New Romney Video ‘Mitt On The Road’ Highlights South Carolina

With South Carolina battling it’s ‘seventh most impoverished state in the nation’ status and unemployment at 11.1 % (in Aug 2011), Mitt Romney’s new video, Mitt on the Road: The Low Country, South Carolina, has a timely message:

As president, on Day One, I will focus on rebuilding America’s economy. Let future generations look back on us and say, they rose to the occasion, they embraced their duty, and they led our nation to safety and to greatness.

Mitt On The Road: The Low Country, South Carolina Atlanta State News

Poverty defies ‘New South’ promises in S. Carolina
By Margaret Newkirk and Frank Bass
Bloomberg News
Oct 16, 2021

SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Nineteen years ago, when BMW announced a new factory off I-85 just outside of Spartanburg, South Carolina looked like the king of smokestack recruiting.

The world’s biggest manufacturer of luxury vehicles would make the city a “Mecca of foreign investment in the United States,” The Independent of London predicted. It would see a rush of industry chasing Munich-based BMW. Downtown would spring to life. I-85 would be America’s Autobahn.

“Oh, they were going to solve all of our problems,” said Cynthia Lounds, director of community economic development at Piedmont Community Actions Inc., a social service agency.

Today, South Carolina is one of the most impoverished states in the nation, climbing to seventh poorest in 2010 from 11th in 2007, according to recent Census data. Its percentage of residents living in poverty shot to 18.2 percent from 15 percent in that period.

In downtown Spartanburg, near-empty Morgan Square features a used clothing store and two pawn shops.

South Carolina and other Southern states topped the nation’s poverty rankings, a sign of trouble in the so-called New South, known for its growth and ability to lure employers with laws restricting union organizing. The South was the country’s only region with an increase from 2009 to 2010 in both the number of poor and their proportion of the population, the census said.
South Carolina on Jan. 21 will play a key role as host to the first Southern primary in the race to select President Barack Obama’s Republican challenger.

Gov Mitt Romney gestures while answering a question at Senator Jim DeMint's Palmetto Freedom Forum in Columbia, SC. Sept 5, 2011. (Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty) Click on photo to enlarge.

Its rising poverty rate coincides with a dispute over the Obama administration’s stance toward expansion of a Boeing plant in North Charles-ton. The National Labor Relations Board sued Boeing over its decision to locate a 4,000-job facility there, saying the move was illegal retaliation against unions at its manufacturing base in Washington state.

“It’s like the Obama administration can’t come up with anything else to stifle business growth in this state,” said Lewis Gossett, president of the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance.
Like much of the Southeast, South Carolina lost construction employment during the recession. Its textile industry continued to bleed jobs as well: Union County, about 20 miles from Spartanburg, had the state’s fourth-highest unemployment rate after a sock factory and a mill closed in 2009 and 2010. The county also lost a 150-job Disney distribution warehouse it had lured from Memphis 12 years earlier with tax breaks. Disney moved the operation back to Tennessee in July.

(emphasis added )

Governor Romney is a strong supporter of South Carolina’s fiscally conservative Governor Nikki Haley.

Romney recently delivered a major foreign policy speech at the Citadel in Charleston and toured the SC Boeing plant. In September, The Gov participated in Senator Jim DeMint’s Palmetto Freedom Forum. Last spring, he met with South Carolinian small business owners and during the summer, Ann Romney was in The Palmetto State campaigning for Mitt.

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News From Michigan: Saul Anuzis Endorses Mitt Romney

Saul Anuzis, former Michigan GOP State Chairman and MI Republican National Committeeman has endorsed Mitt Romney. Sept 15, 2021

We’re very happy to announce that Saul Anuzis, former Michigan GOP Party chairman and current MI Republican National Committeeman, has endorsed Mitt Romney:

From Governor Romney:

Boston, MA - “Saul Anuzis is a widely respected leader of the conservative grassroots movement, not only in Michigan, but across the country,” said Mitt Romney. “I am thrilled to have him on board our leadership team in a critical state like Michigan.”

“I am proud to endorse Mitt Romney for President,” said Anuzis, “His singular focus on fixing our economy combined with his Michigan roots and ability to relate to the hopes and dreams of Michigan voters make him the one candidate that can and will beat Barack Obama.”

“The most pressing issue facing Michigan and America is jobs and our economy. You can look at Mitt’s experience in turning around the Olympics, putting Massachusetts on a strong economic footing while cutting taxes 19 times and his career as a conservative businessman and see that he has the skills and experience needed to be President.”

Background On Saul Anuzis:

In 2005 and again in 2007, Saul Anuzis was unanimously elected Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party. In 2009, he was elected as Republican National Committeeman for Michigan, and serves as Chairman of the RNC Technology Committee.

Saul Anuzis is a regular contributor to many other right-of-center blogs, and is recognized by many as one of the most tech-savvy RNC members in the country, leading the way in the use of technology as a tool in political party communications.

More from Anuzis:

After watching the last two debates, I have decided to publicly endorse and actively work in support of Mitt Romney’s effort to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. There are four primary reasons for my support:

ONE: He is uniquely qualified to serve as President – no one is better prepared.

TWO: He can beat Barrack Obama in November, early polls showing his strength.

THREE: He is a strong leader & has a vision to make America strong & prosperous.

FOUR: Mitt Romney will make Michigan competitive for Republicans in 2012 on the day he wins the nomination.

I have watched the nominating process unfold and as I have said over and over again, there is NOTHING more important for our country and our children than stopping Barack Obama and his policies.

To paraphrase William F. Buckley, I think now, more than ever, it makes sense to support the most conservative candidate who can win…Mitt Romney is that candidate and now is the time to start rallying our forces.
However, this election is so important and the task at hand so daunting I believe only the strongest, best organized, best financed and best prepared candidate can effectively challenge Barack Obama this fall across our entire country.

Romney’s singular focus on job creation combined with his Michigan roots and ability to relate to the hopes and dreams of native Michiganders make him Mark Brewer’s worse nightmare.

The most pressing issue facing Michigan and America is JOBS and our economy. No other candidate has the knowledge and experience creating jobs and turning things around. You can look at Mitt’s experience in turning around the Olympics, putting Massachusetts on a strong economic footing while cutting taxes 19 times and his lifetime career in the private sector.
Michigan clearly wants leadership with private sector experience because government has demonstrated they don’t have all the answers. America needs someone who gets it, who’s been there and done that, someone to help restore America’s confidence and greatness. We need something more than another career politician because it’s career politicians have gotten us into this mess and they aren’t going to get us out. Mitt is a conservative businessman and that’s the experience he will bring to the White House to turn our economy around.
To put it succinctly, with 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney knows how our economy works and how to implement pro-growth policies that will produce jobs. Mitt is clearly the strongest candidate to take on President Obama and he has the skills needed to rein in spending, control our exploding deficits and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington.

Mitt Romney has taken a common sense conservative approach on issue after issue. From his jobs program, to taxes to support for a strong defense, his positions are sound. While some question his position as Governor on healthcare, we need to remember he was able to create their state’s program without raising taxes and by implementing a free-market plan, not a government plan. I believe that difference will be a strong issue for us when taking on Obama. He has also been clear that it was a state approach, which may not work in other states. That is why the issue should be addressed at the state level, not the federal level. And he is 100% clear on this: as President he will REPEAL Obamacare, and on day one will give all 50 states waivers from complying with Obamacare.
I firmly believe that Governor Mitt Romney is the right man, at the right time to step up and serve our country. As with every candidate, there will be things I don’t necessarily agree with or may have done differently myself. However, the ultimate test comes in the comparison to Barack Obama, his policies and Romney’s ability to offer our country a viable alternate.

Romney is tested, he’s ready, he’s committed and he is best prepared for the challenge ahead. I urge you to join me in supporting Mitt Romney to be our next President of the United States of America!

Saul Anuzis

Republican National Committeeman for Michigan

(emphasis added)

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Well done and well said!

Note: Michigan currently has an unemployment rate of 10.9%. Michigan stands a good chance to become a major player in the 2012 GOP primary if it moves its election up to February 28, as they are intending to do.

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Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman Endorses Mitt Romney

Governor Dave Heineman (R-NE)

Last month, Mitt Romney accepted Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman’s support of his 2012 campaign:

“I am proud to have the support of Governor Dave Heineman. In his seven years as Governor of Nebraska, he has fought for lower taxes, strong incentives for business, and high academic standards for Nebraska’s children,” Mitt Romney said. “Governor Heineman shares my principles of promoting job creation and getting our exploding deficits under control.”

Announcing his support, Governor Heineman said, “Mitt Romney has a proven record of balancing budgets, keeping taxes low, and creating an environment for job growth. As a governor, I understand the challenges this country faces and Mitt Romney has the experience to meet those challenges.”

Governor Heineman is no longer just supporting Mitt Romney but is now officially endorsing him:

Heineman, the incoming chairman of the National Governors Association, said he has known Romney since 2005 and considers him a friend. But Romney wasn’t his only friend circling the presidential race.

“I thought Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels, maybe both, were gonna get in the presidential race,” he said. “They’re really good friends and had they, I probably would have set this one out. When they didn’t get in, I’m gonna continue to support Gov. Romney.”

“I believe he was a good governor, a good Republican governor in a very Democrat state, which is very different than being a Republican governor in a Republican state or a Democrat governor in a Democrat state,” Heineman said.

Other Republican governors will likely “continue to watch the process before deciding,” said Heineman, adding: “Every governor’s got to make their own individual decision.”

(emphasis added)

Heineman, who was recently selected to be the  Chairman of the National Governors Association, will preside over the meeting of state executives in Salt Lake City, has stated that it is very unlikely that his state will vote for Obama again in the 2012 election.

With Governor Heineman’s endorsement, lets hope Nebraska will be among the many states that will be proud to elect Mitt Romney as our next President in 2012!

Remembering Avid Romney Supporter: Bob Thomas (Illinois Guy)

Remembering an unforgettable man who shared the road with us…

Robert Wayne Thomas

July 29, 2021 - February 12, 2022

Often in the course of uniting for a cause, our online paths cross with individuals who share the journey with us who are, well, unforgettable. Yesterday, we learned the sad news of the passing of one of those outstanding individuals who had become a family member here. He was battling a recurrence of bone cancer which had spread to other parts of his body. When we hadn’t heard from him in a couple of weeks, our concern grew. MRC contributor Bosman (and RightSpeak mastermind) followed the prompt to check on him. Bos searched his name and hometown and found what had been feared - his obituary. Our good friend suffered a heart attack on February 12th and, combined with battling inoperable cancer, it couldn’t be overcome.

Some knew him as Bob, others knew him as Robert, he signed in as IllinoisGuy, or IG, but I knew him as I-Guy.

The obituary:

ARGENTA - Robert Wayne Thomas, age 65, died on February 12, 2022 at Decatur Memorial Hospital at 12:21pm. Born July 29, 2021 in Taylorville, IL, to William (Dub) Thomas and Roberta (Hobbs) Thomas, he graduated from Mt. Auburn High School in 1963. Robert served two years in the United States Marine Corp and received honors as a Platoon Honorman and Expert Rifleman. He later attended Richland Community College and Sangamon State University. He also taught at Richland Community College. He lived in Blue Mound, IL, Decatur, IL, and most recently, Argenta, IL with his sister and caretaker, Cheryl Willenborg.

He retired from Caterpillar after over 30 years of service. Robert had been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1976. Robert will be especially remembered for his love and passion for sports and his family. He immensely enjoyed watching competitive cycling and supporting his children and grandchildren in their sports endeavors.

Survivors include children Shelly Seitz and Stephanie Richardson (Carrol) of Cerro Gordo, IL, daughters of Linda (Ealey) Born; Curtis Thomas of Fayetteville, GA; Michael Thomas (Aleath) of Sycamore, IL; and Julie Carter (Josh) of Wichita Falls, TX; children of Polly (Campbell) Thomas. He is also survived by brothers Leonard Thomas of Blue Mound, IL; James (Jimmy) Thomas of Centrailia, IL.; and sister Cheryl Willenborg (Ted) of Argenta, IL. Robert had 15 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. Robert was preceded in death by his parents and sister, Diane.

Services will be held at 10 am on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 3955 Lourdes Lane, Decatur, IL 62526. . Burial will be at Mt. Auburn Cemetery following the service. Visitation will be at the church on Tuesday, February 15th from 5-8 pm. Dawson & Wikoff Funeral Home, Mt. Zion is assisting the family with arrangements. Messages of condolences may be sent to the family Special appreciation to Dr. Perdekamp for her diligent care in treating Robert’s courageous battle with cancer. A special thank you to his sister, Cheryl Willenborg, whom cared for Robert for the last several months. Obituary written by family members. Online guest book at

I first met I-Guy a few years ago on another Romney site. He was a bedrock patriotic American - a firm Romney supporter with a deep understanding of politics and policy. A jovial grandfatherly type who often joked about his age, he was a fount of wisdom and facts. He commented on articles with intelligence and gentlemanly insight. When he entered a chat forum, one was assured that the discussion would be amicable and sometimes lively. When the occasion called for it, he could strike a conversational sparkler and dialogue became debate, robust and rousing. He was witty. He was wonderful. You could feel the twinkle in his eye through the computer screen.

I’ll remember I-Guy for his “How are you today, young lady?” greetings and his pride and joy in his family – especially his son-in-law’s escapades and victories in the world of bicycle racing. I’ll remember he was a soft-hearted landlord and a dedicated teacher. I’ll remember his love of genealogy and his misplaced old, historical family letter which would cause him to wake in the night with worry as to its whereabouts!

I’ll also remember I-Guy for his unwavering religious faith (LDS) and the strength and comfort he derived from it. In honor of his memory, this video features the Mormon Tabernacle and Orchestra he loved - singing The Prayer by Grammy Award winning songwriter David Foster (he’s at the piano). I-Guy, this is for you:

As Obama and the First Lady take a conveniently timed get-out-of-the-country junket to India to dance off their shellacking and Nancy Pelosi cracks her knuckles to become House Minority Leader, and with less than a week since midterms were held, it’s a good time to reflect on the indefatigable, eyeball-to-eyeball election work of Governor Mitt Romney.

In the past few months he stuffed his suitcase to travel to 30 states - yes, 30 - and campaigned for 60 candidates – most of the time doing multiple events for them in the same day. Putting money where one’s mouth is really counts at election time and Romney didn’t disappoint on that front, either. Impressively, Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC donated over $1.1 million to assist over 500 candidates across the USA – the most money raised and distributed by any potential 2012 candidates’ PAC.

Gov Romney summarized his perspective of the past several months in a post-election blog entry:

Reflections on Yesterday’s Results
Posted on November 03, 2021 by Mitt Romney

As I wrote in a new Washington Post op-ed this morning, Americans across the country have sent a very strong message to President Obama and his fellow travelers in Congress that they have had enough of their anti-growth, anti-investment, anti-jobs agenda.

Over the past two years, their policies scared employers, so jobs are scarce. The uncertainty and lack of predictability they created has caused businesses to shrink from spending and from hiring. Instead of helping to end the crisis, they made it deeper, longer and more painful.

But last night, we took a big first step toward getting our economy — and our country — back on the right track.

At last report, Republicans had regained control of the House with a net gain of over 60 seats, as well as seeing net gains of at least six seats in the Senate and at least six Governorships.

With your help, we’ve been working hard at my Free and Strong America PAC to spread the core principles that are at the heart of making America a stronger nation and which fortify our party — that a competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small, that our military superiority must never be compromised, that our cultural values need to be cherished and that unleashing the power of the free market is key to our economic future.

All told, your support gave me the resources to campaign for over 60 candidates in over 30 states and my PAC contributed over $1.1 million in direct support to over 500 candidates and conservative causes across the nation.

Your support was critical to us giving candidates like South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley the help she needed to win by providing the resources for me to travel to South Carolina on her behalf and send $63,000 in direct contributions to her campaign through my PAC. You also helped us campaign for and send nearly $17,000 in direct support to New Mexico’s Governor-elect Susana Martinez, who is our nation’s first Hispanic female to be elected governor.

This year I’ve also worked hard to promote our shared conservative ideals by giving speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Values Voter Summit, and the AEI World Forum, and delivering the Annual Reagan Lecture at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to travel the country discussing my book, “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.” It was great reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as I traveled across the country talking about what we need to do to ensure we remain the world’s economic and military superpower.

We should all be proud of what we’ve accomplished together this year, and I look forward to working with you in the months ahead to build upon these victories and ensure that America remains, as it always has been, the beacon of freedom and hope for the world.

In all the coverage read and seen of Romney’s midterm work, one could plainly sense the gravitas he brought to bear to each candidate’s campaigns. Also plain to see was the real appreciation and enthusiasm he felt for each candidate.

A look back at 2008 - Romney’s message is just as timely now, if not more so, than it was then:

In his quest to elect conservatives, who can count the number of speeches Gov Romney gave, the number of hours of missed of sleep, and the number of hands he shook? Impressive, indeed. By the way, there’s some talk floating around about whether the Tea Party will ‘invite‘ Romney to the 2012 table… Of all the 2012 potential candidates, he did the most to put tea in their pot!

America needs a talker…
who knows what he is talking about…
who is a doer.

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