlenty brought an unique voice to the race and we hope he stays active in the campaign to make President Obama a one-term President.

One of the most telling moments of the entire campaign so far was when Gov. Pawlenty refused to trash Gov. Romney. Gov. Pawlenty did go after Mitt’s record at the most recent debate, but we could tell that was more out of necessity and not out of spite or anything nefarious. Plus, it gave Gov. Romney another chance to enlighten the audience on this important issue. My main point is that I want to make sure people know how close Gov. Pawlenty and Gov. Romney really are. Gov. Pawlenty hired some of Romney’s 2008 staffers for his campaign, the two of them did some campaign events together in 2010, they were both Republican Governors at the same time, and they both have focused on defeating President Obama more than they have focused on attacking other republicans. Oh yeah, and guess who Ann Romney chose to sit next to at the 2008 GOP convention while Mitt was speaking?

Ann Romney with Tim and Mary Pawlenty

Here’s a little blast from 2010: 2012 Preview? Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty Team Up In Minnesota

We’ve all said that Tim Pawlenty would’ve been a far superior president than President Obama and we would’ve supported him with great ease should he have been the GOP nominee in 2012. Goal #1 has always been and must remain that President Obama is a one-term President!

Any supporters of Tim Pawlenty are welcomed with open arms to join us here at Mitt Romney Central or even to just stop by and chat/see what’s going on from time to time. Together we can Bring America Back and help people who’ve lost faith to Believe in America again!

UPDATE - Governor Romney issued this statement:

Tim Pawlenty and his entire team ran an honorable campaign. I admire his accomplishments as a two term Governor with a record of results for his state. I consider him a friend and I know he has a bright future ahead of him as a leader in the Republican Party.”

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