Condi Rice Campaigns For Romney/Ryan in Ohio: Putting USA Back to Work - URGENT CALL

Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan thanks former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for her remarks at a rally at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio on October 17, 2012.
(Photo - John Kuntz/ The Plain Dealer)

Things are jumping in swing-state Ohio!

For the first time this campaign season, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hit the campaign trail yesterday for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. At a packed college sports stadium in Berea, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, Senator Rob Portman pumped up the crowd while introducing Rice. She spoke of the pivotal crossroad our country is now at and, how her service as Secretary of State enabled her to see how important America’s role is in the world. Following her inspirational remarks, VP candidate Paul Ryan gave a rousing speech to the enthusiastic crowd.

Here’s video:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice:

I’m here because I want, like you, to see this country prosper, to see this country continue to be a place of unlimited opportunity, to see this country lead the world toward prosperity, and liberty, and peace. And so, I’m here to support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in this quest.”

This is a pivotal time in our country’s history.”

The last four years have been very tough on folks who just want to work hard and make a living. … Many Americans out of work wonder if they’re ever going to work again and, you know, they have reason to [worry] because the longer you’re out of work, the less likely you are to find a job. And so, when Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say they’re going to put this country back to work - THIS IS AN URGENT CALL - not one for which we can wait another four years.”

After the event, Ryan, Rice, and Portman toured the Cleveland Browns football training facility.

Former Secretary Secty of State Condi Rice, Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam, VP candidate Paul Ryan, and Senator Rob Portman share a light moment while touring the Browns training facility in Cleveland, OH. Oct 17, 2021 (photographer unknown)

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur (center), Paul Ryan & Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) listen to Condi Rice during a visit to the Browns facility. October 17, 2021 (Photo - John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer)

To see video of Ryan, Rice, and Portman touring the Brown’s football training facility click here.

Rasmussen polling shows Obama up by just one point in this important swing-state - Obama - 49%, Romney - 48%. Readers, we need VICTORY in this state! Are you doing EVERYTHING possible to help? We’ve got 19 days to get this thing done. Live in Ohio? Call these folks and see what you can do to help: Romney campaign headquarters in Ohio. Don’t live in Ohio? You can and must help!

Has early voting started in your state? Vote now! You’ll be free to HELP on election day. Sign up for Romney’s Election Day Task Force, too; click here!

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Amid Autumn’s Heated Campaign, Do Romney/Ryan Families Find Time to Chill?

With the Romney’s attending church today in Belmont, MA and the Governor spending time preparing for Tuesday’s presidential debate, I thought it might be relaxing for Romney/Ryan supporters to look back on the week. Let’s see if the Romney and Ryan families are finding time amid the heated campaign to enjoy October, a bit of Mother Nature’s beauty, and just chill…

Kick off your shoes and take your time.

Here’s an autumn Romney/Ryan photo essay

With cold rain falling in sheets, Governor Mitt Romney rallied stalwart supporters at a campaign event in Newport News, Virginia. Oct 8, 2021 (photographer unknown)

The chill in the air didn’t stop the crowd from coming to see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaign amid the hay bales in Van Meter, Iowa. Oct 9, 2021 (Photo - Evan Vucci/AP)

GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan and wife Janna size up pumpkins for just the right jack-o-lantern at the Apple Holler Pumpkin Patch in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Oct 7, 2021 (Photo - Mary Altaffer/AP)

October 11, 2021 - Ann Romney writes, “Bought Craig some vanilla fudge at Kilwins in Sarasota today. Can you believe he doesn’t like chocolate?!” (photographer unknown)

Janna Ryan (left) watches as her husband, Paul Ryan helps his daughter, Liza, dip a caramel apple. Ryan’s other children, Charlie and Sam, eagerly await their turn. (Photo - Mary Altaffer/AP)

Paul Ryan indulges in a fall rite of passage - the tailgate party! He’s pictured loading his plate at the Bowling green University vs Miami University of Ohio football game in Ohio. Oct 13, 2021 (Photo - Mary Altaffer/AP)

Paul Ryan makes a toss in a game with son Charlie before a football game at Doyt Perry Stadium in Bowling Green, Ohio. Oct 13, 2021 (Photo - Sentinel-Tribune, Enoch Wu/AP)

Ann Romney, bundled up to stay warm, took a detour on the way from Hudsonville, Michigan to the Detroit suburb of Franklin to visit the Peanut Shop in downtown Lansing. She bought some trick-or-treat goodies including cashews and cinnamon almonds she said were Mitt’s favorite. She also picked up some ‘sour jelly pumpkins’ for the grandchildren. Yum! The Detroit News quoted her saying “I love it here.” Oct 12, 2021 (Photo - AP)

At The Peanut Shop in Lansing, Michigan, Ann Romney takes time to greet sisters Jenna, left, whom she wished a happy 4th birthday, and Audrey Carrier. Oct 12, 2021 (Photo Dale G. Young/The Detroit News)

Did you happen to see Ann co-host on Good Morning America last week?

Standing in front of a backdrop of straw bales, pumpkins, and a tractor, Ann Romney speaks with supporters at the Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She spent the day campaigning through the state. (Photo - Charles V. Tines/The Detroit News)

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VP Talk - The Real Criterion

Recently, Romney stated he is more inclined to pick a VP who is truly ready to lead in times of crisis, not someone without experience or someone who adds “game changing flair” or excitement.

Romney’s small but illuminating criterion does much to cut through the confusion to help see which of the potential VP options are truly likely to get the job. And, conversely, which of the others are just political hot air that the pundits to fill time on their programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the new Republican stars out there who are helping to define and change the party for good. The idea of Marco Rubio or Chris Christie as Veep would be a bold and exciting move for the ticket. I think they would be great. In fact, they are my top two choices.

But if Romney is looking for someone with experience, someone the country can trust in times of crisis should Romney be unable to fulfill his duties, there are really only a couple of names that fit the bill

1) Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, and
2) Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

(Maybe Condi Rice, but she has said quite emphatically many times that she isn’t interested in the job..)

That’s it. 

All the others simply don’t have the experience or gravitas to lead in times of crisis. 

Any Disagreements? The comments section is open.


We have four #1 seeds and four Division Champs! This is the round where one of them will finally have to fall, well… two of them actually.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 3 results included:

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Round 3 recap: It seems the #1 seeds are the heavy favorites no matter where they go. (1)Marco Rubio still pulled out a hefty 81-19 victory over (2)Jim DeMint. The closest round was a 16 point win (58-42) in the (1)Rob Portman vs (3)Jeb Bush match-up.

The #1 seeds have plowed through 3 rounds unscathed, now something will have to give. Put in your votes below, and let us know why you chose your picks in the comments. Have fun!

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

~Nate Gunderson

The polls:

Division A Champ vs Division B Champ

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Division C Champ vs Division D Champ

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After a long hiatus I am finally ready to put up round 3 of our Veep Madness poll. I have to apologize, but when real-life work calls I have to submit, and this is the busiest time of year for my work. I will make the final rounds of the tournament move much faster; round 4 will start on Tuesday, and the final round will begin next Friday.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 2 results included:

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Round 2 recap: Most of the higher seeds won unscathed again this round, with only 2 minor upsets (according to my seeding.) Blowout victories were achieved a second time for (1) Chris Christie, (1) Paul Ryan and (1) Marco Rubio. Though they didn’t dominate quite to the extent that they did in round one I think all 3 faced must more staunch opponents, making their big wins even more impressive. We had the closest win in any competition yet with (2) Jim DeMint squeaking out a 51-49 victory over (3) Mitch Daniels by only a 22 vote margin.

Round 3: The Elite 8 contests feature two #1 vs #2 match-ups, and two #1 vs #3 match-ups. Will any of the #1 seeds fall or will all the #1’s be division champs? Which competition will be the tightest race? Will there be any blowouts? Feel free to comment below.

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

The polls:


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VEEP MADNESS! Time to pick the bottom-half of the 2012 GOP ticket



Since this is a pro-Romney site it would be pointless to run a presidential preference tournament. So we are going to do the next best thing - pick the bottom half of the ticket. Click the image above to see the whole bracket. If you don’t like my seeding assignments… well… it was all pretty much arbitrary anyways.

The first round polls are below. Voting for this round will go until Sunday.

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Romney Marathon: Endorsements & New Initiative, Holds Tele-Townhall, Stumps for Emmer, Meeks, Walker, Portman, Pennsylvania GOP - Goes to MN, WI, OH, D.C.

Mitt Romney just completed another bustling week of midterm campaigning. What did he accomplish? Take a look:

Governor Romney’s schedule for October 18-22, 2010

Monday, Oct 18, 2021:
» Announces Minnesota endorsements

» Campaigns in Minnesota with Tom Emmer and Annette Meeks

As they say in the news business, Mitt Romney was a good get for Tom Emmer.

Not only did the former governor of Massachusetts and GOP presidential contender attract some 200 donors at a $500-a-plate fundraising dinner for Emmer Monday, he later worked up a crowd at a rally at the Ramada Hotel in Bloomington.

With just two weeks before the election, Emmer needs to rouse every base within the Republican base, from the fiscal conservatives to the Tea Party discontents to the patriots.

Romney, who sounds and looks like a corporate CEO, rolled up his sleeves and delivered a brief speech to a crowd of about 500 at the rally. He didn’t focus on fiscal conservatism as anticipated, but on the new social hot buttons: the Constitution, patriotism and American exceptionalism.

“It’s not just about failed policies in Washington,” Romney said. “Liberals are changing the very face of America. We are a nation of pioneers and liberals are trying to smother that spirit.

“America needs no apologies to the world,” he said. “The best ally peace has ever known is the United States of America.”

The crowd gave him love as he doffed his jacket and worked the line of attendees for pictures.

Minnesota’s GOP candidate for governor was impressed as well.

“Mitt Romney, wow — he is really a standard bearer for American exceptionalism,” Emmer said in an interview after the rally. “Yes, he just touched on the fiscal policy. But people in Minnesota that I meet, we know what the problems are. When you remind people it’s about the American spirit, you heard them here tonight — they don’t want leaders who apologize for America.”

(my emphasis)

» Announces endorsements in Wisconsin

» Campaigns with Scott Walker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Two of the biggest names in Republican politics - possible 2012 presidential contender Mitt Romney and rising GOP star Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal - came to Wisconsin on Monday to raise money and campaign for gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker.

Romney and Jindal made the latest in a series of visits to Wisconsin by high-wattage political figures - from President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and first lady Michelle Obama to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

In Milwaukee, Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, and Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, spoke to more than 200 people at a $250-a-plate fund-raiser at the Italian Community Center. In Madison, Walker and Jindal hosted about 300 people at a $75 per-person reception at the Sheraton Madison Hotel.

Attendees could meet with the hosts in more intimate settings for $5,000 per couple. The campaign declined to say how much the two events raised.

Romney and Jindal briefly took questions from reporters at both stops, but the events themselves were closed to the news media.

Afterward at a news conference, Romney said his trip to Milwaukee had been planned some time ago.

“Scott’s just opened up such a big lead - he’s doing better,” Romney said.

As if to underscore that point, a new poll Monday showed Walker with a 9 point lead over Democrat and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Walker had 50% and Barrett had 41% in the poll of 402 registered likely voters by Wisconsin Public Radio and St. Norbert College in De Pere. The poll was conducted Oct. 12-15 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

“But you can’t become too complacent,” Romney said. “Things can happen in the waning weeks.  . . .  So it’s important for us to touch the bases of those races where myself and people like me can hopefully make a difference.”

Jindal said voters were drawn to Walker because of his pledge to cut the size of government. “He understands we can’t tax, borrow and spend our way back to prosperity,” Jindal said of Walker.

For more on the Tom Emmer fundraiser, click here. More on the Minnesota and Wisconsin events can be found here.

Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021:
» Campaigns for Rob Portman in Ohio

Ohio Senate Republican hopeful Rob Portman introduces Mitt Romney to Michael Bridges at InfoTech 2010. Bridges' company was one of many exhibiting at the defense contractor technology conference.

DAYTON — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman brought potential 2012 presidential contender Mitt Romney along with him Wednesday during a campaign stop at the Dayton Convention Center.

Ret. Air Force General Lester L. Lyles, left, shares a laugh with Romney & Rob Portman at InfoTech 2010 in Dayton, OH. 10/20/10 - A/P Photo Skip Peterson

Portman and Romney shook hands and posed with corporate executives and others for photographs as they worked the red, white and blue-decked aisles where defense contracting companies had technology displays at the InfoTech convention and trade show. The Dayton event annually brings Air Force and business leaders together for discussions of military hardware and software needs.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and 2008 presidential contender, accompanied Portman to a private fundraising lunch in the Dayton area before appearing at the InfoTech convention, said Jessica Towhey, a Portman campaign spokeswoman. Towhey declined to say how much money the event raised.

Romney, considered a likely front-runner for the Republicans’ 2012 presidential nomination, declined to say when he will formally announce that he is running again for the White House.

“That’s not a decision I’ll make for some time. I don’t know when that will come, but certainly after November,” Romney said. “I’m here to support Rob Portman in his race for the Senate, and also (governor candidate) John Kasich and other Republicans across the state, and I’m doing my best to help raise money and bring a little awareness of the strong candidates we’ve got.”

Romney TwitPic: "Talking with Hank and Tony at the Waffle House in Dayton, OH. Oct 20, 2021

Thursday, October 21, 2021
» Holds luncheon in Washington, D.C.

Mitt Romney and two of his senior aides are holding a small lunch in Washington today to brief GOP lobbyists and potential 2012 supporters on what the former governor and his PAC have done for candidates this cycle.

“Spencer Zwick, Finance Director and Matt Rhoades, Executive Director will join the Governor at lunch to give an update on the political activities of the Free and Strong America PAC,” wrote Drew Maloney, one of Romney’s top K Street backers, in an e-mail sent by another lobbyist to POLITICO. “The Governor has traveled across the country supporting many state and federal candidates. The PAC has given more than $800,000 to federal candidates and raised millions for many of the competitive races.”

The gathering, to take place at a downtown restaurant, will be held in a room that only seats about 20-25 people, Maloney wrote. It’s not a fundraiser.

(my emphasis)

Friday, Oct 22, 2021
» Announces second phase of Take America Back: 10 for ’10 Initiative
» Holds Tele-Townhall for Pennsylvania GOP candidates

Could Romney pack any more into his schedule? Just 10 days until the BIG day… The Gov continues to GO!