New Hampshire Poll: McCain, Rudy and Romney

Romney clocks in at 22% in the latest poll in New Hampshire.

THE POLL: Franklin Pierce College and WBZ-TV New Hampshire telephone survey March 7-12.
REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL PREFERENCE _ 400 likely Republican presidential primary voters, sampling error plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.

John McCain 29 percent

Rudy Giuliani 28 percent

Mitt Romney 22 percent

Newt Gingrich 5 percent

Mike Huckabee 2 percent

Sam Brownback 1 percent

Chuck Hagel 1 percent

Duncan Hunter 1 percent

Ron Paul 1 percent

Tom Tancredo percent

Jim Gilmore X percent

George Pataki X percent

Tommy Thompson X percent

Undecided 9 percent

More CPAC Straw Poll Analysis

MMM reader Will Munsil makes some astute observations about the CPAC straw poll
He has a very good looking site to boot!

1. Romney was the only candidate to finish in the top 2 in every segment of the conservative movement that he mentioned in his speech (1st in fiscal, 2nd in social, 2nd in national security)

2. Every other candidate has one (or more) areas of the conservative coalition that will under no circumstances choose them as their favorite, with the possible exception of McCain. For example, Brownback gets killed in fiscal and national security conservatives, Giuliani gets only 8% of social conservatives, etc)

3. Therefore, Romney is the only candidate with a legitimate chance of uniting fiscal, social, and national security conservatives to create the same kind of national coalition that Bush gathered. Nominating anyone else (again, with the possible exception of McCain, but I really don’t think he will win when stacked up against Romney’s relative youth, overwhelming charisma and optimism, etc) will cause segments of the GOP coalition to sit it out a little bit, causing President Hillary.

4. Romney’s stand-out performance among young voters will only get stronger. In my opinion, my generation looks for optimism, pragmatism and dynamism from their politicians (note Obama’s popularity among young Dems). Romney is the only Republican candidate who exemplifies all three of those traits. Romney, as his name and voice get out there, could be Obama-style popular among young Republicans.

Romney’s Favorable Numbers on the Rise

Rasmussen Reports notes that Mitt’s favorable ratings are up 6 points (from 29% to 35%). Unfavorables dropping from 34% to 31%.

34% of voters still don’t know Mitt Romney which give the Governor a distinct advantage to lay out his case without a political biases.

Granted there are other biases afoot as this NY Times article notes.

Elsewhere, the influential Club for Growth lauded Romney’s speech Wednesday in Detroit:

The other presidential candidates should follow Governor Romney’s lead and propose similar, if not more extensive, measures to protect American taxpayers and promote continued economic expansion.

In case you missed it here’s a quick excerpt from Romney’s speech:

It is time to make saving easy in America. I believe people should be allowed to earn interest, dividends and capital gains up to a certain amount a year, tax free and without restrictions on how or when their savings and investments are spent. As an example, let’s say we chose $5,000 for joint filers as the annual tax free figure for dividends, interest and capital gains. This would help middle class families to be able to save and to invest - and spend their savings the American way: any way they want.

Romney Wins Round 1 at Pajamas Media

With nearly 20,000 votes in, Governor Romney won the first round of the
Pajamas Media Presidential Straw Poll with 26.2% of the vote, in
comparison to Mayor Giuliani’s 25.8% and Senator McCain’s 5.1%.

This follows a trend of success with Governor Romney and online polls, whether they be nationwide, like the GOP Bloggers poll he recently won, or state-specific, the Governor has a huge online following.

Remember to vote early and often!

4 quick items to end the day

First, I ask you to sign the pledge! Hosted by NZ Bear at TTLB, the pledge indicates that you will ban your contributions to any Republican who signs a resolution against the President’s decision. You can click here to sign the pledge.

Second, there’s been a lot of talk today about Brownback’s attack on Mitt. Matt Lewis at Townhall makes some cogent remarks about Brownback’s own “lifelong” dedication to the Pro-life movement. To their credit, CBN news interviewed Brownback with some poignant questions.

Third, if you haven’t had a chance yet… be sure to make your vote known on the Pajamas Media poll. (see below)

Fourth, Erik at RedState is not enthused with the current slate of candidates. In my mind, Look, no one can come away from this address by Mitt Romney on Iran and not be a little enthused about he guy.

Finally. the charge of flipping. Listen, if we can offer support and redemption to those who actually had abortions, why can’t we offer support and redemption to those who now agree with us?

For your convenience, here’s the poll: