North Dakota: Senator John and Mikey Hoeven Will Chair Romney’s ND Campaign

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, wife Mical (Mikey), daughter Marcela, son Jack

Here’s a bit of good news to add to Friday fun…

Governor Romney has announced that a prominent couple from the great state of North Dakota will serve as campaign chairs – Senator John Hoeven and wife, Mikey (Mical):

I am happy to have Mikey and John’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “Senator Hoeven has served North Dakota well as governor and now as U.S. Senator. As a fellow businessman and governor, he knows that big spending Washington solutions will not solve our nation’s fiscal and economic problems and we must free the private sector to strengthen the economy.”

“It is an honor for us to join Governor Romney’s campaign,” said Senator Hoeven. “Getting our country on the right track will require lessening the regulatory burden on businesses, reducing spending, reforming taxes and utilizing our energy resources here in the United States. Mitt Romney has laid out conservative solutions such as these to fix our country’s problems and I look forward to working with him to ensure that North Dakota is a leader in our country’s economic revitalization.”

(emphasis added )
Background On Senator John Hoeven:

Senator Hoeven Was Elected In 2010. He serves on the Energy, Agriculture, Indian Affairs and Appropriations Committees. Prior to his election, he was Governor of North Dakota for ten years.

We welcome the Hoevens to the team!

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