Romney, Jindal, Peter Johnson Jr, Mccain, Trump, Sununu, Cuccinelli: OBAMA BLOWING SMOKE

“The Obama campaign is blowing smoke here…
The weight of evidence suggests that Romney did, in fact, end active management of Bain in 1999.”
– Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, FACT CHECKER

Well, we’re off to a roaring Monday!

Governor Romney appeared on FOX & Friends (via remote) and is campaigning today with LA Governor Bobby Jindal. After The Gov’s appearance on FOX, Donald Trump phoned in for his usual Monday commentary and spoke for The Gov. Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s show; Senator John McCain did a phone interview for Romney. And, to top it off, a top Romney aide announced today that a running mate for The Gov could be named by the end of the week.

Gloves off, O-LIARbama!

Before we get to Romney on FOX & Friends, let’s listen to legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr.’s exchange with Steve Doocy this morning (same program). Johnson spent the weekend researching the claim that “Romney outsourced jobs”:

Is there any proof Romney actually outsourced jobs? NO.

Here’s an excerpt of Romney on FOX & Friends discussing Obama’s crony payoffs vs middle class layoffs (excerpt):

Steve Doocy: “I read in the Washington Post this morning that you want to draw attention to Obama’s political payoffs versus the middle class layoffs where you say, if you are a donor to the Obama camp you are going to do just fine. However, if you are in the middle class Governor, your camp say, yo got to worry about your job.”

Romney: “There is no question but that when billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama Administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that is a real problem particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country. I don’t know whether you watched over the weekend, the report that was in The New York Times about families really struggling particularly those that are single parents that are just having a hard time making ends meet. This is a tough time for the people of America. But if you are a campaign contributor to Barack Obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. I think it’s wrong. I think it stinks to high heaven and I think the administration has to explain how it is they would consider giving money to campaign contributors’ businesses.

Romney Press shop also today released President Obama Has Engaged In Political Payoffs By Rewarding Wealthy Donors And Administration Insiders With Taxpayer Dollars. Read the FACTS here.

Trump phoned in to say ‘open book’ Obama should release his college applications and records (FOX & Friends):

Senator John McCain was interviewed on today on Michigan’s Morning Show (WJIM) in Lansing, MI. He was there to discuss Obama’s broken promises (excerpt):

McCain: “This is a President that said if he couldn’t get it done in four years—i.e., restore the economy—then he didn’t deserve a second term. This is a President that’s now saying he should have ‘told a better story’ in his first two years as President? What he really shouldn’t have done is foist off Obamacare on the American people in the sleaziest process that I have ever seen in the United States Senate. You know the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase. He said he wouldn’t have any lobbyists in the White House? He didn’t. He had them in the Blair House. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever observed and the American people obviously deserved a lot better than what we got today.”

Reacting to Obama’s refusal to apologize for lies being said about Romney, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s America Live:

Sununu: “We could be talking about the 24 million unemployed and underemployed. They’re the ones that have problems. When I go to the supermarket and I talk to folks and they want to talk to me about Governor Romney – what they talk to me about the most is the fact that this is the guy that can solve the problem that their son or their daughter – who just graduated from college – can’t find a job on. They want to talk about the fact that they need a president who can solve problems.

If President Obama thinks he’s gonna escape the reality of him giving contracts to bundlers, contracts to cronies, contracts to people who are represented by former White House staffers – the money that they gave to Solyndra. You didn’t like talk about Solyndra, but it’s a FACT. The Solyndra money was given because there were bundlers involved in the investment – to the Finish car company. THESE ARE ALL REALITIES.”

New ad from Team Romney…

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Romney Responds to Obama’s Three Year Budget Fail: “Extraordinary, Unfortunate” (radio interview)

Obama got a big ‘F’ smackdown on his budget plan - again. Fail.

On Wednesday, U.S. senators voted 99-0 to resoundingly defeat the president’s offering. In March, the House rejected his plan 414-0. That equals not a single vote of support.


Republicans forced the vote by offering the president’s plan on the Senate floor.

Democrats disputed that it was actually the president’s plan, arguing that the slim amendment didn’t actually match Mr. Obama’s budget document, which ran thousands of pages. But Republicans said they used all of the president’s numbers in the proposal, so it faithfully represented his plan.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, even challenged Democrats to point out any errors in the numbers and he would correct them — a challenge no Democrats took up.

“A stunning development for the president of the United States in his fourth year in office,” Mr. Sessions said of the unanimous opposition.

Amazingly, not one Senate Democrat has voted in favor of any budget for three years and they have not offered a plan of their own. Imagine that. For three years in a row, the federal government has operated WITHOUT A BUDGET.

On Hugh Hewitt’s national radio program last night, guest-hosts Guy Benson (Townhall) and Mary Katharine Ham (Townhall alum ) interviewed Governor Mitt Romney. Romney responded to Obama’s budget being bounced to the curb:

Guy Benson: Okay, Governor, last night, something extraordinary happened in the United States Senate. President Obama’s budget for the second consecutive year was defeated unanimously. This time around, it was 99-0. I’m curious what you think the implications of that vote are, and whether you see it as an indictment of this president’s leadership?

Mitt Romney: There’s no question in my view, Guy, but this is a underscoring of the president’s failure to lead. This is, after all, a body which is held by Democrats. If he wanted to see a budget passed, he should have worked with them. If they wanted to make adjustments, to make it more palatable, he should have found ways to make those adjustments. We’ve now gone on for three years without a federal budget? This is absolutely extraordinary. There’s not a business in this country that could operate the way the federal government is operating. And the fact that we have a president who is so inexperienced as a leader that he doesn’t know how to lead his own party, let alone reach across the aisle and work with Republicans, is a very unfortunate and potentially damaging element to our nation and to our economy. It’s something which I really think may well be unprecedented to have the president’s budget defeated in both the House and the Senate by unanimous votes. It’s very amazing.

GB: Right, right. It was 513-0 this year in those two bodies combined. You mentioned this failure over the last three years to have a federal budget, and this in an era of $16 trillion dollars of the national debt and growing. I know your campaign’s been spending a lot of time focusing on deficits and debt. So I really have to know, as you watch Europe, because the Euro Zone again is experiencing significant tremors this week. Greece appears to be teetering on the brink. I know the easy conservative talking point is to frame all of that, and the implosion of the European welfare state, as a cautionary tale for us here. But setting that aside, if you were president today, what would you be doing, what would you be watching over there, and how is it possible, if at all, for a president to help shield the U.S. economy from a potential damaging series of shock waves coming across the Atlantic Ocean?

MR: Well, when there is turbulence in industrial and financial markets, the best thing you can do is make America the place that people want to come both with their capital, with their innovations, with their business expansions. And so this is an opportunity for America to show that we have taken action that Europe did not take, that we have reformed our entitlements to make them solvent long term, that we are dealing with our budget crises, that we’re taking action to make America an attractive place for businesses and for job creators. This means that people will be looking to make investments elsewhere, and we want them to look towards us, not looking towards Asia, as in some cases they will be concerned about Europe. So the best thing we can do to help ourselves is to make America a more attractive place for enterprise. And unfortunately, what the president has done is make us less attractive as a place for enterprise, and he’s also failed to be willing to even address seriously either our entitlement crisis or our budget crisis. And so we will, if Europe goes through pains here, we’re going to suffer pains as well, in part because of the failure of this president to improve the attractiveness of America as a place for growth and investment and job creators.

In the 15 minute plum interview with Romney, the wide-ranging conversation not only included Obama’s failed budget, but included Jeremiah Wright, the Euro debt crisis, Biden’s hits on Bain Capitol, Obama’s personal assassination campaign strategy, and how Romney is approaching the task of selecting a vice president:

Excellent interview! Read the entire transcript here.

By Lisa Benson - May 18, 2022

(emphasis added to text)

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Romney Interviews: PBS Charlie Rose, FOX News Brian Kilmeade, Dick Morris “Will Perry Make It?”

We’ve got a couple of Romney interviews to share with you today, plus a Dick Morris LUNCH ALERT! video on Rick Perry…

On September 15, Mitt Romney was interviewed by Charlie Rose, host of the nightly PBS television program Charlie Rose:

The Republican Presidential hopeful stacks his job creation plan up against Obama’s—and talks about trade, taxes, and China.

What’s the essential difference between your approach and President Obama’s jobs plan?
The President’s plan is another short-term stimulus effort, akin to throwing a cup of gasoline on embers. What America needs is a more fundamental reform of the foundation of our economy to stimulate growth, investment, and hiring. The plan I’ve proposed is far more fundamental and far-reaching than a mere stimulus.
Do tax cuts create jobs?
When we tax people—the word tax means to burden—we take away part of their earnings. And if we spend that money on things that are not essential, we make it more difficult for the economy to grow and for people to have good jobs and rising disposable income. So tax cuts, which encourage investment and growth, ultimately lead to more jobs and higher revenues for the government. That’s why I propose a zero income tax for middle-income earners on their savings, meaning there would be no tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains for people earning $200,000 a year or less.

How would you attack the housing market’s problems?
The best way to encourage an increase in housing values is to have more Americans earning better wages and salaries so they can afford to buy houses. An economy with over 9 percent of her people unemployed and with stagnated wages is almost by definition going to have a troubled housing sector. And the best focus is not on bailing people out of housing problems but growing our economy and creating the conditions that lead businesses and entrepreneurs to invest.

Like Obama, you’re calling for more free-trade agreements. Unlike him, you’re calling for sanctions against China. Does that risk a trade war?
Trade is good for America if the trade agreements are created in a way that is mutually beneficial. … [But] if people, as in China, steal our intellectual property, hack into our computer systems, and manipulate their currency to artificially depress the prices of their goods, then we can’t simply sit by and pretend that’s not happening. We must take action against cheaters, or the agreements themselves will work to harm America’s industry and workers.

Full transcript may be found here.

Click here for AUDIO of the Rose/Romney interview.

Yesterday, The Gov was interviewed by Brian Kilmeade on his FOX News radio show Kilmeade and Friends. Kilmeade also co-hosts the weekday morning program Fox & Friends:

Dick Morris’ LUNCH ALERT! video series:

In this video commentary, I discuss Rick Perry’s chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination. He was way out ahead. Then he took some tough shots. Will Rick Perry make it?

Morris discusses five major Perry liabilities; video here.

H/T Crystal, Morris video

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Romney on the Radio, This AM – Soon!

Another chance to listen to the most articulate, well-spoken, competent guy in the all of news and politics: Mitt Romney. Tune in this morning to 620 WTMJ - AM Radio at the 9 o’clock AM (Central) program (NOW) to catch Mitt giving his input to Charlie Sykes. Here’s a link to the show announcement and more info, and if you wish to listen to the interview online, click here.

Come back to this post and share your thoughts on the interview!

HT: Frank for the links and info.

Update: The interview has already taken place (no chance to listen to it live anymore). Jayde wrote a nice re-cap in the comments that I’m going to post here:

Addendum by Jayde: Mitt’s interview with Charlie Sykes yesterday is now available on a podcast here. Enjoy!

I caught a few minutes of the tail end of Mitt’s interview with Charlie Sykes (620 TMJ) in Wisconsin this morning. Gov Romney’s vast store of knowledge and professional affability during this radio interview was so impressive.

I heard Mitt’s excellent comments on health care, Cap ‘n Trade, Obama’s foreign policy, and Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.

When Charlie Sykes asked Mitt if the Republican opposition is effective enough Mitt mentioned that HOLLYWOOD surrounds themselves with Democrat candidates which makes the Dem party appear to be ‘cool.’ Mitt pointed out that younger Americans need to get the message that under the Obama administration, the BIGGEST inter-generational TRANSFER OF DEBT ON THE YOUNGER GENERATION is going to take place. He also mentioned that from ALL the taxes combined in the U.S., 40% of that money goes to pay the INTEREST on our national debt. He wants younger Americans to understand that Obama’s trillion dollar a year plans will kill the American dream for them.

This is a message we need to trumpet from the rooftops over and over again. All Americans, and especially younger Americans, need to hear that Mitt Romney is the man who understands how to preserve the American Dream for them.