Attacks on Romney's Business Career Not Sticking, Obama [Thinking We're Stupid] Turns Focus To Romney's Service as Gov and Olympics CEO

The heartless “corporate raider” label that the Obama campaign and the DNC are trying to pin on Romney just isn’t sticking.

Adding to recent Bain Capital praise from top Obama surrogates Bill Clinton, Cory Booker and Deval Patrick, comes a testimonial today from Domino’s CEO Patrick Doyle. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Doyle says Bain Capital “helped shape Domino’s over the course of the past decade — helped make us as successful as we are.” There are hundreds of companies out there that could say the same thing; unfortunately, they don’t have as big of a podium as Obama or, frankly, the time to fight back at the Obama smears (they are trying to run businesses, after all).

The talk about Bain Capital starts at 3:30:

How long will Obama’s people keep treating American voters like idiots? If Bain Capital were as evil as they portray it, why are so many prominent business owners — and Obama’s own supporters! — coming out in support of it? Why is it widely known as one of the most successful investment firms in the world?

Just when you think the Obama folks might be getting a clue, they shift their focus from Romney’s business career to his time as governor of MA (HINT: you won’t find any dirt there, either). I heard there are also plans in the works to later focus the mudslinging at Mitt’s time as Olympics CEO — you remember, right? … The time when Mitt refused a salary and worked tirelessly for 3 years to instill confidence after scandal, secure funding, recruit a huge volunteer force, implement an impressive security detail, and essentially SAVE THE OLYMPIC GAMES from collapse? Good luck.

It’s got to be frustrating being an Obama strategist. A guy as solid as Mitt leaves them nothing to work with. I’m convinced that their final argument, after they come to terms with who they are up against, will be that Mitt is overqualified to be president! Wait and see.

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