Chilling New Romney Web Video Slams "President Obama's Measure of Progress"

Dear critics who’ve been saying the Romney camp will go “too easy” on Obama and not effectively hold him accountable for his poor economic record, please don’t bite your tongue while chewing on this no-holds-barred web video, released this morning by Team Romney.

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Obama Isn't Working

Four years ago at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, then-candidate Barack Obama said that Democrats measure progress by whether people can find a job and provide for themselves and their families. In September, President Obama and the Democrats will meet for the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, a state that has lost nearly 50,000 jobs since President Obama took office and has an unemployment rate of nearly 10%.

Hours Before FL GOP Debate, New Romney Video Shows How Obama Isn't Working for Florida [Spanish]

Good call by Team Romney, here. It’s important to show to Latinos and other minority groups that Obama has not done them any favors. More than anyone, minorities are struggling in the Obamaconomy.

English Version:

Spanish Version:

What are your thoughts on the race leading into tonight’s debate?

-Luke G.

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Who has a better jobs plan? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?