Video: Romney Headlines GOP Fundraiser in Massachussetts

I don’t know how this event completely missed my radar.

Some of you may know that Romney sold his house in Massachusetts, though he remains a MA resident, currently staying at his son Tagg’s house. One interesting tidbit I learned from the video is that Romney currently has an offer on a condo, yes - a condo, in Belmont.

Also mentioned in the video is Scott Brown, who is the leading GOP contender to fill the U.S. Senate seat recently held by Kenndey before he passed away. To learn more about Scott Brown visit his Senate campaign website by clicking here.

~Nate G.

Newsy Tuesday

So many important news stories to cover… so little time:

  • Romney to be special guest at Senator DeMint fundraiser next week (click here)
  • WH attempts to delegitimize Fox. Result: improved ratings (click here) (h/t GOP Toast)
  • Sarah Palin to appear on the Oprah show on the eve of the her book’s release (click here)
  • Rasmussen: Public now trusts GOP more than Dems on 10 out of 10 issues (click here)
  • In case You missed it: 2009 fiscal year budget finalized at a whopping $1.42 TRILLION (click here)

Quick facts on the budget deficit: (FYI, the fiscal year ends on the Sept. 30)

  • $1.42 trillion annual deficit equates to 10% of the nation’s GDP
  • $1.42 trillion 2009 deficit TRIPLES the previous high of $455 billion set in 2008 by the Bush administration
  • deficit is a result of an 18% increase in spending, while tax revenues decreased by 16%
  • Obama’s projected deficit for 2010: 1.5 Trillion! (sorry Obama, no way you can pin that on Bush)
  • total deficit officially stands at $11.9 trillion, very near to the “deficit cap” of $12.1 trillion set by congress
  • the “deficit cap” has been raised 90 times since 1940, 8 times in the last six years

Someone please give me one reason I shouldn’t be upset and extremely alarmed at numbers like that! “I cants ha’dly stands it no mo’e.”

Romney 2008: I will veto any discretionary spending bill that is more than inflation minus 1%.

Romney 2012 anyone?

~Nate Gunderson

Romney’s Remarks to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee Summit


Governor Romney addressed the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2009 summit in San Diego this morning. Here is a link to their website to learn more of what they are about.

Short take on Romney’s speech from Chris Cillizza’s The Fix:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) condemned the Obama Administration’s approach toward Iran, a republic he described as “unalloyed evil” and controlled by “ruthless and fanatical” leaders in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee today in San Diego.

“Stop thinking that a charm offensive will talk the Iranians out of their pursuit of nuclear weapons,” said Romney. “It will not.” Later in the address, he punctuated that sentiment by noting: “Once an outstretched hand is met with a clenched fist, it becomes a symbol of weakness and impotence.”


*Addendum by Jayde in reference to the following paragraph from Mitt’s AIPAC 2009 speech:

Earlier this month, senior staff members of the U.N. nuclear agency concluded in a confidential analysis that Iran has acquired “sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable” atom bomb. We also learned of a previously secret, illegal uranium enrichment facility that the Iranians had been hiding near Qom. A nuclear Iran would be a tipping point in the proliferation of nuclear regimes. It is beyond the scope of this address to provide a detailed tactical and strategic approach to Iran, as I endeavored to do at the Herzylia conference two years ago. In that address, I detailed the six critical steps that would have to immediately be taken to dissuade Iran from nuclear folly. Not a single one of them has been taken by America.

Governor Romney’s 2007 Herzliyah Conference speech outlining six critical steps that could have been taken to prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear capabilities can be found here.

Mitt Romney remarks as prepared for the AIPAC 2009 national summit in San Diego:

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Rasmussen Poll: Huckabee Wins the Day with 29%

Rasmussen published a GOP presidential nomination poll yesterday with Governor Mike Huckabee in the lead (29%), Romney behind 5% in second (24%). with Palin in a more distant third (17%). This is indeed good news for Mike Huckabee and fans, but I would caution them, and anyone else, not to become too invested in polls like this so far out. Much can and will change. And yes I would be saying the same thing even if Romney were in the top spot in the poll right now. The only thing one gains from winning polls this early in the game is a big target on their back and negative publicity from opposing parties or factions.

In early 2006 Rasmussen did a similar poll for the 2008 GOP nomination. The results: Rudy 24%, Condi Rice 18%, and McCain at 17%. Well, we all know who ended up winning. But in the interim Rudy, McCain, Romney and Huckabee all took turns leading in the national polls. Two of those were not even on the radar in the 2006 poll (Romney and Huckabee). It’s possible that Pawlenty, and perhaps even Santorum, could make such a run and we’ll be looking at an entirely different field in 2011. I recall that Romney was at single digits for all of 2006 and the early part of 2007, and was constantly being poked-fun at as “the single digit candidate”. For that reason I caution all to watch out if Pawlenty’s campaign gains traction. I still believe Romney has the advantage at this point, but the competitors are not as far behind as they were before.

huckabee-pollThere are many other tangibles and intangibles that factor into how well a candidate is preparing for a distant election besides the national polls: PAC fundraising performance, media appearances, Op-Eds, speeches, authoring books, PAC organization strength, campaigning for and making alliances with fellow candidates for GOP offices, etc. Having a TV show with millions of weekly viewers, plus a radio show, is certainly helping in Huckabee’s case, as is evident from the poll. They are an advantageous luxury the others won’t be able to have. The shows I’m sure are a great net positive, but there are some minor downsides as well: less free time to raise funds for the PAC and campaign on the behalf of others.

Congrats to Huckabee, the victor of the day.

The results from Rasmussen:

2012: GOP Primary Election











Some other candidate


Not sure


These numbers reflect an improvement for Huckabee since July when the three candidates were virtually even. Huckabee’s gain appears to be Palin’s loss as Romney’s support has barely changed.

The numbers for Huckabee and Romney look even stronger when GOP voters were asked which candidate they would least like to see get the nomination. Pawlenty came on top in that category with 28%. Palin was second at 21% while 20% named Gingrich. Romney and Huckabee were in the single digits with 9% and 8% respectively.

Huckabee and Romney are viewed favorably by 78% of Republican voters, Palin by 75%. Gingrich earns favorably reviews from 69% while Pawlenty is less well known and gets a positive assessment from 45% of Republicans.

Republican voters are very confident their nominee could be the next President of the United States. Eighty-one percent (81%) of the GOP faithful say that it’s at least somewhat likely the Republican nominee will defeat Barack Obama in 2012. Fifty percent (50%) say it’s Very Likely.

~Nate Gunderson

UPDATE: Some interesting head-to-head match-ups plus favorables/unfavorables are posted at

Mr. President, Why Do People Hate You?

Sporting spunkiness, Barack Obama took center stage yesterday at a town hall meeting held at the University of New Orleans in Louisiana. Even though Louisiana is a Red State, New Orleans residents voted heavily for Obama. But, the townfolk weren’t in a mood to give their spiffy president a pass. They remembered the criticism Obama leveled at President Bush for ‘standing by while a major American city drowns.’ They also recalled that Obama visited New Orleans five times as a candidate and senator. Residents were frustrated and a little peaked wondering why it took the President nine months to get back to New Orleans. They were clearly miffed about the slow Hurricane Katrina recovery pace.

Slipping into ‘preacher-speak,’ Obama claimed he’s ‘just getting started’ while attempting to deflect complaints that the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast hasn’t improved much since he took office. From Harry Shearer:

Typically, having mis- or non-diagnosed the problem, he came with no solution, no pledge (aside from the vaporous “build stronger” without reference to build what, how, by whom) to take the steps only the federal government, under strong leadership from a committed chief executive, can take to prevent the disaster from recurring.

Hope he enjoyed his gumbo.

At one point in the town hall meeting, a fourth grade boy asked the president why people hate him:

Maybe ‘hate’ is too strong a word, maybe it isn’t. Maybe it isn’t strong enough. Dislike? Detest? Oppose? Loathe? Leave a comment and share your opinion of President Obama’s performance thus far.

Addendum: Claiming that he wanted to use his first visit as president to ravaged New Orleans to listen to residents’ complaints and concerns, Obama visited a school and did his town hall gig. Rushing off to a Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco, (where he was met with a Tea Party protest) Obama spent a total of four hours in New Orleans.

Phones Ring Off the Hook for Romney Fundraiser in Jacksonville, Florida

No grass grows under Governor Romney’s feet! His continued commitment to conservatism takes him to Jacksonville in November.

John McCain may have beaten Mitt Romney in Florida’s presidential primary but in conservative Duval County Romney crushed the field winning more than 41 percent of the vote (compared to 27 percent for McCain, 16 percent for Mike Huckabee, and 11 percent for Rudy Giuliani. Romney, a presumed candidate for 2012, hasn’t forgotten his pals in northeast Florida and is scheduled to headline a Nov. 9 Duval GOP fundraising dinner honoring Tom Petway for his service to the GOP.

“This dinner will be the foremost Republican event held in Duval County for the last several years. With the combined popularity of Gov. Romney and our own Tom Petway, NE Florida voters should plan to purchase their tickets early to ensure their seat at the dinner,” said Duval Republican Chairman Lenny Curry.

Comments section:

Cindy Jackson: NE Florida Republicans are energized over Gov Romney’s visit on November 9th - the phones are ringing off the hook! We expect a sell out event… Tickets go on sale this Friday at

JTW: I’m so excited about this visit. Excellent work to Chairman Curry and any others who arranged this. For all off you Romney supporters I would recommend a new Romney site I’ve been reading lately:  I’m all for Romney in 2012!!

Hat tip to JTW for the recommendation!

Read more here.

Romney Helps Raise $100,000 for Nebraska GOP

jkl;As the keynote speaker at a Founders’ Day dinner in Omaha, Nebraska last night, former Governor Mitt Romney continues to be a big fundraising attraction. 600 people contributed to deposit $100,000 into the Nebraskan GOP piggy bank. In these budget-stretching, uncertain economic times, the digging-deep-in-pockets truth is that Republicans are more committed than ever to support the conservative cause. It’s also moneyed approval of Romney’s clout. Also attending were Gov. Dave Heineman, U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns and U.S. Reps. Adrian Smith and Lee Terry.

Mitt’s comments last night on Obama’s health care scheme:

President Obama’s troubles with health care reform rest with his fellow Democrats, and not Republicans, former GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney said Friday in Omaha.

Democrats wary of a public takeover of health care — including Nebraska Democratic U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson — are Obama’s main obstacle, Romney said prior to his appearance at a state GOP fundraising dinner.

“The president doesn’t need one Republican vote to pass a health-care plan,” said Romney, saying there are enough Democrats in Congress to pass a bill.

“If a bill is being delayed or he’s having trouble getting it through, it’s because some Democrats are listening to what people are saying,” Romney said.

On health care reforms Romney implemented in Massachusetts:

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney helped implement health care reform in that state. In fact, Massachusetts is the only state in the union with a government mandate requiring residents to have insurance or face a penalty.

Romney stood behind the Massachusetts approach, saying he continues to support the idea.

Some Republicans object to a mandate, saying the federal government should not be in the business of requiring citizens to buy health insurance.

Romney argued that people who fail to purchase health care insurance make everyone else pay when they get sick. Hospitals cover the costs of treating the uninsured by spreading the expense among people with insurance.

Romney also said he believes the federal government should allow each state to develop its own health care reform bill with dollars currently being spent on Medicaid and Medicare.

Finally, Romney said, he opposes a “public option.” He said a government-run health insurance plan would be a takeover of the health care system.

Instead, he favors the Massachusetts plan, where the state created a pool of insurance companies, which then offered subsidized health insurance to people who could not afford insurance.

Read more here.

See Romney Keynotes Nebraska GOP Event by Rebel Ross here on MRC Forum.

News Round-up

- Patrick Ruffini (formerly with Giuliani’s campaign) says the time is now to attack Romney:

Why? Look at the RCP chart. Romney’s growth nationally has been steady-as-she-goes, without the ups and downs that characterize a mature base of support. (It kind of reminds me of Dean’s growth in 2003.) His rise in IA and NH has been dizzying and remarkable…

- Bruce Bartlett explains the FairTax and shows why it is both deceiving and impractical:

In reality, the FairTax rate is not 23%…If a product costs $1 at retail, the FairTax adds 30%, for a total of $1.30. Since the 30-cent tax is 23% of $1.30, FairTax supporters say the rate is 23% rather than 30%.

- More staff turnover at the Thompson not-quite-campaign. Dean Barnett says the wheels are coming off:

Here’s my big concern about Fred: I’m very worried about entrusting the most complex CEO job in the world to someone or anyone who’s never run anything bigger than a six person law firm. Thompson has no executive experience, and it shows in the way he’s run his campaign. The indecision, the lack of direction, the organizational incoherence – these are hallmarks of a rookie CEO.

- Much has been made of the different assessments given by the Club for Growth to Mitt and Rudy. The NY Times has a story out questioning Rudy’s fiscal discipline:

In fact, Mr. Giuliani left his successor, Michael R. Bloomberg, with a bigger deficit than the one Mr. Giuliani had to deal with when he arrived in 1994. And that deficit would have been large even if the city had not been attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.

News Round-up

  • From abortion to nuclear pork projects, Thompson’s lobbying record leaves much to be desired for conservatives. Kenneth Vogel over at the Politico has the extensive details on the nuclear blemish on Thompson’s bona fides.
  • “It sounds like an effort by Giuliani to make himself seem like a hawk on immigration when, in fact, he’s been a dove all along,” the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, said. More here.

News Round-up

Mitt Romney-Road to the White House: Romney: Innovation and Transformation

“It’s time for innovation and transformation in Washington.

It’s what our country needs.

It’s what our people deserve.” ~ Mitt Romney

mitt romney, ann romney, republican, conservative, 2008 election, romney

Patrick Ruffini: Hillary Loses

via Hugh Hewitt’s TownHall Blog on Jun 04, 2022
Hillary did not do well. Early on, she was outmaneuvered by John Edwards and Barack Obama on the war. Edwards succeeded in portraying himself as the most over-the-top in the anti-war caucus. Obama’s put-down of Edwards’…

Florida for Mitt: Stop the Bigotry!

via Planet Romney by (James) on Jun 04, 2022
If you surf the net finding opinions and articles about Governor Romney, much of the material you will read is hogwash why Mitt Romney’s religion matters in the upcoming election. People will try to be “understanding” and “open-minded” in their long and “tactful” attacks on Romney’s faith as they try to “inform” the public of the risks involved in electing a Mormon President.
What risks? That the Mormon religion will win over more converts (if they won’t win over you-what are you afraid of)? That people will come to know that Mormons are just regular people too?……..What, honestly, is there to fear?

It’s interesting that none of these reasons to be wary of a Mormon president has anything to do with politics. Bottom line, people are afraid of what they don’t understand. You know, I don’t even think we as a nation have to fully understand Mormonism………we just need to take a good look at Romney the person.

Our nation has made wonderful strides in accepting people of various cultures, races, and religions. For whatever reason, we’re still really behind the curve of understanding regarding Mormonism.

Recently, we’ve heard the outrageous story of the Floridian preacher, Bill Keller, who emailed nearly 3 million Americans saying “that if you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan!” We shouldn’t accept this behavior in Florida folks-we have a good reputation of welcoming people with open arms. You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if Keller was the only bigot out there… and the blogosphere is full of bigotry. It’s also a challenge to see or read an interview with Romney that religion doesn’t come up. Let’s not tolerate this anymore! Please help me fight bigotry folks……it’s ugly-I doubt any of the pictures in this post makes you feel warm and fuzzy…..well, it shouldn’t-let’s make sure bigotry is not a factor in the upcoming election.

P.S. I want to apologize to Governor Romney for posting this…….he has handled bigotry with ease and grace-he’s a classy guy. Perhaps I should do the same, but for now-I’ll exercise my freedom of speech.

Evangelicals for Mitt: THE BUZZ

Mary Matalin (whom I adore-she graciously endorsed my book) might be joining Fred Thompson’s team.

South Carolinians for Romney: Polls Show Romney Making Progress in S.C.

Recent polling has shown Romney making progress here in the Palmetto State. As recently as April he was still polling in the single-digits among South Carolina Republicans. The last two polls in South Carolina show Romney with 10% and 12%.

First, the American Research Group conducted a poll between May 23-26, 2007 with Romney pulling in 10% of the vote–up from 5% and 6% in previous polls.

Next, theWinthrop/ETV Poll, conducted between May 16 and May 27, 2022 show Romney coming in third place among registered Republicans:

Rudy Giuliani - 18.6

John McCain - 14.4

Mitt Romney - 11.7

Fred Thompson - 6.4

It is interesting to note that 30% were listed as undecided. Of that 30% you can bet that all of them already know and have an opinion of Rudy Giuliani and John McCain and will likely break for Romney and Thompson. As we’ve said many times, and as we have seen after the first two debates, when people get to know Romney, they tend to like him.

Look for South Carolina to become a horse race between Romney and Thompson with Romney coming out on top due to his strong organization and superior fundrai

Shifting Political Sands in NH

Romney’s Political Fortune Tied to Business Past