Announcement: MRC Teams Up With and to Launch the “One a Day for Mitt” Campaign


We are pleased to announce that is joining efforts with and to launch a new campaign to promote Mitt Romney online! is a grassroots forum that many may remember as a popular pro-Romney hangout during the 2008 campaign. Today each of its 1,500+ members will receive an email calling them back into active duty. is a website that provides news links in a style similar to the Drudge Report.

The three sites (UltiMitt, GotMitt, and Mitt Romney Central) will be linked together by easily navigable tabs which you now see on the top right of our page: News, Forum, Blog.

Each of these sites would exist and function perfectly well on their own, but there is a specific purpose for us combining together, and that is simply to promote…

The “One a Day for Mitt” Campaign

This simple campaign is designed to take supporters, who are willing to dedicate a few minutes a day, to engage in meaningful and effective activism. Campaigns are much like people pushing a big boulder. If people push at this boulder one person at a time, or if multiple people push in different directions the boulder doesn’t move. If the people coordinate, push all together, in the same direction, they will find that their combined efforts will have much greater impact. Pretty soon this rolling boulder will attract the attention of onlookers willing to join in the big thing that’s going on, wanting to do their part.

Once each day at the UltiMitt forum there will be posted a simple task that people can complete, return and confirm their efforts. Tasks will include sharing items such as sharing things on Facebook, tweeting, writing emails, creating a MyMitt account, making calls from home, and inviting others to join the effort.

The role of this site (MRC) will be to continue helping people be informed of the on-goings in the campaign, but also to utilize our large readership and 30,000+ Facebook fans to direct supporters to and join in on the “One a Day for Mitt” campaign.

It has been my observation that only a small percentage (about 1%) of people who keep up on the news of political campaigns actually put forth the effort to support that campaign in whichever way they can, thinking their contribution will be insignificant. I’m hoping that you will be one of the few who will realize that if you push, other people will too. Please push with us to make this a successful campaign.

Go now to The registration is very simple. The forum set-up is simple. Get started on your first One a Day for Mitt task by inviting your friends to join today.

~Nate Gunderson