Happy 43rd Anniversary to Mitt and Ann Romney

This is pretty cool! The campaign is letting supporters submit short video messages to congratulate Ann Romney & Mitt Romney on their Anniversary today!

Be sure to submit your video if you have a webcam!

I hope everyone who can will join us and donate $43 to the campaign in honor of Mitt and Ann’s 43rd anniversary.

If that is a little out of your price range, GwennnieMN is running an ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Today Only “A GOT MITT BLACK T-SHIRT AND A PINK GOT MITT ANN T-SHIRT” for a $20 donation. E-mail her at kgerickson@mchsi.com for details.

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Does Newt Gingrich Really Want to be President?

Newt Gingrich announced this morning that he would be taking the weekend off in order to “pace” himself. So what will Newt be doing this weekend? He has a book signing scheduled in Virginia and then he will be attending his wife’s French horn concert. The only event Newt has scheduled is a tele-townhall Sunday evening. 

With voting in Iowa being a mere 17 days away, it seems an odd time to take a weekend off. One would think that Newt, given his falling poll numbers, would be working feverishly (like the other candidates) to solidify his support and build a strong organization as we head into voting season. Apparently that’s not Newt’s top priority.

The question has been hinted at before by large media outlets but none have just come out and said it, “Does Gingrich even want to be president?” Or perhaps more appropriately, “Does Gingrich have the ‘fire in the belly’ to run for president and take on Obama in the fall?” Remember, Obama is going to have almost one billion dollars of campaign funds at his disposal to defeat the Republican challenger. Conservatives will need a highly motivated, energized and passionate candidate to challenge Obama.

Last summer Newt’s entire staff resigned in protest because, according to them, “Newt wasn’t taking running for president seriously.” Newt had disappeared for a week prior to the resignations and no one in his staff knew where Gingrich had gone. Only when Gingrich returned did they learn that Newt had been gone for a week on a luxury cruise through the Greek Isles with his wife. Understandably, Newt’s staff was furious at the candidate’s disregard for his own campaign. The staff later claimed that Newt seemed more concerned about selling books and DVD’s than running for president. 

The New York Times recently wrote of the experience saying:

Chris Christie & New Yorkers Come Up with Cash for Romney

Gov Chris Christie’s lunch for Romney serves up the loot…

Christie fans boo$t Romney
By Carl Campanile
Updated: 10:19 AM, November 2, 2021

Thank you, Gov. Chris Christie.

The top New York financial boosters of the pugnacious New Jersey governor helped raise $375,000 for Mitt Romney’s campaign during a lunch at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel yesterday.

The donors — including billionaire Ken Langone and former NYSE chief Richard Grasso — initially backed a Christie bid for the White House but switched to Romney when Christie declined to run.

Romney even got some pinstripe love. Yankee President Randy Levine was one of the 140 donors kicking in $2,500 to help the former governor of Massachusetts, the home of Red Sox Nation.

(emphasis added )

Christie said he was going to start generating cash for Romney.

He’s a man of his word.

He’ll be hosting another fundraiser for The Gov on December 12th.

H/t Paulee

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NJ Gov Chris Christie Raising December Dinero for Romney

NJ Gov Chris Christie and Mitt Romney share a laugh during Q&A after Christie's formal endorsement of Romney. Oct 11, 2021

This is going to be one mighty fine Christmas present for Mitt Romney…

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, is hosting a fundraiser for Governor Romney on December 12th.

Christie, who endorsed Gov Romney on Oct 11th, said he was going to do all within his power to elect Mitt. This will be a big help (and you know Christie’s fundraiser is going to be a good time!):

TRENTON — Now that he has given his endorsement, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will start generating some cash for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Christie is holding a fundraiser for the former Massachusetts governor on Dec. 12.

According to an invitation obtained by The Associated Press, tickets for the event, which is being held at the Hilton in Parsippany, range from $500 for general admission to between $2,500 and $25,000 for VIPs.
It is the first fundraiser that Christie has held since endorsing Romney earlier this month.

Romney endorsed Christie when the former U.S. attorney ran for governor in 2009. And in January, he became the first Republican presidential contender to visit Christie at the governor’s mansion in Princeton.

Maggie Haberman (Politico) reports:

The event’s host committee is asking each person on that roster to rustle up 10 people to donate the maximum $2,500.

Christie answers questions at a press conference about his Romney endorsement (video by Brian Donohue/The Star-Ledger):

Those two make quite a team…

If you haven’t done so, click here to check out Gov Christie’s facebook page.

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Money & Social Media: Romney Campaign Leads

OhMyGov! is a website that monitors the interconnection between media mentions and social media activity. Their analysis reveals that the Romney campaign is the most financially supported and in the best social media position at this point in the 2012 GOP presidential race:

Romney Leads GOP Race for Money and Social Media

First, as always, we concentrate on the money. According to his Federal Election Committee quarterly report for the period March - June 2011, the former Massachusetts Governor has over $18.3 million in donations to his credit. That puts him second only to President Obama in terms of money raised, and far ahead of the rest of the GOP field. Just for some perspective, Romney raised nearly half (46%) of all the money donated to major Republican candidates in the last quarter. No other candidate raised more than $4.5 million, putting Romney in an enviable financial position.

[...] According to OhMyGov, Romney accounts for nearly 45% of the Facebook audience for Republican candidates, and ranks highly on Twitter as well.

With more than a million Facebook fans, Romney is in a class by himself in the GOP field. The second most popular Facebook candidate is Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who has almost 620,000 fewer fans than Romney. [...]

It is not only the size of Romney’s share of the Facebook pie that is impressive, but the rate at which he’s picked up followers. During the 2nd quarter of 2011, Romney gained Facebook fans at an intimidating rate (188,000+), far ahead of rivals Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Hunstman. [...]

Surprised at who has the most Twitter followers?

So what can we glean from these numbers? Are Tea Party favorites like Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann hot on the heels of establishment pick Mitt Romney? No, they probably aren’t. What one can begin to assume from these numbers however is that while some may go to Twitter for quick blurbs and sound-bites from entertaining characters (do you really think all of Sarah Palin’s followers actually like Sarah Palin?), they go to Facebook for news and updates on people they are legitimately interested in or support. Mitt Romney’s relative Facebook popularity is matched only by his undeniable financial support, a combination most candidates would take over 10,000 new Twitter followers any day.

(emphasis, italics added)

For further details, click here.

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Why Bachmann & Paul Raising More Money than Romney in the First Quarter is Impressive, but Meaningless

1st Quarter Fundraising: Paul = $3M, Bachmann = $2.2M, Romney = $1.9M

Recent headlines have been screaming that Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann outraised Romney in the first quarter: “They’ve toppled the Romney fundraising machine! What an upset!” …Except it isn’t. While Bachmann and Paul’s fundraising hauls are impressive, it makes no sense to compare their total fundraising numbers to Romney’s at this point for several reasons.

Mitt Romney & Michele Bachmann

First, Bachmann and Paul have federal candidate committees, because they are currently considered House candidates. These types of committees are golden for potential presidential candidates, because they are the only committees that can dump money directly into a future presidential account. Remember in the 2008 cycle when Hillary was raising all that money in her Senate account before she even declared she was running for president? Same thing. It makes a lot of sense for Bachmann and Paul to raise money into their re-election accounts because that is useable money in a Presidential race. Mitt Romney, however, isn’t a federal candidate, and so he can’t have a candidate account. Whatever money he raises right now is pretty useless for the 2012 race. Pretty much all he can do with that money is give it to other candidates and state parties — in a non-election year, that isn’t particularly helpful. Sure, he can dole it out to curry favor in Iowa and New Hampshire, and he can use it to travel to give speeches, but that’s about it. So, logically, Romney shouldn’t be trying to raise much money right now. If someone can only afford to give him a $100 donation, that $100 would be much better utilized once he has a Presidential Exploratory Committee up and running. I am on pretty much every Romney fundraising list there is, and I haven’t gotten any solicitations recently. I’ve only seen mention of a fundraiser that will take place in mid-May (surely, he’ll have announced by then and can put the money towards a 2012 bid). Romney is biding his time so he doesn’t burn out his donors before he really needs their money.

Ron Paul continues to raise impressive amounts of cash.

Ron Paul continues to raise impressive amounts of cash.

Second, the comparison to Paul’s fundraising is particularly ridiculous. Most of Paul’s money was raised by a 501(c)(4) organization. That isn’t just like comparing apples to oranges, it is like comparing apples to snakes. A 501(c)(4) organization can take unlimited money from individuals, corporations, etc. It doesn’t have to disclose its donors. It doesn’t have to report to the FEC, and it can only do a limited amount of explicitly political activity. If Mitt Romney had a 501(c)(4) coupled with a federal PAC, I guarantee they would raise a lot more than $3 million dollars in a quarter. But he doesn’t have that particular set-up — it couldn’t help his Presidential campaign, so there is no point.

Finally, all of this hubbub about small donor fundraising is nice, but it can’t be confirmed yet. Although all the committees have released their total fundraising numbers to the press, they don’t have to report any details to the FEC until April 15 (and Paul’s 501(c)(4) never has to report to the FEC).

So, although Paul and Bachmann’s number are impressive, and are a good indication that they are both planning a Presidential run, comparing them to Romney’s numbers this quarter is pointless. Wait until next quarter — I’m confidently predicting that once Romney declares he’s in, and actually powers up the Romney machine, the money race will change quite a bit.

Written by MRC guest contributor, Audrey Perry.

Audrey Perry is a campaign and elections lawyer who worked as Deputy General Counsel for Romney in ’08. Her main tasks were getting Mitt on the ballot in all 50 states (and of course DC, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and Puerto Rico), and counting lots and lots of delegates. After Romney dropped out of the race, she worked as counsel for McCain-Palin where she tried to get campaign staff to abide by the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, insisted all yard signs have proper disclaimers, and tried to shut down ACORN in Las Vegas. She has also worked for Congress, Steve Poizner, the FEC and other various law firms and campaigns. Audrey currently works at the Sacramento election law firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk and blogs about politics and the law at www.legallypolitical.com.

Romney Ranked #1, New Natl Republican Senatorial Committee Obama Ad

At last, April has arrived! While today may be filled with high-jinx and tom-foolery, three political news analysts aren’t fooling when they state that the scramble for 2012 starts today:

Money, momentum and the race for the 2012 Republican nomination

The race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination begins today.

Why? Because today marks the first day of the second fundraising quarter of the year. And anyone who is serious about running for president needs to prove between now and June 30 — the quarter’s end — that Republican donors are investing in them.

While money has mattered since political time immemoriam, it may matter more than usual in this GOP presidential fight for two reasons.

First, President Obama is setting himself up to be the greatest fundraising force in American politics. After collecting $750 million in the 2008 campaign, Obama re-election campaign manager Jim Messina has created a program for 400 majors donors to each collect $350,000 by the end of 2011.

The Fix is no math major, but that adds up to $140 million in 2011 alone (thanks, calculator!) if each of the donors can make their number. If 300 make the target — a more likely possibility — that’s still $105 million raised for the Obama re-election effort before a single vote has been cast on the Republican side.

While no Republican — not even former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — will likely equal Obama in fundraising, any GOP candidate must prove an ability to collect some threshold amount of money over the next three months to prove that he (or she) would be financially viable against Obama next November.

The first indicator of momentum in any race, but especially a presidential contest, is money. Donors are, after all, investors and convincing them to buy in at the ground level is an early sign of momentum building. (Remember that Howard Dean’s out-of-nowhere candidacy first jumped onto the national radar screen when he raised $7.6 million in the second quarter of 2003.)

And, money follows money. Human nature tends to make us all want to be with the winner — cough, Yankee fans, cough — and the more a candidate raises early on, the more of a winner they look like.

(my emphasis)

Gov Romney is under no illusions about the progressive money machine he’s up against and the dollar amount it takes to survive a primary. He knows if his fix-it experience and get it done dauntlessness is going to rebuild America, he’s going to need a war chest full of money. From an earlier March fundraiser in NYC:

I think Mitt is a very prudent businessman. He’s very data driven. He knows what he needs to do and he’s focusing on it with laser-like intensity,” said [former MA Governor] Weld. “He sounded not just like a presidential candidate. He sounded like a president.”

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Eisenberg said his goal is to be out fundraising as much as he can to raise as much money as possible for Romney, and although $50 million may be the goal now, the final number for the entire campaign is much higher.

“I do believe that by the time we’ve reached November 2012…both presidential candidates, Romney and Obama, will have raised and spent a billion dollars,” Eisenberg said.

(my emphasis)

The Fix also ranks 10 potential GOP presidential contenders most likely to win the nomination (I begin at number five):


Support the Free and Strong America PAC - A Simple Plan

One of the best ways to promote Mitt for 2012 is by helping him stay politically active by supporting the Free and Strong America PAC. I know that my contribution alone won’t amount to much, even if I were able to give the max amount allowed. I know that I would feel so much more like contributing if there were others out there that would be willing to pledge support along side of me. I’m quite sure there are others that feel the same as me as well.

I’ve thought a lot about how to effectively help the PAC or organize people to help, and I can’t say that I’ve got any fantastic ideas. We’ve shortly discussed this in one of the earlier threads but I wanted to make this a topic of it’s own.

Since I’m not sure how to go about doing this I’ve decided to start with my own pledge. Small and simple it may be, but I’m hoping others will join me and we can make a snowballing effect.

So…. starting this month I will begin making a $20.12 contribution the PAC. I am also going to try to get 12 others to join me in doing so. Who is with me?

Every 12th day of the month I will post a blog at themittblog.com as a reminder for “Show Mitt the Money” day. Thanks to “Thought Process” for the name idea.

I would like to keep a tally of people who has pledged to support and if they’ve opted to pledge to recruit others. Of course I would like to gather their e-mails, let them choose whether they would like their name to be private or not.

Some questions I already have about it are: how do we keep track of pledges and people; how do we broadcast/advertise the project; do we set up a new website just for this; should we make a video promoting it; should we have certain goals; what should those goals be; etc.

THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. I would greatly appreciate suggestions, help, commitments etc.

To continue discussion concerning this project I’ve created a topic for it at TheMittForums.com Stop on over there and sign up and/or add suggestions.

~Nate Gunderson