President Obama No Longer Fit to be Commander in Chief

Active duty military personnel cannot speak out against deplorable practices of the executive branch of The United States of America. However, veterans, friends, and former intelligence operatives of America can speak out on their behalf. They are doing so now.

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Every branch of The United States military was involved in the operation that ended the reign of Osama bin Laden, as were many men and women of the intelligence services. It is they to whom this post is dedicated.

Normally, MRC would not post a video longer than a few minutes. I made an exception due to the importance of the message of this one. I don’t believe most Americans understand the grave nature of what President Obama has allowed to occur from the White House. Please watch this video, especially the last half (see caption below they symbol of the Navy SEAL at bottom).

Quote from the video:

“If we tell a **** terrorist we are coming to get him, how we find him, who is coming, how we are going to do it, me or some of my friends are going to die.” (~ Anonymous SOF Operator)

The extent to which President Obama exploited the bin Laden operation first came to my attention in February upon reading a powerful op-ed by former Navy SEAL, Leif Babin (see post here). I have been researching the extensive leaks ever since. Later this video was produced by a veterans group denouncing President Obama for his glory run.


The men and women of our armed forces and intelligence services, by oath, place their lives ahead of self interest and are committed to lay down their lives to save those working next to them and for their country. President Obama also gave an oath to protect the Constitution of The United States of America. It is obvious that by consistently allowing senior White House officials to leak methods of operations and other classified secrets for political gain, Mr. Obama is no longer fit to be Commander in Chief. For he alone has reduced his standing to pedantic politician. His motives are purely political now. Evidence: Since Labor Day 2011, he has spent virtually no time attempting to do his job as POTUS; rather he has been campaigning or resting (golfing) from his campaign ever since.

A true leader gives all the credit to those he or she leads. A true leader takes full responsibility for his failures under his charge. President Obama has done neither of these. President Obama is not a leader and never has been a leader in the classic definition of that word.

Thousands of dedicated women and men of America’s armed forces and intelligence services were involved in the bin Laden raid. I believe the caption below typifies the state of mind of these, our patriots, and all American service members:

Humility: The Trident is a symbol of that humility. In the Trident of a Navy SEAL, the majestic eagle has his head bowed. Without humility, the Navy SEAL knows he cannot learn. Without humility, the Navy SEAL in all likelihood will die on the battlefield. Humility helps them to learn and live to their full potential.

Twitter handle of the Navy SEALs: @US_NavySEALs

***** Hat Tip to Mitchell for bringing the “Dishonorable Disclosures” mission to my attention! *****

Following is an outstanding description of the Navy SEAL by Tony Baron, President, Servant Leadership Institute, quoting two-star Admiral Dick Lyon. Click here ——> Click here to continue reading

There is no “I” in “SEAL Team 6” (Video)

“The only easy day was yesterday.” ~ US Navy SEALs

“To win this fight for America’s future, we will have to rise above politics. When members of SEAL Team VI boarded their helicopters, they did so not as Republicans or Democrats or independents, they did so as Americans. And the final image that Osama bin Laden took with him straight to Hell was not a party symbol – not a Republican elephant or a Democratic donkey – but an American flag on the shoulder of one straight-shooting U.S. Navy SEAL.” ~ Mitt Romney, August 2011

Romney’s Statement on First Anniversary of Bin Laden Death

On this first anniversary of the death of Osama bin Laden…

Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement:

“Today marks the one year anniversary of the mission that brought Osama bin Laden to justice. That mission was the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work and sacrifice by our men and women in the military and intelligence communities. I commend all those who planned and conducted the bin Laden raid, and I applaud President Obama for giving the go ahead for the mission. Let us never forget the thousands of innocents who perished on September 11, 2001, or the brave servicemen and women who have given their lives to defeat those who would do harm to our country. They, and their families, are forever in our thoughts and prayers.”

► Jayde Wyatt

On Foreign Policy: Obama, mixing rotten apples with unripe oranges

Inexperience – in challenging times for America, and at a time when world’s peace is at stake, is definitely a factor in determining who our next commander in chief, and leader of the free world should be. And it is irrational to question those who raise voices of concern over Mitt Romney’s non-record in the foreign policy field.

However, Obama’s record as commander in chief and president over the past three and a half years should also be exposed and examined. If this was an election, a choice between two candidate that do not share much in common and that express a totally different world view than each other, American voters would either have to trust both of them based on their positions and promises, or stick to the candidate that comes closer to their world view and opinion on the issues. Nonetheless, the circumstances in this years elections and given the historical facts, the narrative and the choice given to the electorate is certainly a discussion that puts the candidates views and positions on a disparate path.

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy and national security credentials should be applied, based on the positions he is taking in this election cycle and the 42 page manifesto he put out, after a period of briefing on this issues by former Us intelligence and defense officials and by the contacts he has forged with foreign leaders, his competence and passionate love for America.

Despite President Obama’s campaign tactic, highlighting on one side the president’s successful mission of ordering the killing Osama bin Laden and the public perception, considering him as a decent and trusted leader, at least when it comes to foreign affairs and national security. And questioning on the other side, Mitt Romney’s experience and quotes when he was running as a uncompetitive candidate or his inability to strike out a voice of sanity in focusing on foreign affairs (as if this was his job requirement) as Governor of Massachusetts. President Obama’s reocrd as president and on the other side of the aisle, Mitt Romney’s positions and foreign policy stance are incomparable.

The attempt by the Obama team to compare Obama’s and Romney’s positions, or rather Obama’s record vs. Romney’s promises and worldview, in an effort to portray Governor Romney as the inexperienced candidate, and the out of touch isolationist running against the incumbent, gutsy President, is like mixing apples and oranges. But in this case it’s rotten apples with unripe oranges. Romney characterized as the unripe orange – that its taste and readiness are still questionable, and President Obama as the rotten apple – that is visibly distasteful and that stands out as unbearable to eat or to keep.

Barack Obama’s record as President of the US, on foreign policy is as visible as his disastrous handling of the economical situation. And while he may be seen as the president that ordered the killing of Osama bin Laden, although he might has the killing instinct based on his record of killing Jobs and American entrepreneurship. The number of failures and misconduct on foreign affairs is noticeable but utmost misrepresented.

The handling of the relationship with Israel, that had ultimately buried any sustaining chance of at the very least an ongoing peace process in the Middle east, abandoning Mubarak as a honest and trusted partner in the middle east in the midst of the legitimate protests in the streets of Cairo but uncertain alternative. The inconsistency that led to the result of Islamists leading the Egyptian government and recognizing the Muslim Brotherhoood as partners and kingmakers in a rocky and unstable region, that could lead to more violence and extremism, and deal a blow to the peace efforts and an end to the security coordination between Israel and Egypt in an unnecessary step to end the 31 year Camp David peace treaty.

Not to mention, the weak leadership role the Obama has taken in the world, and leading from behind or led into acts not as a joint effort but as a response to events. If it’s stopping the Libyan Butcher in time, or holding Assad accountable to mass murder of innocent civilians picking up their heads, or imposing the harshest sanctions on Iran in isolating Iran with the western world and sanctioning the Iranian central bank in time and simply not carrying that “Big Stick”, VP Biden is talking about,as a credible military option in public.

The list goes on and on… and my colleague Adam Kredo, is already doing a magnificent job on a daily basis, highlighting the administrations policies and misconduct of the issues that matter most to our best allies and friends.

I observed this week, in a closed meeting in the city, a great quote that was said by one of the Republican freshmen in Congress: “Politicians are not bad. it’s the bad politicians that are bad.” President Obama, is not bad because he is a Democrat or because he is the incumbent that ought to be challenged, but simply because he is a bad party member and a very bad president.

In conclusion: Mitt Romney is running and should be inspected – as an alternative to President Obama. And therefore, he ought to be faced with tough questions and be held accountable to his promise, in taking the right positions that will put this country back on track and to fulfill its leadership role in the world, in one of the most challenging times in history. While President Obama should be examined by his sole record over the past three and a half years, and not by his promises or distinctions he draws sometimes successfully, with those challenging him.

(VIDEO) Mitt Romney Visits New Hampshire Businesses, Elaborates on Bin Laden

Continuing his listening crusade, Mitt Romney is dropping by businesses in New Hampshire today. He is focused on hearing owners’ concerns for survival and growth during Obama’s misery index milieu.

Reporters caught up with him; The Gov was asked to elaborate on the killing of Osama bin Laden:


“We will all remember where we were when Osama bin Laden was finally killed,” says Romney.

This is a man who deserved to be brought to justice,” says Romney. “The bad guy took one in the eye.”

Romney also mentioned four ‘themes’ he is hearing from business owners:

1. Regulatory burdens too excessive
2. Capital difficult to access
3. Immigration laws/policies
4. Lack of appreciation for importance of PROFIT as opposed to source of TAX opportunity

UPDATE: The Seattle Times

Before starting a round-table discussion with New Hampshire business owners Tuesday, Romney thanked Obama, U.S. military forces and the intelligence community for finding and killing the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The former Massachusetts governor related that victory to the business owners, saying helping small businesses succeed boosts the economy and means more money to pay for the nation’s defense.

At the end of the interview, a reporter asked Romney about the demise of Bin Laden and if it helps Obama’s foreign policy cache. Romney replied,”I don’t know whether it helps or hurts the President politically - but, I really don’t care. The right thing is we got the bad guy and the nation celebrates that. We’re all Americans; this is not a Republican or Democrat thing. This is an American thing.”

► Jayde Wyatt

Osama Bin Laden is Dead! Justice Has Been Done!


President Obama is about to address the world and tell us that Osama Bin Laden has been killed… almost 10 years after September 11th, 2001.

I’ve seen many differing reports on how this happened and when, so I’m going to wait to post the details until they seem more clear.

No matter what the details, today is a great day for the world, for America, for President Bush and President Obama, for General Petraeus, and for all of our brave men and women serving around the world! Today is truly a day that all Americans can be united in the ultimate defeat of one of our greatest enemies!

President Bush Responds:

“Earlier this evening, President Obama called to inform me that American forces killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al Qaeda network that attacked America on September 11, 2001. I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude. This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”

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