#MIGOP LEADERS AGREE: Mitt Romney Won the Debate


This is an impressive list of statements from well respected conservatives in the state of Michigan, including current and former office holders:

Governor Rick Snyder: “Mitt Romney is not a career politician. He’s a businessman who knows how to balance the budget and he has a credible plan to put our country on a sustainable path. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Washington. Mitt Romney understands the economy and what it takes to create jobs.”

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley: “Mitt Romney is gaining support among conservative voters in Michigan because it’s clear from his track record that he is not afraid to make the tough decisions needed to reduce our nation’s debt.”

Former Attorney General Mike Cox: “Mitt Romney is gaining support and strength in this primary because of performances like the one he delivered tonight. Michiganders can feel confident that they will have a president who is looking out for them by creating jobs and lessening the crushing debt that we face. The bold economic plan that he laid out today will unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that has been held back by President Obama’s anti-growth policies. I look forward to spreading this message to Michigan voters over the next week.”
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Mitt Romney to Speak at 29th Biennial Mackinac Island Policy Conference in Michigan

Mitt Romney will be speaking at Michigan GOP’s biannual Mackinac Island Policy Conference September 23-25:

Romney, who was in Michigan on Thursday on a brief campaign tour, is the second presidential hopeful slated to address the conference. The first to confirm was former Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich.

This isn’t the first time Mitt Romney has spoken at the MacKinac Island Policy Conference; he delivered a speech there in 2007.

Romney has chosen Michigan as a backdrop to give some of his most important speeches. He announced his 2008 presidential candidacy at the The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation in Dearborn. He unveiled his plan to repeal ObamaCare at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center in Ann Arbor. We look forward to Romney’s speech at the 2011 Mackinac Island Policy Conference in September.

With 16 electoral votes (that President Obama desperately needs to keep), Michigan is an extremely important state for Mitt Romney. Being the place of his boyhood home, Romney has a special affinity for Michiganders. He’s genuinely concerned about MI’s well-being and enjoys the time he spends there - meeting with folks and listening to their concerns. He recently toured the state and added new campaign staff to help him win that state.

During the 2010 midterm elections, Romney worked hard to help elect Republicans in Michigan; he endorsed Rick Snyder who successfully became the governor. He also initially endorsed eleven Republican candidates in that election and later to endorsed three more candidates.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Mitt Romney is quite popular in Michigan. He won the Michigan 2008 Presidential Primary and continues to be popular. In December 2010, a Public Policy Poll reported that the former Governor of Massachusetts was the only Republican candidate who could turn Michigan into a swing state during the 2012 Presidential election. In February 2011, a poll found that Obama was found to be trailing Mitt Romney in a hypothetical match up in that state. A month later, a Public Policy Poll found that Mitt Romney continued to be a threat to President Obama in Michigan.

Michigan has no better friend and supporter than Mitt Romney. President Obama will have a hard time competing in that state if he goes head to head with Romney in the Presidential election. In fact, Michigan will be a key state in helping Mitt Romney become the next President of the United States in 2012.

Here’s video highlighting Mitt’s first Townhall meeting as an official candidate:

It’s About Jobs! Mitt Romney Endorses More Candidates in Out-of-Work Michigan

Looking for jobs in Michigan

Michigan’s job situation is bleak. The Great Lake State has the second highest unemployment rate in the USA (second only to Nevada) but the Juju.com Job Search Difficulty Index shows that Michigan is the toughest state in which to find a job. When a job opportunity does open up, an average of 8.24 job seekers are available for it. And, Michigan’s unemployment rate has been in double digits for over two and a half years. The current unemployment number is 13.1%.

With that background, Mitt Romney’s endorsement today of an additional three GOP candidates in MI, along with an $8,400 donation from his PAC, is even more important:

Governor Romney:

“At a time when too many of our elected officials put special interests ahead of the public interest, it is more important than ever that we elect candidates who are dedicated to enacting conservative policies that will get Michigan – and our nation – back on the right track. Michigan is fortunate to have so many strong candidates, and I am proud to announce these additional endorsements today.”

Free and Strong America PAC:

John Kupiec: John Kupiec, a small business owner, is now running to represent the 5th Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.johnkupiecforcongress.com.

Dr. Rob Steele: Dr. Rob Steele, a cardiologist, is now running to represent the 15th Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.robsteeleforcongress.com.

Ruth Johnson: Ruth Johnson currently serves as the Oakland County Clerk, and is now running to serve as Michigan’s next Secretary of State. For more information about her and her campaign, visit www.rj4mi.com.

The PAC announced that it is sending Kupiec and Steele each a $2,500 contribution toward their respective Congressional campaigns and that it is sending Johnson a $3,400 contribution toward her Secretary of State campaign.

Jobless in Michigan wait in Unemployment Insurance Resolution Office

Back on August 24th, Romney endorsed 11 Michigan candidates and donated a total of $28,400 to their campaigns. At the time of the endorsements, Gov Romney issued this statement:

“Rather than enacting policies that will strengthen our economy and put people back to work, too many of our leaders are instead focused on growing the size of government. It is more important than ever before that we have elected officials who will make the tough decisions needed to put Michigan – and our country – back on the right track, and that is why I am endorsing these candidates today.”

Read more here. (It’s time to replace Governor Jennifer Granholm with Rick Snyder!)

Vote Gov Granholm out!

From Grow Jobs and Shrink Government – Op-ed by Mitt Romney 8/18/10

IT’S NOT happening the way President Obama had planned. Unemployment blew past his 8 percent ceiling and hasn’t looked back. Private sector investment in new jobs and capital has languished. Even the head of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, has resigned.

Almost every action the president has taken has deepened and lengthened the downturn. The private sector has retreated, frightened by his agenda and paralyzed by the uncertainty, lack of predictability, and outright hostility he has engendered.

His policies are anti-investment, anti-jobs, and anti-growth. Raising taxes — with a 15 percent hike on certain small business corporations, new taxes to pay for ObamaCare, and an increase on the dividend tax from 15 percent to nearly 40 percent — depresses new investment throughout the economy. Promoting an open-ended cap-and-trade tax dissuades expansion by employers in the energy sector. Bowing to the demands of unions to tilt the table in their favor — with proposals for card check and mandatory arbitration as well as the installation of a labor stooge at the National Labor Relations Board — chills new hiring.

Hostility toward foreign trade — by delaying agreements with Colombia and South Korea and by threatening punitive taxes on US businesses that compete abroad — stalls opportunities for new jobs at home. The so-called stimulus that focused on government spending and bailing out states and unions has boosted GDP only modestly and temporarily; the latest stimulus reincarnation will likely do no better. All the while, the president’s failure to address the looming deficits, national debt, unfunded entitlement liabilities, ballooning Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae liabilities, and incalculable government pension obligations causes employers and investors to ask whether the dollar will be worth very much in the future, and thus, they hold back. The policies of the president and congressional Democrats are job killers.

Help Gov Romney put America and Michigan back to work by supporting his PAC and the candidates he’s endorsed.

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Mitt Adds Muscle to Michigan: Stumps With Snyder, Endorses Eleven

In follow-up of yesterday’s post from Jayde, there is more big news out of Michigan today. Below is a short peek at Romney and gubernatorial hopeful, Rick Snyder, touring the Tapemaster Tool factory in Troy, MI. No doubt, these two Michigan natives are working hard to make the ‘Great Lakes State’ great again.

The video has been removed, and can be found here

Also, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced the endorsement of the following 11 Michigan candidates and a total of $28,400 in contributions to their campaigns:

Congressman Dave Camp: Congressman Dave Camp currently represents the 4th Congressional District of Michigan and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.davecampforcongress.com.

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter: CongressmanThaddeus McCotter currently represents the 11th Congressional District of Michigan and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.mccotterrocks.com.

Congresswoman Candice Miller: Congresswoman Candice Miller currently represents the 10th Congressional District of Michigan and is running for reelection. For more information about her and her campaign, visit www.candice-miller.com.

Congressman Mike Rogers: Congressman Mike Rogers currently represents the 8th Congressional District of Michigan and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.rogers4congress.com.

Congressman Fred Upton: Congressman Fred Upton currently represents the 6th Congressional District of Michigan and is running for reelection. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.uptonforallofus.com.

State Representative Justin Amash: Justin Amash currently serves as a state representative and is now running to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.amashforcongress.com.

Dan Benishek: Dan Benishek, a career surgeon, is now running to represent the 1st Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.danbenishekforcongress.com.

Bill Huizenga: Bill Huizenga, a small business owner and former state representative, is now running to represent the 2nd Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.huizengaforcongress.com.

Rocky Raczkowski: Rocky Raczkowski, a former state representative and businessman, is now running to represent the 9th Congressional District of Michigan. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.rockyworksforus.com.

Tim Walberg: Tim Walberg previously represented the 7th Congressional District of Michigan and is running to reclaim his seat. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.walbergforcongress.com.

Bill Schuette: Bill Schuette has served the people of Michigan as a Congressman, Director of Agriculture, state senator, and appellate judge, and is now running to become Michigan’s next Attorney General. For more information about him and his campaign, visit www.billschuette.com.

Thanks, Mitt, for supporting conservative candidates across the country! We look forward to following you on the campaign trail leading into the November midterms.


Mitt Romney’s Whirlwind Weekend: Endorses Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor, Hosts Picnic in Lake Sunapee, NH

It was a whirlwind weekend for Mitt Romney. After writing an economic op-ed last Wednesday, he kicked off the weekend Friday night with Bill O’Reilly at Fenway Park and then hosted a picnic for about 250 people at Lake Sunapee, NH, on Saturday afternoon. To top it off, Romney announced he is backing the guy seeking Michigan’s gubernatorial seat who calls himself ‘one tough nerd’ - Ann Arbor businessman, Republican Rick Snyder.

Press release from Romney’s Free and strong America PAC:

Today, Mitt Romney endorsed Rick Snyder for Michigan Governor (www.rickformichigan.com). Romney is traveling to Michigan on Monday [today] to attend campaign events with Snyder.

“Rick Snyder is a successful businessman, manager, and job creator, which makes him uniquely qualified to lead Michigan through these challenging economic times. Rick will promote pro-growth policies that will put people back to work and get Michigan back on the right track,” said Romney.

Photo taken today: Romney and Snyder touring Troy, MI business, Tape Masters Inc.

Tweet from Mitt today that accompanied this next Twitpic:

Governor Romney signs the @RickForMI Nerd Mobile in Michigan

Romney has a special place in his heart for Michigan; he grew up in Bloomfield Hills, MI and his father was once governor of The Great Lakes State. Romney thinks so much of the place that he even travelled to Dearborn to announce his presidential candidacy (February 13, 2022) at the Henry Ford Museum (located in Metro Detroit suburb of Dearborn).  Needless to say, Gov Romney is very concerned about Michigan’s failing economy; the state has the second-highest level of unemployment in the nation, trailing only Nevada.

Endorsed candidate Snyder has a 10 point plan to reinvent Michigan:

Snyder is running against Democrat Virg Bernero (Lansing mayor). Jennifer Granholm (current governor) is prevented from seeking re-election due to term limits. Good luck, Rick!

To see a one-minute video of spectacular Michigan, click here.

About that Romney picnic at Lake Sunapee, NH (Saturday, Aug 21st)…  Real Clear Politics released the following on Aug 19th:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s likely 2012 presidential bid is gathering more steam this week: He’ll head back to New Hampshire again this weekend after having placed an economy-focused op-ed Wednesday in his neighboring hometown paper, the Boston Globe.

Romney and his wife, Ann, will spend all of Saturday afternoon at a summer barbecue at Bob and Tona White’s house on Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, according to an invitation provided to RealClearPolitics by a longtime Romney supporter.

Bob White is Romney’s close friend and adviser, and he was a former business partner of Romney’s when they worked at Bain Capital. The barbecue is another line on Romney’s agenda to get the band together again; several hundred former campaign staffers and close supporters are expected to attend. […]

The day after the picnic, Eric Fehrnstrom summed up the alfresco event with this tweet:

Big crowd of 250 people at Saturday’s Romney picnic on NH’s Lake Sunapee. Lots of old friends. Lots of new friends, too. 8:04 AM Aug 22nd via web

While the waning days of August claims the last of relaxing summer vacations for Congress and President Obama, Romney’s hammock continues to collect dust. Keep stirring it up, Gov!

UPDATE - More on the Romney/Snyder fundraising schedule today:

A trio of events will fill the evening at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham on Monday, August 23, 2010.

A VIP reception will take place beginning at 5:00 p.m. allowing guests to rub elbows with Snyder and Romney. Those paying the four digit price tag to attend will also have the opportunity to have their picture taken with the pair.

A general reception follows at 6:00 and will include remarks by Romney and Snyder.

Dinner follows at 7:00.

UPDATE 2 - Romney touts Snyder’s business skills at Oakland Co. event