Maine Caucuses: Down to the Wire for Romney and Paul

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Romney supporters are eyeing Maine today…

Coming down to the wire in the Pine Tree State, it’s a two-man caucus race today between Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Ron Paul.

Caucusing has been taking place since February 4th. Only registered Republicans are allowed to participate (a ‘closed’ caucus) but unaffiliated independent voters may register as Republicans on the day they vote and hence, may participate. (Additional information may be found here.)

Yesterday, Romney held a well-received town hall meeting at the Portland Company Marine Complex in Portland, ME. He also deftly handled a few OWS hecklers:

Among the sites Romney visited today, Romney was greeted by a packed high school gymnasium crowd at the York County GOP caucus in Sanford. The Romney campaign ran a cable television ad yesterday and it continues today. Surrogates for The Gov have been in the state in recent days and Romney also hosted a telephone town hall this week.

Choosing not to speak at this year’s CPAC gathering in Washington D.C., Ron Paul opted instead to focus instead on the ME caucuses. Reports are that he is well organized; he is hoping to get his first campaign win.

Caucus results will begin to come in tonight around 7:30 PM local time. (Note: A few contests will be held on Sunday; a snow storm caused Washington County, in the state’s far eastern region, to postpone its caucuses until Feb. 18th.)

A livefeed for caucus results can be found here:

As results come in, Romney supporters are invited to join us on our chat forum.


► Jayde Wyatt