Obama Just Doesn’t Understand

November’s election will likely come down to how people feel about the candidates…what their gut tells them.

Unfortunately for the president, jobs numbers and anemic economic growth continue to be, as Mitt Romney has put it, a continual “kick in the gut.” Despite finally pulling to even compared to when he came into office at 7.8% unemployment, after taking into account everyone who stopped working due to Obama discouragement, the unemployment rate would now be over 10%. Not acceptable.

In addition, it’s clear Obama just doesn’t get it when it comes to job creation. At Tuesdays’ debate he kept incredulously saying Mitt’s tax plan didn’t work because it contained trillions in cuts (that Mitt says aren’t even accurate), and he doesn’t understand how they’re paid for. Is anyone surprised Obama just doesn’t understand? It’s clear from his record. Why should we be surprised he scratches his head when looking at Mitt’s plan? Mitt knows: cutting taxes will help create jobs. It worked for Reagan. Paul Ryan pointed out it worked for Kennedy. It’ll work for President Romney.

If you think President Obama is a friend to the middle class, and you have a job, congratulations, you’re in better shape than many. But you need to watch this video from back in April to understand just what will happen to you under Obama’s planned tax increases. Not just for the wealthy, but everyone.

President Obama’s response to anemic job growth? Raise taxes. Apply leaches to the patient of the economy. As the growth of the economy has been slower the longer he’s been president, he’s still said he’s taken “step[s] in the right direction.” Tiny steps, getting shorter.

It makes me wonder, after all of President Obama’s attempts to label Mitt Romney as a job outsourcer or out-of-touch rich guy, who is the real friend of the middle class? Even if President Obama is really trying, nothing he’s doing is working. Past reports have said the Obama recovery ranked dead last in modern times, at that time ten out of ten for both jobs and economic growth. I haven’t found an updated report, but I understand growth has slowed, not improved, since. During the period measured, jobs had grown only 4.1% since the recession’s low point. Reagan’s record during the same period was 10.7%. So it’s not like it can’t be done. It’s been done before.

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Romney’s Energy Plan: Independence From Foreign Energy By 2020!

Hundreds of coal miners and their families stand in line to hear GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak at his VICTORY rally at the Century Mine near Beallsville, Ohio, Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012.
(Photo - Toledo Blade)

Today we heard substantive words we’ve been waiting to hear…

Mitt Romney has a WALLOPING energy independence plan for the USA!

Revving up the crowd in oil-producing town Hobbs, New Mexico, Governor Romney unveiled his BOLD new direction for ending America’s dependence on foreign oil - and more. Choosing Watson Truck & Supply Co., a trucking, oil, and field service company as his backdrop, Romney spoke of getting America energy independent by 2020. It lit the audience on fire.

A portion of his speech:

Governor Romney: “Three million jobs come back to this country by taking advantage of something we have right underneath our feet. That’s oil, and gas, and coal. We’re going to make it happen. We’re going to create those jobs. Let me tell you what else it does. It adds $500 billion to the size of our economy. That is more good wages. That’s an opportunity for more Americans to have a bright and prosperous future. It also means, by the way, tens of billions, potentially hundreds of billions of dollars, of tax revenues going into states and the federal government which can make sure we have a military second to none and schools that lead the world and care for our seniors, better roads and bridges. Accomplishing what I’ve described right there also means lower energy prices for American families and by the way, for American businesses, so that as businesses are thinking about where to build a factory and they look at the cost of production, let’s say, of a particular product, and they look at the energy cost, they see that here in North America, we have ample energy and it is low cost. And that will bring businesses back here. So you are going to see more manufacturing come back to the United States as a result of doing what is so clearly in our best interest.

Listen to further details in Romney’s EXCITING SPEECH here.

UPDATEPDF ‘The Romney Plan for a stronger Middle Class: ENERGY INDEPENDENCE’

More on Romney’s plan:

It is achievable,” Romney said while flanked by heavy equipment used for oil exploration at a trucking facility. “This is not some pie in the sky kind of thing. This is a real, achievable objective.”

Romney’s slimmed-down six-point plan, previewed to reporters Wednesday evening, revolves around increasing domestic oil and gas production in order to spur job growth, while reducing red tape and streamlining federal regulations he argues hinder growth.

Among his proposals, Romney called for increased offshore drilling along the continental shelf, reducing wait times for drilling permits on federally controlled lands, and completing the Keystone XL pipeline to bring in oil from Canada - a constant criticism from Romney who has called its approval “a no brainer.”

The increased production, according a briefing paper released by the Romney campaign, will create 3 million jobs - 1 million of them in the manufacturing sector - and upwards of $500 billion in additional Gross Domestic Product. And for cash strapped municipalities and states, they argue it will increase tax revenues by up to $1 trillion over 10-years.

“That’s more good wages,” Romney said. “That’s an opportunity for more Americans to have a bright and prosperous future.”

In addition to the 15 million barrels already produced in the US daily, Romney said his proposals would produce 2 million barrels from off shore drilling, 2 million barrels from “tight” oil production - oil reached through horizontal drilling and “fracking” - 1 million barrels of bio diesel, and another 2 million barrels in natural gas. The extra production, Romney argues, would leave North America completely self-sufficient.

“The net of all this, as you can see, is by 2020, we’re able to produce somewhere between 23 and 28 million barrels per day of oil and we won’t need to buy any oil from the Middle East or Venezuela or anywhere else that we don’t want to,” Romney said.

Obama’s main energy focus has been on renewable energy and awarding outlandish amounts of taxpayer money to his ‘green‘ cronies - money which has mostly gone *poof* into thin air with few, if any, results - or went to foreign companies. And, surprise! As it turns out, Obama’s so-called “independent” energy loan watchdog, Herb Allison, is an Obama guy and is donating money to reelect him.

Contrary to all the facts and figures Obama is now spouting about his superb energy record, our President implemented a No New Access Energy Plan. Plus, remember back in 2008 when Obama said under his Administration’s policies that coal plants would go bankrupt? Once elected, he sicced the EPA on that right away. Don’t forget Obama’s billions of dollars loan to Brazil to develop their off-shore drilling (while suppressing U.S. off-shore permits) assuring them America would buy their oil. Guess what? Brazil’s oil is going to… CHINA. (Smell a rat? Go see the movie 2016: Obama’s America to understand why Obama does what he does. I guarantee your eyes will be opened.)

Love this photo and these guys! Romney greets some of America’s energy heroes - coal miners - who lined up earlier in the day to support him at his rally at American Energy Corp in Beallsville, Ohio on Aug 14, 2012. (Photo - Toledo Blade)

Romney also approves of renewables, but has the common sense to know that repressing fossil fuels in the hope that windmills and sunbeams will magically supply America’s commercial, military, and private sector needs is short-sighted and very foolish. Obama’s energy actions have STUNTED America and heaped more bills on the mountain of bills he’s racked up for U.S. citizens to pay. Sixteen TRILLION dollars of debt… coming soon to America!

Many Americans have been anxiously awaiting the day we develop our own energy sources in such a capacity that we no longer have to kowtow to oil cartels. Romney’s full-scope, forward-thinking plan to unleash the natural resources we’ve been blessed with, in an expedited yet responsible way, along with the massive resultant benefits, is VERY GOOD NEWS.

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Lie of the Year - Democrats Omit Key Components of Ryan and Romney’s Medicare Plan

Last year, an unbiased fact-checking organization named Politifact awarded Democrats the honor of telling the “Lie of the Year” about Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. Democrats were given the award for saying that Paul Ryan wanted to “end Medicare as we know it.” 

For the first time in Politifact’s history, it seems that Democrats are eager to repeat the award for the same lie again this year. 

Now that Paul Ryan has been nominated as Romney’s V.P., the Democrats are hoping to scare senior citizens away from Ryan and Romney by endlessly repeating that Ryan and Romney want to “end Medicare as we know it.” Even president Obama has been repeating this falsehood.

So why is this a lie? First, Romney and Ryan both have said that they will not eliminate traditional Medicare at all. There will be no changes for seniors who are currently on Medicare. In fact, everyone age 55 and over will not have the option of choosing anything else besides traditional Medicare. 

For those Americans who are younger than 55, they will have the choice between traditional Medicare or obtaining private insurance where the government pays for the cost of purchasing private insurance as long as private insurance covers the same benefits and features as traditional Medicare. 

That’s it. No one is proposing “ending Medicare as we know it.” No one is proposing eliminating traditional Medicare for anyone. 

So during the next few months, you will hear a lot of Democrats saying that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to end Medicare. It is simply not true no matter how many times they say it. 

From the sound of the presidential campaign these days, we can anticipate the Democrats earning back-to-back trophies for “The Lie of the Year.”

In conclusion, Gingrich did a great job discussing this very issue last Sunday during his interview on Face the Nation. I encourage you to watch the whole interview, but he starts talking about health care at 1:26 of the clip below.

If you are interesting in finding out greater detail about the Romney/Ryan plan for health care, click here.

Leaders of Congress Follow Mitt Romney

Last week was a big week for Mitt Romney. The Newt Gingrich bubble burst and the Romney resurgence began.

But the most missed story of last week was Gov. Romney’s health care victories. First, Romney’s proposal to reform Medicare got a big boost when it was adopted and sponsored by two very prominent members of congress, Rep. Paul Ryan (R) and Senator Ron Wyden (D) of Oregon. Paul Ryan is the popular conservative chairman of the House Budget Committee and is ranked as one of conservatives most influential voices on economic policy. Wyden serves on the Senate Budget and Finance Committees and is a health care expert in his own right. Wyden was widely considered as a top candidate to become HHR secretary under Obama. The fact that both of these leaders adopted Romney’s proposal speaks volumes about the quality of Romney’s plan and Romney’s ability to lead and develop bold yet realistic goals that will get things done for the American people.

Even Newt Gingrich, Romney’s chief rival for the nomination, praised the Ryan-Wyden health care bill as a “major breakthrough” in the last GOP debate in Iowa saying:

“Now, Gov. Romney, frankly, came up with a very good plan which allowed for the maintenance of the current (Medicare) system. Paul Ryan has adopted that, and I think in a very brave act by Senator Wyden, you now have a Democrat willing to co-sponsor the bill. I’ve endorsed the concept today. I think it is a big step forward and I think Gov. Romney deserves some of the credit for having helped figure out a way to make this thing workable. So I think it is a nice thing to actually have a bipartisan plan in Washington that we can actually look at in a positive way, and I hope will help save Medicare.”

Gingrich’s high praise for Romney is particularly surprising when one realizes that Newt and Mitt are running neck-in-neck for the nomination and given that Gingrich is often referred to as the “GOP’s idea man.”

The Ryan-Wyden Plan illustrates how Romney is able to develop bold goals that will produce results even in a difficult political climate. A lot of candidates will put forward a lot of proposals while running for office, but most of those proposals are ideas that just pander to the base of their party and have absolutely no chance of passing congress. The Ryan-Wyden plan shows Romney’s ability develop serious bipartisan solutions to America’s most difficult challenges. For a candidate who is not even in office yet, this is an impressive accomplishment.

The second victory Romney achieved last week in regard to health care came directly from President Obama. Obama finally caved in and conceded to Republicans by allowing states to have greater flexibility in crafting their own state plans.

The New York Times said this:

“In a major surprise on the politically charged new health care law, the Obama administration said Friday that it would not define a single uniform set of ‘essential health benefits’ that must be provided by insurers for tens of millions of Americans. Instead, it will allow each state to specify the benefits within broad categories.”

Why is this important? By giving states more authority to define their own health care programs, Obama is trying to avoid the “big brother” label on health care that is frequently used by conservatives. Obama is also trying to deflect the powerful argument made frequently by Romney that ObamaCare forces a one-size-fits-all standard for health insurance and usurps state authority to regulate the industry.

From the beginning, Romney has been pushing the Obama administration to allow greater flexibility to states, and in fact, what Romney ultimately wants is for each state to have the same degree of freedom that he had in Massachusetts to design and implement their own plans. One of the primary reasons Romney opposed ObamaCare is because it violated state sovereignty by taking away each state’s ability to create a unique plan, and then test that new plan in the ‘laboratories of democracy.’ Even though Obama’s move does not allow the full freedom that Romney would like, it represents a huge concession to Romney and the Republicans.

In conclusion, Romney has shown time and again that he is up to the task of reforming our nation’s most difficult and persistent problems. Health care costs in this country are astronomical with the U.S. spending almost 33% more per capita than other first-world countries. Most people do not realize that the U.S. federal government spends more money on health care than our entire national defense budget! Gov. Romney is the only candidate who consistently shows the breadth and depth necessary to handling meaningful entitlement reform in this country.

Obama on the Economy: ‘Profoundly’ Not Working

David Plouffe - Senior Adviser to President Obama, former Obama campaign manager

President Obama’s senior adviser, David Plouffe, said yesterday that the White House Jobs Plan will have a “profound impact”:

White House Adviser David Plouffe: “The president has been very clear as he’s traveled across the country and in the speech to Congress that he thinks the American Jobs Act would have a profound impact on our economy right now.” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

• “We’re going to continue to demand this type of action that is going to have a profound impact on the economy right now.” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

• “We think these things can have a profound impact not just in the next year or year-and-a-half but provide a foundation for longer term growth as we go through the decade.” ” (CNN’s “State Of The Union,” 9/25/11)

The plan will NOT have a profound impact on America’s unemployment crisis:

Associated Press: The President’s “jobs plan” will not make a substantial dent in the unemployment rate for years. “Even if Congress heeds President Barack Obama’s demands to ‘pass this bill right away’ and enacts his jobs and tax plan in its entirety, the unemployment rate probably still would hover in nosebleed territory for at least three more years.” (“Obama Plan Would Make Small Dent In Jobless Rate,” The Associated Press, 9/24/11)

“The persistent weakness of the U.S. economy has left 14 million people unemployed people and more than 25 million unable to find full-time work.”(“Obama Plan Would Make Small Dent In Jobless Rate,” The Associated Press, 9/24/11)

The plan WILL have a profound impact on taxpayers:

To pay for his jobs plan – which even Democrats are hesitant to support - President Obama is proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in permanent tax increases. “While it is likely that the tax incentive portion of President Obama’s plan would deliver few jobs and little economic growth, the permanent tax increases that ‘pay for’ the tax cuts can do permanent harm to the economy. Reportedly, the tax increase measures total roughly $460 billion over ten years.” (Fiscal Fact No. 283, Tax Foundation, 9/19/11)

The Washington Post: President Obama’s deficit reduction plan is padded with more than $2 trillion in tax increases. “The administration’s claim to have come up with $4 trillion in deficit reduction is misleading. The more accurate amount is barely half that, including … $1.5 trillion in tax increases on the wealthy. … The administration further pads its results by giving itself credit for $866 billion in ‘savings’ from letting the George W. Bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 a year.” (Editorial, “In Debt Plan, Mr. Obama Goes ‘Medium,’” The Washington Post, 9/19/11)

So far, the plan has not had a profound impact on the president’s Democratic allies:

“President Obama anticipated Republican resistance to his jobs program, but he is now meeting increasing pushback from his own party. Many Congressional Democrats, smarting from the fallout over the 2009 stimulus bill, say there is little chance they will be able to support the bill as a single entity, citing an array of elements they cannot abide.” (Jennifer Steinhauer, “Some Democrats Are Balking At Obama’s Jobs Bill,” The New York Times, 9/14/11)

(my emphasis)

CBS Headline: “Even Democrats Skeptical of Obama’s Jobs Act.” (CBSNews.com, 9/17/11)

Flashback – The Last Time President Obama’s Advisers Made Predictions About Economic Stimulus, They Were Flat-Out Wrong:

(Romer and Bernstein, “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan,” 1/9/09)

At 9.1%, the unemployment rate remains well above what Obama officials predicted would occur either with or without the first stimulus. The Romer-Bernstein analysis projected that, by this point in time, unemployment would be less 7% with the stimulus in effect and less than 8% without the stimulus. (Christina Romer and Jared Bernstein, White Paper, “The Job Impact Of The American Recovery And Reinvestment Plan,” 1/9/09)

Unemployment among African Americans is at 15.9% and Obama is facing increasing criticism from black members of Congress. His approval numbers among African Americans have taken a nose dive; 58% say they have “strongly favorable” views of the president, down from 83% just five months ago.

Last Saturday, Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus at their annual awards dinner in Washington, D.C. It was a fiery-worded campaign speech for his base. He clearly isn’t moving to the center; he’s chosen confrontation over compromise.

Obama scolds Black Caucus 9/24/11 (audio ends @:45):

I expect all of you to march with me and press on,” Obama told the audience. “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do, CBC.”

To read a transcript of Obama’s speech, click here.

Meanwhile, tough times brings out the creative capitalism at Hallmark (9/23/11)

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Obama’s ‘Debt Reduction Class Warfare’ Plan: Romney “He Has No Clue”


President Obama: “… you don’t raise taxes in a recession.” (President Barack Obama, 8/5/09)


U.S. President Barack Obama announced $3 trillion long-term deficit reduction plan, including $ 1.5 trillion tax increase plan. (Forex Currency Trading News 9/20/11)

I’ll throw this in for good measure - Obama’s own words:

Perhaps President Obama thought that delivering his deficit reduction speech outside in the White House Rose Garden on Monday would perfume his populist odoriferous reversal on raising taxes during a ‘recession’ (no specifics on entitlements):

From Obama’s speech (transcript):

Either we ask the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we’re going to have to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare. We can’t afford to do both.

Either we gut education and medical research, or we’ve got to reform the tax code so that the most profitable corporations have to give up tax loopholes that other companies don’t get. We can’t afford to do both.

This is not class warfare. It’s math. (Laughter.)

Data reveals a different story than Obama is telling. The rich do pay considerably more in taxes:

There may be individual millionaires who pay taxes at rates lower than middle-income workers. In 2009, 1,470 households filed tax returns with incomes above $1 million yet paid no federal income tax, according to the Internal Revenue Service. But that’s less than 1 percent of the nearly 237,000 returns with incomes above $1 million.

This year, households making more than $1 million will pay an average of 29.1 percent of their income in federal taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes and other taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank.

Households making between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay an average of 15 percent of their income in federal taxes.

Lower-income households will pay less. For example, households making between $40,000 and $50,000 will pay an average of 12.5 percent of their income in federal taxes. Households making between $20,000 and $30,000 will pay 5.7 percent.

Let’s close tax loopholes and enforce laws already on the books so the 1% of the wealthy who are gaming the system no longer get away with it. What Obama isn’t saying is that his claims about high-income Americans are based on money invested – income that has already been taxed.

After Obama’s speech, Mitt Romney issued the following statement on Obama’s plan to raise $1.5 TRILLION in taxes:


“President Obama’s plan to raise taxes will have a crushing impact on economic growth. Higher taxes mean fewer jobs – it’s that simple. This is yet another indication that President Obama has no clue how to bring our economy back. I encourage President Obama to look at my detailed economic plan to create long-term growth and prosperity for our nation. The only way to get our economy moving again is to elect a president who understands how to create jobs and rein in spending – that is why I am running.”

(link added)

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) added his voice to the burgeoning criticism of Obama’s deficit-reduction plan.

Ryan slammed Obama’s new tax rate for millionaires as “class warfare.” Class warfare…may make for really good politics but it makes for rotten economics. We don’t need a system that seeks to divide people,” Ryan argued.

Believing that Republicans won’t support tax increases, Obama’s reelection plan debt reduction plan employs ‘the rich should pay their fair share’ class warfare rhetoric he hopes will save the day for him come November 2012. He sees the writing on the wall:

Americans Say Federal Gov’t Wastes Over Half of Every Dollar

A new Gallup survey reveals that Americans believe that the government wastes more than half of every $1 that it spends. President Obama’s solution? To ask for $1.5 trillion more.

Why Obama should withdraw

When Ronald Reagan ran for re-election in 1984, his slogan was “Morning in America.” For Barack Obama, it’s more like midnight in a coal mine.

The sputtering economy is about to stall out, unemployment is high, his jobs program may not pass, foreclosures are rampant and the poor guy can’t even sneak a cigarette.

His approval rating is at its lowest level ever. His party just lost two House elections — one in a district it had held for 88 consecutive years. He’s staked his future on the jobs bill, which most Americans don’t think would work.

If Obama wasn’t president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’

Unhappy members of the Congressional Black Caucus “probably would be marching on the White House” if Obama were not president, according to CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).
CBC members have expressed concern in recent months as the unemployment rate has continued to rise amongst African-Americans, pushing for Obama to do more to address the needs of vulnerable communities.

What should the White House do now? James Carville, Democratic strategist says “PANIC!”

(emphasis added to articles)

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ZERO Jobs: Romney “We Need to Change Presidents”


We expected the jobs report for August from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be bad, but not THIS bad - zero jobs.

Plus, the numbers for June and July were revised downward.

Unemployment remains at 9.1 percent.

Mitt Romney issued a statement yesterday:

“Today’s disappointing unemployment report is further proof that President Obama has failed. President Obama oversaw an economy that created zero jobs last month and that is unacceptable. In order to change the direction of this country, we need to change presidents. Americans need a conservative businessman to get this economy moving again, not career politicians. That is why I am running. Next week, I will lay out my specific plan to put America back to work.” – Mitt Romney

From MittRomney.com

Today’s jobs report shows continued weakness in the American economy:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning that the American economy added zero jobs in August and unemployment remains at 9.1%. “Nonfarm payroll employment was unchanged (0) in August, and the unemployment rate held at 9.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment in most major industries changed little over the month.”

“Nonfarm employment for June and July was revised to show 58,000 fewer jobs.”
“Employment growth ground to a halt in August as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring…”

“Employment growth ground to a halt in August as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring…”

Recent economic news confirms that President Obama’s policies have been a dismal failure:

* The conference board’s consumer confidence index plunged in August to levels far below expectations. “Consumers’ confidence in August dropped almost 15 points to the lowest level since April 2009 as worries about the economy fueled the wildest stock market swings since the financial meltdown in 2008. … The Conference Board said Tuesday that its Consumer Confidence Index fell to 44.5, down from a revised 59.2 in July … [and was] far below the 53.3 that analysts had expected.”

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

ONE YEAR AGO, on Labor Day weekend, hundreds of unemployed Americans lined up for a job fair in El Monte, CA (outside of Los Angeles). (Photo Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

Unemployment lines continue to grow. Here’s video of one of the many scenarios taking place across America… Thousands Camp Out for Job Fair as Jobless Rate Rises (Atlanta, GA. Aug 18, 2021) Note: Many of the companies offering jobs at this particular fair were from government agencies who couldn’t take applications. After waiting in line all that time, attendees were directed to websites to apply on line. Unbelievable.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

After a jobs report is released, President Obama usually makes it a point to cheerlead comment on the report the very next day. After the ZERO number was released yesterday, Obama said… nothing. He then promptly scurried off to Camp David.

The time has arrived for America to have a business/finance president - Mitt Romney.

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Romney Gets the ‘Last Word’ on CNN’s State of the Union


Be sure to catch Mitt Romney on tomorrow’s ‘State of the Union’ with John King: “an exclusive interview with Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on his thoughts about President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan.” As Mitt Romney has a very clear perspective of what is needed for victory, this is no doubt going to be a very great interview.

Tune into CNN tomorrow - Sunday, December 6th - at 9am ET for the full show. Keep in mind that the program is 4 hours long and Gov. Romney is said to get the ‘Last Word’; therefore, its likely that he won’t actually be on air until around 12pm ET (just my guess).

*Be sure to join us here at MRC for a live CHAT during the show.

Here is the You Tube of Mitt’s Appearance: