Will Frankenstorm Faze Halloween? Romney/Ryan Endorsement Treats: NH, MN, OR, CA

Romney supporters are ready for Halloween in Wilton, Connecticut. Oct 25, 2021
(photographer unknown)

In spite of Hurricane Sandy, dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’, on this All Hallow’s Eve most of the nation’s merry little folks in masquerade will participate in traditional Halloween activities.

Trick-or-treating is a go in storm damaged New York City; Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging ghoulies, ghosties, and long-leggety beasties to stay away from affected areas and be cautious. According to the latest news report I heard today, Gov Chris Christie, who characterized damage in his state as “too widespread for words”, was still considering issuing an executive order to cancel Halloween in New Jersey until the situation stabilizes somewhat in his state. Given that Christie was touring storm damage this afternoon with Obama, it appears Halloween is a go in The Garden State. Various other cities affected by the super storm Sandy will postpone Halloween frolics until this coming Saturday.

UPDATE (1:21 PM PT): Governor Chris Christie has announced that New Jersey will celebrate Halloween next Monday, November 5, 2021 (election eve!).

While continuing to call upon supporters to be mindful of victims from Hurricane Sandy and to donate to the Red Cross, Governor mitt Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are back into the ‘spirit’ of things and are campaigning. Today Governor Romney is campaigning in Florida with former FL Gov Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio. Congressman Ryan is spending the day holding events in his home state, Wisconsin, and as the moon rises tonight, will be free to go trick-or-treating with his wife Janna, and three children.

Meanwhile, things that go bump in the night may be the sound of looters and spooks on the left are outrageously baring fangs over Romney’s storm relief efforts. Even though Obama told bone rattling Biden “now is not the time for politics” Joe was up to his usual hocus pocus and also hinted at a 2016 run for the White House. Yikes for America.

Obama will be back on his thorny campaign trail tomorrow, so beware!

Meanwhile, in spite of the double, double, toil, and trouble, the ENDORSEMENT cauldron continues to boil and bubble for the GOP ticket!

Nashua Telegraph (NH)
October 30, 2021

Mitt Romney For President

Four years ago, with little hesitation, we endorsed then-Sen. Barack Obama to become the 44th president of the United States, saying it was a time for “new leadership, a new approach to governing, a new way of conducting the people’s business.”

After several hours of spirited debate, not unlike conversations taking place in kitchens and living rooms across America, we reached a consensus that he had not. Perhaps more importantly, when we identified the key challenges facing the nation – jobs, the economy and the national debt – we concluded he was not the best candidate to meet them.

That person is former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and we hereby endorse him to become the 45th president of the United States.

As we noted when we endorsed Romney for the GOP nomination prior to the New Hampshire primary in January, Washington is broken. In order to fix it, it will take a strong leader willing to roll up his sleeves and work directly with the heads of both parties to carve out the best possible solutions.

We believe Romney has demonstrated that he can do that; the president has had four years to demonstrate that he can’t.

True leaders also don’t wait until two weeks before Election Day – in the form of a 20-page booklet, no less – to lay out a specific agenda for the next four years. Coupled with the negative tenor of the campaign, that merely confirms the president and his strategists felt that attacking Romney’s agenda was more politically expedient than releasing one of their own.

Nevertheless, we are confident Romney is the candidate who would tackle the serious issues facing this nation, starting with jobs, the economy and the debt. In the end, we couldn’t say the same about the president.

Speaking of hobgoblins, David Axelrod, senior strategist for Obama’s reelection campaign, today declared he would “shave my mustache if Obama loses Minnesota.” Come on! Let’s make Axelfraud break out his razor! While traditionally a ‘blue-wall’, the race is tightening enough that Romney is now buying ad time in The North Star State. Check out the endorsement below:

West Central Tribune (MN)
Oct 27, 2021

Romney vote is right for president

[T]he president’s first term has not been full of successes.

He moved on health care reform, pushing through legislation without bipartisan support, resulting in a legislative backlash which gridlocked Congress.

This administration has been unsuccessful in reducing the unemployment rate in the United States, with 43 long months with the rate above 8 percent.

Economic growth has remained stagnant through most of his first term. The three-year recovery has been very slow, poverty is up, family incomes are down and housing has been in a slump.

The scary issue facing America this Halloween is a looming fiscal crisis. There is the gigantic budget deficit $5 trillion deeper than when Obama took office. And a looming fiscal cliff deadline at the end of year, when automatic cuts of $100 billion from federal budgets and tax increases of $400 billion, happen unless Congress and the administration make a deal.

For various reasons, Obama has not been a uniting force and has not found a way to work with his Republican opposition.

Four years ago a nation tired of two wars, high deficit spending and an unfolding economic crisis sought a change. The country’s voters chose a young senator from Illinois to lead us forward.

There has been fair criticism of the Republican leaders of Congress who vowed to obstruct the president in the last two years, just as Obama had a Democratic control and didn’t work with Republicans in the first two years of his administration.

And both political parties are to blame for not having the political fortitude to deal with America’s growing fiscal crisis.

On Nov. 6, west central Minnesota voters face a choice for president. We all agree that Washington is broken and not functioning, much like a baseball team that is not winning. There is a time when a change is needed and a new manager is brought in to get the team refocused.

Republican Mitt Romney is seeking to bring that change to Washington. He is promising a new brand of leadership, an economic focus to create jobs and fiscal prudence to work on the budget deficit.

Romney has demonstrated his leadership in private business, in state government and in the 2002 Olympics.

He is a successful businessman, who earned his wealth through investment and decision-making strategies. He has spent the majority of his life in private business and said he knows how to grow jobs.

In 1999, Romney was brought in to resolve the scandalous crisis at the Salt Lake City Olympics. He addressed the situation, calmed sponsors, developed new leadership, controlled spending and staged an excellent Winter Olympics.

In 2002, he was elected governor of Massachusetts and faced an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. He worked with that Legislature to control spending, restructure state government and eliminated a $3 billion state government deficit.

America needs a change in leadership to refocus the country and its economy toward a strong and vibrant country. This country cannot afford to slip back into another recession so soon.

We believe Romney is the right choice for president on Nov. 6.

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Newspaper Endorsements Pour In for Romney/Ryan: NH, MA, WV, TX, MI, VA, NY, D.C.

Photo - Al Behrman / AP

Like a waterfall, newspaper editorial board endorsements for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to pour in…

Foster’s Daily Democrat (NH)
October 24, 2021

It’s Now Time To Decide

If you had already made up your mind going into Monday night’s presidential debate, nothing said probably changed your mind. But for those who were undecided, there certainly was some food for thought.

But what was lacking on the part of the president was a vision for the future and credibility based on the past. The current commander in chief repeatedly accused Romney of reaching back into history for failed policies of the past both home and abroad. The president summoned images of President Herbert Hoover and others which history has deemed failures. In doing so, Obama tried to gloss over his own history of failed promises — on unemployment, on balancing the budget, cutting the deficit and — as we believe — earning the respect of our overseas allies.

Admittedly, Obama’s failures center mostly around domestic policy — Romney’s strength. But as Romney pointed out Monday night, in order to be strong and respected on the international stage, the United States must be strong economically.

As readers know, there is no doubt on the part of the editorial board here at Foster’s Daily Democrat new leadership is needed from the White House. We believe all three debates — but especially the first — support that notion. We believe that, on balance, the debates have shown Mitt Romney to be the more capable and with a vision for the future — a vision President Obama has failed to offer.

On Nov. 6, we urge voters to give Mitt Romney a chance to offer the nation real hope and change.

Boston Herald
Editorial Staff
October 23, 2021

Romney’s The One

Four years ago the voters put their faith in a man who offered vague promises of hope and change at a time when any change looked like a good idea and hope was in short supply.

What this nation got in Barack Obama was a president who used an economic crisis to further his redistributionist agenda — and, not surprisingly, failed miserably at restoring American prosperity. Oh, he brought change all right — to a government-knows-best philosophy that has given us four years of high unemployment, higher gas prices, a $16 trillion deficit, and a job-killing regulatory environment.
Enough! This isn’t the kind of change anyone can believe in.

The other simple fact is that in Mitt Romney voters have not merely a safe and steady alternative but a proven leader and an extraordinarily skilled expert in the art of the economic turnaround.

He did that all over again for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

What Romney knows at the core of his being is that sometimes government must step aside and sometimes it must lead.

Last night the nation saw a man who in the area of foreign policy is prepared to lead, who knows that for the United States to remain safe it must reclaim its place on the world stage.

During the last four years the world has become a more dangerous place. We can’t afford four more years of a leadership vacuum.

Not when in Mitt Romney voters have the choice of a strong, smart hand on the helm, a decent, caring man, who lives his faith, who loves his country and would serve it well. For all of those reasons, the Boston Herald is pleased to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

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Newspapers Endorsements Pouring In For Romney/Ryan: OH, FL, PA, NV, NH, MA, AZ, TX

Sixteen days to go.

Newspaper editorial boards across America are endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

Three days, 12 endorsements:

Columbus Dispatch
October 21, 2021

For President

After nearly four years of economic stagnation, massive unemployment, record-setting debt and government intrusions into the economy that have paralyzed the private sector, the United States needs a new direction. For this reason, The Dispatch urges voters to choose Republican Mitt Romney for president in the Nov. 6 election.

Four years after promising hope and change, and after a deficit-driving $787 billion stimulus program, here is the result:

• 12.1 million unemployed, with an unemployment rate above 8 percent for 43 of the past 44 months.

• 8.6 million working part time because they can’t find full-time work

• 2.5 million who wanted to work, but have stopped looking for jobs.

• In 2009, real median household income was $52,195. By 2011, it had fallen to $50,054

• In 2009, the U.S. poverty rate was 14.3 percent. By 2011, the poverty rate climbed to 15 percent.

• On Obama’s watch, 12 million more Americans joined the food-stamp program, which has reached a record of more than 46 million enrollees.

• Annual federal budget deficits above $1 trillion for the past four years, increasing the national debt to an all-time high of $16 trillion.

Obama has failed. That is why Mitt Romney is the preferred choice for president. Romney’s adult life has been spent turning around troubled private and public institutions. These turnarounds include scores of companies acquired and restructured by Bain Capital, the investment firm he founded in 1984. Not all were successes, but that is because to a significant degree, many of the companies Bain took on were high-risk. In 1999, he was asked to take over the scandal-plagued and fiscally mismanaged 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. He quickly streamlined its management, fixed its finances and guaranteed its security, turning it into a success. As governor of Massachusetts, he made tough decisions to lead the state out of a budget deficit, and he did so in a state dominated by Democrats.

As a career businessman and former governor, Romney brings a wealth of executive experience in the private sector and the public sector that dwarfs that of Obama. From working both sides of the government/private-sector equation, he understands how that relationship can aid or impede prosperity. His election would be an immediate signal to the private sector that someone who knows what he is doing is managing the nation’s economic policy. The effect on business confidence would be dramatic and immediate, and business confidence is the vital ingredient needed to spur investment and hiring, the two things that the United States so desperately needs.

In 2008, Americans made a leap of faith when they elevated the inexperienced Obama to the White House. That faith was not rewarded. This time, voters should place their hopes for change in experience, by electing Romney.

Orlando Sentinel
October 19, 2021

Our Pick For President: Romney

Two days after his lackluster first debate performance, President Barack Obama’s re-election hopes got a timely boost. The government’s monthly jobless report for September showed the nation’s unemployment rate fell below 8 percent for the first time since he took office.

If that were the only metric that mattered, the president might credibly argue that the U.S. economy was finally on the right track. Unfortunately for him, and for the American people, he can’t.

We have little confidence that Obama would be more successful managing the economy and the budget in the next four years. For that reason, though we endorsed him in 2008, we are recommending Romney in this race.

Now the president and his supporters are attacking Romney because his long-term budget blueprint calls for money-saving reforms to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, three of the biggest drivers of deficit spending. Obama would be more credible in critiquing the proposal if he had a serious alternative for bringing entitlement spending under control. He doesn’t.

[T]he core of Romney’s campaign platform, his five-point plan, at least shows he understands that reviving the economy and repairing the government’s balance sheet are imperative — now, not four years in the future.

Romney has a strong record of leadership to run on. He built a successful business. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and mismanagement. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a Democrat-dominated legislature to close a $3billion budget deficit without borrowing or raising taxes….

But after reflecting on his [Obama’s] four years in the White House, we also don’t think that he’s the best qualified candidate in this race.

We endorse Mitt Romney for president.

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Sununu: Santorum, Gingrich “Grasping at Straws & Toys” - Sen. DeMint “Excited About Romney”

One of our favorite Romney guys, Former NH Governor John Sununu, spoke this morning to FOX News’ Martha MacCallum (America’s Newsroom). With the Santorum/Gingrich led media hoopla surrounding a Romney aide’s comment about Etch-a-Sketch, Sununu pulled no punches:

“Mitt Romney is talking about creating jobs and Santorum is waving kiddie toys in the air. It’s from the sublime to the ridiculous. ~ Fmr NH Gov John Sununu

We’ve now reached the silly stage of primary politics… With the gravity of the domestic and foreign threats America is facing, images of foolhardy Santorum and Gingrich pinching and twisting plastic toy knobs on the campaign trail, hoping to etch and sketch enough favor to hang on for another day, is pitiable.

Matt Benyon (Team Santorum) felt no shame putting this photo out for the world to see. March 22, 2022

Romney’s reaction to Etch-a-Sketch flap:

Regardless of frivolous and foolish antics from Romney’s opposition, conservative Senator and Tea Party leader Jim DeMint released a buzz-worthy memo today. Penning lines that are very easy to read between, Demint says it’s time for the GOP to make a decision… to go with Romney:

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Sen. Jim DeMint, the South Carolina Republican and tea party favorite, said Thursday he was ‘excited’ about the possibility of Mitt Romney becoming the GOP presidential nominee.
“I can tell conservatives from my perspective is that, I’m not only comfortable with Romney, I’m excited about the possibility of him possibly being our nominee,” DeMint said. “Again, this is not a formal endorsement and I do not intend to do that right now but I just think we just need to look at where we are.”

DeMint’s comments came the same day Romney met with influential Republicans on Capitol Hill, including House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan. Like DeMint, Ryan has not publicly backed a candidate in the GOP race, but is considered a prized endorsement for the White House.

DeMint was impressed with Romney:

“His leadership skills, the fact that he hasn’t lived his life in Washington. There’s a lot to like there,” DeMint said.
“I don’t have any immediate plans to do an endorsement but I think we all need to look at this presidential primary and encourage the candidates to do a little self-reflection here — what’s good for our country,” he said. “The sooner we can make a decision, I think the sooner we can focus on the real problem which is Obama.”

(emphasis added) Read complete article here.

DeMint’s voice joins a growing chorus; Jeb Bush endorsed Romney yesterday, Frank Luntz, Dick Morris, Henry Barbour, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump say Romney is the one. Freedom Works says it will no longer oppose The Gov. Even Ed Rollins, former Bachmann/Huckabee campaign manager, says he’s grown bored with this drawn-out nomination process and it’s time to get in the huddle with with Mitt.

I wholeheartedly agree.

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Romney Snags Significant NH Endorsement, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) will formally endorse Mitt Romney today at a rally in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Good news!

Mitt Romney has garnered the first endorsement from a U.S. senator in any of the early states in the GOP race. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is not only backing Romney, she will serve as Co-Chair of his National Advisory Committee:

By Alexander Burns

MANCHESTER — U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte will back Mitt Romney for President on Sunday in the first endorsement of a Republican presidential hopeful by a member of the state’s congressional delegation.

The New Hampshire Sunday News and UnionLeader.com have learned that the freshman lawmaker will formally endorse the former Massachusetts governor Sunday at 2:30 p.m. when she appears with him at a rally at Nashua City Hall. They will then visit nearby Jackie’s Diner to meet with voters.

Ayotte, a Nashua native and resident, is the biggest “get” so far in the New Hampshire primary sweepstakes.

Although endorsements by top elected officials don’t often sway independent-minded rank-and-file voters in the “Live Free or Die” state, the former attorney general is viewed as the most popular elected Republican in the state and is the party’s top elected official.

Ayotte will be named a co-chair of Romney’s national advisory committee and will be a surrogate for Romney not only in New Hampshire but also in other key states.

“She is a leader of the New Hampshire Republican Party and a rising star on the national stage,” said a Romney aide, who noted she has even been mentioned as a potential vice presidential candidate. “She will be an important surrogate for Governor Romney’s pro-growth message in the Granite State and across the country.”

Ayotte joins former Gov. John H. Sununu, former U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg and a long list of state lawmakers in Romney’s corner.

Ayotte’s statement:

First, it is imperative that Republicans nominate our strongest candidate to face President Obama. Mitt Romney has proven not only through his prior experience as a successful businessman and governor, but also through his solid campaign and excellent debate performances, that he is that candidate. We cannot afford another four years of a president who continues to bankrupt America and whose policies hurt the very job creators who can get our economy growing again. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and continue to listen to divisive rhetoric which divides our nation. Mitt Romney will be a strong leader who will unite America. With his strong qualifications and executive leadership experience, he will put America on the path to fiscal responsibility to make sure that we don’t continue to crush our children with mountains of debt. Mitt Romney not only eliminated a $3 billion deficit as Massachusetts Governor, he also cut taxes 19 times. And unlike President Obama, Governor Romney has spent most of his career in the private sector and knows how to create good jobs.

Second, Mitt Romney is not only committed to building a stronger economy, but he also believes, as I do, in stronger American leadership abroad. He will remain vigilant in the fight against al Qaeda and Islamist terrorists, and his national security decisions will be based on advice from our military commanders - not political polls. With a rising China and persistent nuclear threats from rogue nations, we need Governor Romney’s strong, steady leadership to vigorously protect American interests. I trust Mitt Romney to keep our country safe in a dangerous world.

Third, I believe Governor Romney will run a campaign against President Obama that is serious, substantive, and one we can be proud of.

(emphasis added )

Romney endorsed Ayotte when she was running for the senatorial seat last fall. Her endorsement of him is significant.

After The Gov’s rally today at Nashua (2:30 pm ET) and a meeting with voters at Jackie’s Diner, he will host a townhall meeting at 5:30 pm in Peterborough.

UPDATE 11/20/11 - Twitpic from Carol Robidoux, attendee @Nashua rally “They’re here!” (photo taken at front steps of Nashua City Hall, click on image to enlarge):

Governor Romney’s statement:

“In her short time in the U.S. Senate, Senator Ayotte has emerged as a conservative leader in the fight to cut spending and create a government that is more accountable to the taxpayers,” said Mitt Romney. “Throughout her career as a public servant, Senator Ayotte has displayed the virtues that Granite Staters expect from their leaders. She is a tireless worker who understands that she serves the New Hampshire taxpayers – not the other way around – and keeps a watchful eye on how their money is spent. I am honored to have her support and look forward to working with her to put an end to Washington’s spending addiction so that our children and grandchildren will not be burdened by irresponsible policies and endless debt.”

Background On Senator Kelly Ayotte:

Kelly Ayotte Was Elected To The United States Senate In 2010 With 60% Of The Vote. She previously served as New Hampshire’s first female Attorney General from 2004-2010. In the Senate, Kelly serves on the Armed Services, Budget, Commerce, and Small Business Committees. She is the Ranking Member on the Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support.

For successfully leading efforts to secure New Hampshire’s first capital murder convictions in over 60 years, the Union Leader newspaper named Ayotte “Citizen of the Year” in 2008. She is married to Joe Daley, a Nashua native who flew combat missions during the Iraq war and currently serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air National Guard. She helped him launch a landscaping and snow removal company, which provides her with a firsthand understanding of how decisions made in Washington impact small businesses.

Kelly and Joe live in Nashua with their two children.

H/t Paulee, Union Leader article
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VIDEO: Romney in NH, Sununu “I Feel Very Strongly That Romney Is The Best”

The Romney campaign has released a great new video today that captures some of the excitement of yesterday’s events at the Statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire:

Mitt on the Road: New Hampshire State House

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and former NH Gov John H. Sununu share a light moment outside the NH Statehouse after Romney was formally endorsed by Sununu. Oct 24, 2021

Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was interviewed today on The Take Away program by Celeste Headlee and John Hockenberry. Sununu spoke of Romney’s conservative credentials and was asked about Obama, Rick Perry, the Tea Party, and more. Here’s the podcast:

“I feel very strongly that he is the best man to be president. I’ve endorsed him and I’m going to help him do that.” ~ Fmr NH Gov John H. Sununu

In case you missed it, here is video of the events held yesterday at the New Hampshire Statehouse.

► Jayde Wyatt

Anyone else notice that Gov. Sununu made the same argument that our political cartoon does?

Romney Endorsed by NH State Senator Boutin, NH Executive Councilor Sununu

Mitt Romney has announced that he’s received two more endorsements from The Granite State.

Today, NH State Senator David Boutin gave Romney the ‘thumbs up’ and a week ago, NH Executive Council Chris Sununu revealed he is also backing The Gov:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of New Hampshire State Senator David Boutin (R-Hooksett). Senator Boutin joins State Senators Jeb Bradley (R-Wolfeboro), Gary Lambert (R-Nashua), Jack Barnes (R-Raymond), Chuck Morse (R-Salem), Jim Rausch (R-Derry) and Tom Deblois (R-Manchester) in supporting Governor Romney’s candidacy.

“David Boutin has been a tireless advocate for the traditional New Hampshire principles of lower taxes, limited government and less spending,” said Romney. “I am honored to have earned his support and pleased that he has agreed to join my campaign to create jobs and grow our economy.”

NH State Senator David Boutin

“Mitt Romney understands that our country can’t continue spending more than we take in. Mitt recognizes the extraordinary challenges facing our country and he has laid out bold plans to cut spending, jump start our economy and create jobs,” said Senator Boutin. “As a fiscally responsible governor, Mitt balanced budgets and as successful businessman he turned around struggling enterprises. He has the executive experience, the skills and the fiscally conservative values needed to defeat President Obama and restore fiscal sanity to Washington.”

Background On State Senator David Boutin:

Senator David Boutin was elected to the New Hampshire Senate during a special election held in February of 2010. Nine months later, he went on to win a full term in November of 2010. He represents District 16 which covers Bow, Dunbarton, Candia, Manchester Wards 1, 2 and 12 and his hometown of Hooksett. Boutin previously served as a state Representative serving Manchester Ward 1 from 1996-2000 and then returned to the legislature winning a special election to represent the town of Hooksett in the House of Representatives from 2008 to 2010.

A leader in his community, Boutin served on the Hooksett Town Council, Zoning Board and Heritage Commission. He also has served on the Manchester Airport Access Study Task Force, the Manchester Planning Board, and the Historic District Commission. From 1984-1986, he served on the Salem Budget Committee as a resident of that town.

Mitt Romney has announced the support of New Hampshire Executive Councilor Chris Sununu (R-Newfields). Sununu joins Executive Councilors Ray Burton (R-Bath), Dan St. Hilaire (R-Concord) and Ray Wieczorek (R-Manchester) who have previously endorsed Governor Romney’s candidacy.

NH GOP Executive Councilor Chris Sununu

“Chris Sununu comes from a family that is committed to public service and the traditional New Hampshire principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government. As an Executive Councilor, he has consistently stood up for taxpayers by cutting state spending and fighting to preserve the Granite State’s low tax environment,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have earned Councilor Sununu’s support and look forward to campaigning with him across New Hampshire.”

As he campaigns throughout New Hampshire, Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he has the skills, the experience, and the leadership needed to defeat President Obama and turn around our economy. He knows how to create jobs, cut spending, reduce taxes and promote the pro-growth policies that are needed to return America’s prosperity,” said Councilor Sununu. “In 2012, Republicans need a leader who can unite our Party and promote our fiscally conservative values. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

Background On Executive Councilor Sununu:

Chris Sununu Was First Elected To The New Hampshire Executive Council In 2010. Sununu recently led a group of local investors in the buyout of New Hampshire’s Waterville Valley Ski Resort. He subsequently became the resort’s Chief Executive.

(emphasis added )

► Jayde Wyatt

New Hampshire: 15 More State Reps Supporting Romney

Oranges and golds frame the Flume Covered Bridge located in Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire. 15 NH State Representatives have announced their support for Governor Mitt Romney. Oct 18, 2021

Count ‘em…

15 Granite State endorsements!

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of 15 New Hampshire State Representatives. With today’s endorsements, a total of 35 State Representatives have declared their support for Governor Romney.

“I am proud to have the support of these fiscally responsible New Hampshire state legislators,” said Mitt Romney. “With their help, I look forward to defeating President Obama and getting Americans back to work.”

“Governor Romney has the executive experience and the fiscally conservative values needed to create jobs and turn around our economy. He is a proven leader who can bring people together to confront the enormous challenges facing our county,” said Assistant Majority Leader David Hess (R-Hooksett). “In 2012, Republicans must nominate a candidate who is capable of undoing the damage caused by President Obama’s failed economic policies. That leader is Mitt Romney.”

(emphasis added )

State Representatives Endorsing Mitt Romney:

State Representative David Hess (R-Hooksett)
State Representative Mary Allen (R-Newton)
State Representative Beverly Ferrante (R-Derry)
State Representative Norma Champagne (R-Manchester)
State Representative Russell Day (R-Goffstown)
State Representative Kathleen Hoelzel (R-Raymond)
State Representative Phyllis Katsakiores (R-Derry)
State Representative Frank Holden (R-Lyndeborough)
State Representative Charles McMahon (R-Windham)
State Representative Joseph Krasucki (R-Nashua)
State Representative Michael Reed (R-Nashua)
State Representative John Sytek (R-Manchester)
State Representative James Webb (R-Derry)
State Representative Ross Terio (R-Manchester)
State Representative Chris Ahlgren (R-Wolfeboro)

This is a great show of New Hampshire solidarity for The Gov and an excellent way to kick off debate day in Las Vegas!

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney in New Hampshire: Talks About Rick Perry, Tea Party

From stopping in Massachusetts on Sunday, to working in New Hampshire yesterday and today, Mitt Romney continues meeting concerned Americans and sharing his strong message for American renewal.

The Gov was anticipating a hike to the top of Mount Washington today, but Mother Nature changed those plans. Here’s more

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney made a stop at Stanley Elevator in Merrimack on Tuesday morning after plans to hike Mount Washington were washed out by rain.

Romney was scheduled to hike the northeast’s highest peak with New Hampshire State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, and be available to speak with the media at the peak, however the auto road, which the presidential candidate would have used to descend the mountain, was washed out in yesterday’s rain.

Instead, Romney, considered one of the frontrunners in the GOP Primary, held a meet and greet with employees of Stanley Elevator before giving a 10-minute speech and holding about a 15-minute question and answer session.

During the meet and greet, Romney was introduced to 7-year-old Ian Sandhage, of Milford, the son of one of Stanley Elevator’s employees, who had a question to ask of the presidential candidate.

“Are you going to take President Obama’s house from him?” Ian asked.

“I hope so,” Romney replied, chuckling at the light moment.

The Gov joined employees and the media in a warehouse to talk jobs, education, and his seven point plan to fire up the American economy. Afterward, he held a Q&A session.

Rick Perry:

[…] Romney deflected questions about whether his 25 years in the business world are more valuable than Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s 25 years in government, by saying that he “respects” Perry and thinks he’s a “fine guy” and that they’ll have plenty of time to hash that over in the many debates that are likely to occur leading up to the primary.

“Right now, I’d like to talk about my record, President Obama’s record, why I think President Obama needs to be replaced, and why it is I think he’s in such trouble that he’s having to go on a bus tour to some of the swing states to try and convince some of the people to vote for him again.”

Tea Party:

[…] Romney said he believes he and the Tea Party have some very similar values and ideas.

I’ve had a chance to meet with Tea Partiers across the country and what I hear time and again is government’s too big. We need to cut back on the scale of government. I agree with that,” Romney said. “I think that message is encouraging, is positive and is leading the president to change his agenda. … The Tea Party has helped change the agenda in Washington. That’s a good thing.”

An attendee had this to say:

Susan DiLiberto, of Tyngsborough, Mass., said she’s looking for a president who can put people back into jobs, noting that her husband has been out of work for two years.

“Hopefully, if he gets to the White House, he will be able to do something to create jobs,” DiLiberto said.

As a Massachusetts resident, DiLiberto said she voted for Romney for governor and in the last primary.

I was very, very, very impressed by him,” she said of Romney’s appearance Tuesday morning. “He has a lot of very good ideas.”

Read more here.

Romney’s visit to Stanley Elevator today was symbolically fitting. Their motto is elevate your expectations.

There’s no one better than Romney to help America rise to the top!

Romney’s schedule today:

Touring Stanley Elevator
9 Henry Clay Drive, Merrimack, N.H.
12:00 PM

Meeting with supporters at the Littleton Diner
145 Main St., Littleton, N.H.
5:30 PM

Hosting a town hall meeting at VFW Post 2520
Berlin, N.H.

Mitt Romney speaks with diner owners before his Round Table discussion in Littleton, NH. Aug 16, 2021

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Romney to Address Labor Relations in New Hampshire

Governor Romney will have a full day on the road in The Granite State this Monday. His day will begin at the Concord Chamber of Commerce where he will talk about a subject very much on the minds of New Hampshire residents…

Romney to speak on labor relations in N.H.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will speak about labor relations at a Monday event in Concord, N.H.

In addition to giving his typical campaign speech, Romney plans to highlight his support for right-to-work legislation, and specifically New Hampshire’s proposed right to work law, according to his campaign.

Right-to-work is currently a hot button issue in New Hampshire. The Republican-led state Legislature passed legislation this year that would have made New Hampshire a right-to-work state, meaning workers could not be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Democratic Governor John Lynch vetoed the bill, and Republican leaders are trying to muster the votes to override the veto.

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Romney’s schedule Monday, August 8, 2021:

9:45 AM ET – Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce
Noon – Manchester Rotary Club
6:00 PM – Town Hall VFW Post 483 in Nashua

If a livefeed of the Town Hall is available we’ll post info here, so check back.


A LIVEFEED of Romney’s Town Hall meeting in Nashua this evening at 6:00 PM ET will be aired here.

► Jayde Wyatt