Mitt Romney: Why He Supports John McCain, ‘No Apology’ Book Tour Precursor to 2012 Presidential Run?

RT correspondent Kristine Frazao (the Alyona Show) reports on MittRomney’s ‘No Apology’ book tour, recent National Press Club speech, and speculates on a possible Romney 2012 presidential run:

When questioned why NPC attendees were ‘smitten’ with Romney, his experience, eloquence, and looks were mentioned. Frazao elaborates further:

“Everyone that I spoke to said we like his morals, his ethical background. We like that he has five children. As you heard in the story – that he married his college sweetheart. We like that he has grandchildren[…]They see him as a family man[…]They see him as somebody kind of centered in his moral compass[…].”

*Mitt Romney: Why I’m Backing McCain

‘No Apology’ volunteer (Love this guy!):

Go Mitt!”

*(HT to Nancy French @ EFM & Frank.)