Governor Romney Supports Women in Business & Leadership

By Dorothy Price Hill & Mary Smith

As we progress through October, we wish to acknowledge “Women’s Small Business Month” and to honor women for their contributions to the US economy. Governor Romney believes that economic prosperity and freedom go hand in hand. He recently stated,

Dorothy Price Hill

“The most successful countries shared something in common. They were the freest. They protected the rights of the individual. They enforced the rule of law. And they encouraged free enterprise. They understood that economic freedom is the only force in history that has consistently lifted people out of poverty – and kept people out of poverty.”

With this in mind, we will discuss legislative achievements that have propelled women to be a dynamic and vital part of the US economy. Additionally, we will discuss women-owned businesses from a legislative perspective. Governor Romney will ensure women (including millions of working mothers) continue to thrive and be a vital force in our economy’s recovery and we will identify challenges faced by women owned businesses.

Mary Smith

When considering the Presidential choices before us, it is important to note that past behavior is the greatest predictor of future behavior. In this regard, President Obama is the antithesis of Governor Romney. The current President has expanded government, increased the deficit and proposed higher taxes which would further cripple America small businesses. Since President Obama became President, gas prices have increased, household incomes have fallen and more Americans have sunk into poverty as well as experienced first-time foreclosure of their only home (or have already completed the foreclosure process). Worse yet, he has added over $5 trillion in new debt to our Federal budget deficit and lacks the leadership to bring our government back from the edge of this fiscal cliff. In 2009, small businesses represented 99.7% of all employers in the United States. Think about your local florist, the daycare center and the automobile repair center. These business owners are increasingly concerned about the Federal and State deficits, the burdens of corporate taxes and the Obamacare Federal healthcare mandate.

Quoting Andrea Saul, Governor Romney’s Press Secretary, “Thanks to President Obama’s imaginary recovery, the median earnings for women declined by nearly $1,000. And the poverty rate among women is 16.3% — the highest rate in 17 years.” And as CNN Money stated, “The ‘mancession’ has morphed into the ‘hecovery,’ leaving women workers largely in the dust.” Make no mistake about it — women are worried. And they’re not just worried about themselves — they’re worried about their children’s future. They don’t want them to be saddled with debt from our generation, which has surpassed a record-high $16 trillion. This isn’t the recovery we deserve — and it’s a not a real recovery if it means that women have to take on two or three jobs just to afford to put gas in their cars and food on the table.”

Impromptu meeting October 8, 2021
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Unlike President Obama, Governor Romney gets it: women drive the US economy. His pro-growth, pro-women plan for a stronger (and rebounding) middle class means more jobs, more take-home pay, and better opportunities. Governor Romney has devoted his entire life since business school and law school supporting successful ventures and advising businesses on transformation. As Governor of Massachusetts, he led by example embracing diversity and seeking the most qualified candidates for his cabinet and executive offices. In Governor Romney’s acceptance speech for the Republican nomination, he stated, “As governor of Massachusetts, I chose a woman lieutenant governor, a woman chief of staff, half of my cabinet and senior officials were women, and in business I mentored and supported great women leaders who went on to run great companies.” His proposals for his Presidency include reducing government spending and creating a business-friendly environment which will provide opportunity for prosperity and success. Without prosperity and success coupled with tackling the budget deficit, future generations of Americans will be doomed.

Legislative Perspective

We will discuss two key pieces of legislation that have positively and profoundly impacted women and the economy. As we embark on this new century, it is important to reflect on the accomplishments that women in business have achieved. On October 25, 1988, Republican President Ronald Reagan signed Public Law (PL) 100-533 “The Women’s Business Ownership Act”. Highlights of this bill included:

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ROMNEY FANS: What Would You Do for a Day With Mitt? [Contest]

Remember those old Klondike Bar commercials? The ones that showed all sorts of people doing ridiculous things in exchange for a frozen ice cream treat? The ones that ended with the catchy riff, “What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?”

Sticking with that theme, we want to ask a similar question to Mitt’s biggest fans out there: What would you do for a day with Mitt?

  • Would you give your mother-in-law a foot massage for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you put your dirty dishes away for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you watch an entire Rachel Maddow program for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you risk going hunting with Dick Cheney for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you clean Obama’s golf clubs for a day with Mitt?

  • *In the comments below, tell us what you’d do! Best answer gets a free t-shirt from our store. Nate G. will announce the winner tonight.

    Fortunately, we won’t have to embarrass ourselves for a chance to hang out with Mitt for a day. His campaign has made it easier than that. In exchange for a donation of any size at this link (even $5 would put your name in the hat), the campaign is offering to cover travel/hotel arrangements for the lucky winner. I’ve already sent my donation in and I encourage all staunch Mitt fans to get in on the contest as well!

    Let’s do what we can to spread this message around and support Mitt with small donations. Please tweet a link to the contest page and share with your Facebook friends: With Perry now in the race, its going to be really important that we help Mitt stay on top of the fundraising contest. Thanks everyone!

    -Luke G.

    Mitt Romney’s PAC Continues Rapid Fundraising in October

    The Free and Strong America PAC posted its second highest monthly receipts for 2009 in October. Monthly FEC filings for Mitt Romney and Co. show that the PAC brought in $440,000 last month, while expending $211,000. This month’s total also pushes the PAC’s year-to-date total above $3 million, and leaves them with almost $1.2 million on hand. October’s high numbers follow on the heels of strong fundraising numbers for September as well.

    How does this compare to other potential candidates for the GOP nomination in 2012? Well, it’s always hard to tell because the Free and Strong America PAC files monthly while the Sarah PAC and Huck PAC have opted to file bi-annually, and Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC is newly formed and has not yet made any filings.

    July 1st of this year is the only point we can compare similar time frames. At that point it stood as following:
    Romney: $1,908,000
    Palin: $733,000
    Huckabee: $304,000

    A few points to add these sums: My guess is that Romney has by far and away continued to raise the most since July. Sarah Palin’s PAC was not formed until February, and she also raised funds for a defense fund. She is also focusing much of her attention in promoting her new book. Even so her numbers for the second half of the year will be much more telling. Mike Huckabee, though he has dismal fundraising numbers, has had extreme benefit from his show on FOX as well as his radio program. That kind of exposure probably has more monetary value than all of the $3 million Romney has been able to raise this year. On the downside, if he can’t translate increased name recognition and exposure into shear fundraising number he will have a hard time in the general election when he can no longer depend on his TV show.

    Month by month fundraising and disbursement totals for the FSA PAC:

    ~Nate G.
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