Romney Wrap-up 1/30/07

Romney: Roe vs Wade Cheapens Human Life

“It struck me very powerfully at that point that the Roe v. Wade approach
has so cheapened the value of human life that somebody could think it’s not a
moral issue to destroy embryos,” Romney said.

Boston Globe: Romney’s business skills face a political test

Romney in Columbia, SC today

Romney in SC:
Romney Gets Support in SC

Every decision I have made as governor in a very liberal state has been on
the side of favoring life. We had four or five bills or provisions in bills that
have reached my desk, and every time I have come down on the side of

Romney in SC
Romney Gains Backers in SC
Romney talks of challenges, strengths(reg required)

Mr. Romney, who said he inherited a $3 billion deficit when he became
governor of Massachusetts, said he balanced the state budget without raising
taxes or increasing debt. Instead, he eliminated waste, inefficiency and
duplicate services, he said.

Romney stops in Columbia
Presidential bid brings Romney to Aiken
Good article on Romney’s visit to the Aiken Rotary club

Romney on Nightline:
The Surprise Hit Candidate in Iowa
Romney Draws Fire for Seeming to Have Bought Rumsfeld’s Iraq Line
Religion Could Stunt Romney’s White House Bid
Interview excerpts

General 2008:
Disadvantage of Being a Senator Running for President
GOP Right Sees Lemons in White House Race

Romney Wrap-up 1/29/07 II

Lots of news today

Romney goes after Clintons:
Romney attacks Clintons ‘Iraq policy’

“I don’t think we should run our foreign policy based upon elections, election
schedules or anything of that nature.”

Clinton campaign responds
Its always good to get under her skin enough to elicit a response.

More NRI Summit:
The Hill Romney addresses most social issues; mum on immigration
NR’s Lowry: Not impressed

Romney in South Carolina with Sen. Jim Demint(R-SC):
Where he was
Picks up 3 major endorsements:

Romney was endorsed by former Governor Jim Edwards, the first Republican
elected governor in South Carolina since Reconstruction. He also gained
endorsements from former U-S Representative Tommy Hartnett and Republican
National Committeewoman Cindy Costa.

NH Poll:
Giuliani 33
McCain 32
Romney 21
Other 11
Undecided 3
From Boston’s CBS 4:

…Mitt Romney up sharply over recent polling at 21 percent.For Romney,
it’s an early sign that his strategy of courting the right on social issues is
paying off among GOP conservatives.And it leaves Giuliani and McCain facing the
same fate as Edwards and Obama - they split the moderates, and Romney runs right
through the hole they create.

Not a bad showing for Romney. This is a Survey USA poll of 412 Likely Republican Primary Voters and has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%

McCain trying to get under Romney’s Skin:
Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling endorsing McCain
McCain kicking off Express tour in….Massachusetts

These are certainly interesting moves on McCain’s part. It certainly shows you who he thinks is his biggest threat to the nomination.

Romney Wrap-up 1/29/06

More National Review Institute Coverage:
NYTIMES: Romney Appeals to Core Audience
Romney to speak at Republican Study Committee Retreat later this week
CNS: Romney Boffs Conservative Credentials
National Association of Manufacturers on Romney at NRI Conservative Summit
Romney Touts Conservative Side

Jonathan V. Last: Romney: Great, but with baggage

Romney Headlining MO Lincoln Days Dinner

South Carolina Primary is Key

Race for Florida Cash is On

Congressional Endorsements

Lieberman may Back GOP Candidate in 08

Romney Wrap-up 1/28/06

Romney facing more fire than other GOP hopefuls

Several Democratic political strategists say of the candidates now hoping for
the 2008 Republican nomination, Romney is a fearsome contender. The good-looking businessman has charisma, a history of private sector experience and a golden platform on health care reform.

Since Election Day, the Democratic National Committee has issued 15 news releases slamming Romney - more than any other Republican eyeing the White House. Arizona Sen. John McCain, one of the frontrunners, was the subject of 11, while former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is polling at the head of the pack, felt heat from only one release.

National Review Institute Roundup:
ABC: Romney Acknowledges Shift on Abortion
Boston Globe: Romney emphasizes conservative credentials
CBN: Anti-Abortion Romney, Glance at Underdogs
Hotline: Romney Reviews his Conversion Experience
KJL at NRO’s The Corner

SEIU Praises Romney:

On ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney’s health care plan: “You have to give him credit for
it. He was willing to step up and do something.” She said the SEIU would “love
to here Mitt Romney talk about how he wants to expand” health care.

Christian Right weighs in
A really good and interesting article. A disturbing piece of it though:

(James)Dobson seriously questioned whether a Mormon could be elected president
of the United States. Wanting to make sure the word got out, the McCain campaign
distributed Dobson’s comments to reporters.

Kate O’Beirne in National Review on Romney’s Pro-life Views

State of the Race (good profiles on the candidates)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — He’s riding Statehouse success on
health-care reform and other issues and impressing analysts with staff and
fund-raising. Will conservatives trust his convictions after apparent changes of
position on abortion and gay rights?

South Carolina Primary

Romney Wrap-up 1/27/06

Romney Picks up Rep Camp(R-MI) as Co-Chair of his Michigan Campaign
Rep Knollenberg(R-MI) will also serve as Co-Chair. Both will serve as liasons on Capitol Hill.

Hoekstra Endorses Romney

Romney Hitting South Carolina Monday

But even with the deck stacked against him, the GOP momentum in South Carolina
for the Massachusetts pol is running high. “He’s got a natural charisma,” said
Dawson of Romney. “He’s really got a good flavor for the state.”

Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney’s conversion

Two years into his governorship, in February 2005, Romney announced his
opposition to stem cell research. Then, to the dismay of his pro-choice
supporters, he vetoed a July 2005 bill making available Plan B or “morning
after” contraception. Also that year, in an op-ed for the Boston Globe, he
declared himself pro-life.

I say look at someone’s deeds.

Romney in Iowa:
KCCI: Romney Touts Conservative Views in Waterloo
DesMoines Register: Romney Wants to put Focus on Conservative Views
Over 250 people filled a local establishment in Waterloo to hear Romney speak. Not bad at all
Iowa Politics: Romney Touts Education Plan
Iowa Politics: Romney Favors Surge Strategy Over Subdividing Iraq

Romney puts Shine on his All-Star Team
Good rundown of who’s on Team Romney on Capitol Hill

DNC on Romney’s speech tonight at National Review’s Conservative Summit

“Smooth talking Mitt Romney’s campaign to charm conservative activists is
falling on deaf ears,” said Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Stacie
Paxton. “As hard as he tries, conservative leaders can see that Mitt Romney
believes telling voters what he thinks they want to hear is more important than
addressing the inconsistencies in his record.”

Just what I need. Far left Liberals telling me what a Conservative is. Incredible. I guess it shows you who they really fear!

Keep checking back here for more throughout the day.

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support of RNC Committee Members

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Support of RNC Committee Members
Thursday, Jan 18, 2022

CONTACT: Kevin Madden (857) 288-6390

Boston, MA - Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that 16 members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be joining the Romney for President Exploratory Committee.

“As we gather for the RNC annual winter meeting, I am grateful to have the strong support of my fellow Republicans. In our Party and in their respective states, these men and women will be tireless advocates for our common ideals of lowering taxes, curbing runaway spending, promoting traditional values, and providing for a strong national defense,” said Governor Romney. “In just two weeks, we have put together a strong team united by an optimistic vision for the future and motivated to go forward.”

RNC Committee Members Supporting Governor Romney:

- Cindy Costa, SC
- Darrell Crate, MA
- David Norcross, NJ
- Donna Gosney, WV
- Jody Dow, MA
- June Hartley, OR
- Louis Pope, MD
- Lynn Windel, OK
- Peter Cianchette, ME
- Robert Manning, RI
- Ron Kaufman, MA
- Sara Gear Boyd, VT
- Solomon Yue, OR
- Tom Rath, NH
- Tony Parker, DC
- Vance Day, OR

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Team Romney wins backing from 16 committee members

Former Massachusetts Gov. and presidential aspirant Mitt Romney’s (R) campaign has won the support of 16 Republican National Committee members, according to sources familiar with the campaign.

The list includes Cindy Costa (S.C.), Darrell Crate (Mass.), David Norcross (N.J.), Donna Gosney (W.Va.), Jody Dow (Mass.), June Hartley (Ore.), Louis Pope (Md.), Lynn Windel (Okla.), Peter Cianchette (Maine), Robert Manning (R.I.), Ron Kaufman (Mass.), Sara Gear Boyd (Vt.), Solomon Yue (Ore.), Tom Rath (N.H.), Tony Parker (D.C.) and Vance Day (Ore.).

Read the full story at The Hill

Technorati Tags: Mitt Romney, 2008, Presidential Election, Election 2008.

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