Media Mayhem

The media has been driving me absolutely crazy these last two weeks. The manner in which they have unabashedly attacked Sarah Palin and her family is deplorable, and their blatant bias is intolerable. I was discussing the media coverage of the two conventions with one of my brothers yesterday and he was remarking about the vast differences of the coverage by CNN of the two events. I watched the PBS coverage of the speeches last night and it made me absolutely sick. Whatever happened to fair and balanced? They had a series of liberal journalists the proceeded to rip apart Romney after his speech, but there was absolutely no counter argument.

Sorry for the rant. Just had to get that out of my system.

I Tivoed the speeches last night, but since I got home so late I was only able to watch Romney and Palin, and I thought their speeches were fantastic. I couldn’t be more pleased. I did delve a few minutes into Huckabee’s as well, which wasn’t that bad. I noticed he couldn’t resist doing the most subtle jab at Romney by once again pointing out that McCain was his second pick. Not bad though, in light of his numerous recent underhand jabs.

I’ve been amused by the coverage of Romney’s speech this morning. The writers are making the appearance of being unbiased, but can’t help inserting their true feelings somewhere along the way.

Romney Snarls and Takes Swipe at poor defenseless Michelle Obama in No sore loser, Mitt Romney delivers for John McCain from the Boston Herald.

The Boston Globe has the quote of the day (from Romney):

“Is a Supreme Court decision liberal or conservative that awards Guantanamo terrorists with constitutional rights? It’s liberal!” he said, as the crowd joined him in response. “Is a government liberal or conservative that puts the interests of the teachers union ahead of our children? It’s liberal! Is a Congress liberal or conservative that stops nuclear power plants and offshore drilling making us more and more dependent on Middle Eastern tyrants? It’s liberal! . . .

“We need change all right, change from a liberal Washington to a conservative Washington!”

And the stupid quote of the day:

In at least one case, however, Romney seemed to venture too far, saying that liberals want to “grow government and raise taxes to put more people on Medicaid.” Dependency, he said, “is death to initiative, to risk-taking, and opportunity.”

The Massachusetts health reform law, which Romney took credit for helping to create and signed into law in 2006, depends on expanding the Medicaid program to extend health insurance to more people. Since it was implemented, Medicaid rolls have increased by 72,000, and 176,000 people have obtained insurance partially subsidized with Medicaid money.

How about mentioning that the money used for this project came from the money that the government was giving away to pay for those who show up in the emergency room without health insurance and still get covered?

The Boston Globe also has the picture of the day:

(Dina Rudick / Globe Staff)

(Dina Rudick / Globe Staff)

And finally, from the Relentless WSJ: Romney Takes Aim at Michelle Obama
One, Romney’s dig at Michelle was just one comment, not the entire focus of his speech. Two, I agree that family members of the candidate of the family should be left out, UNLESS they are actively getting on stage and campaigning for the candidate. Equally I would agree that Ann Romney and her sons were fair game because they did so as well. Michelle Obama is an open target as far as I’m concerned.

UPDATE: Obama adviser Anita Dunn accused the McCain campaign in a statement of using Romney to violate a verbal agreement that family members are off limits. “Mitt Romney’s attack on a candidate’s wife is as pathetic as his failed presidential campaign,” Dunn said.

Petty and weak Anita.

~Nate Gunderson

Video of McCain, Palin, Romney and Huckabee in Missouri

To view the following movie you need to have Real Player installed. I don’t think it’s worth installing just for this video, but if you already it click the link below to view the full 42 min C-Span coverage of the rally held yesterday in Missouri.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Campaigns in O’Fallon, MO (August 31, 2021)

Huckabee begins at 8:30 (minutes into the video),
then Romney at 12:00,
McCain at 15:00,
Palin at 26:30

Below is the only clip on YouTube I could find of Romney’s portion. The clip is only 1 minute though he spoke for 3.

~Nate Gunderson

Tancredo Still Calling It Like He Sees It

Some more-than-candid words from the former POTUS candidate Tom Toncredo in a recent interview:

[John] McCain had been farthest away. I remember thinking and saying to my wife, when this was all over with, I said, “Well, at least McCain is not going to make it.” And it’s just kind of strange. Because remember, he was like $25 million in debt. He was nowhere in the polls. So it really did look like he was out of it.

It was the Huckabee factor. [Former Arkansas] Governor [Mike] Huckabee decided to stay in even though he could not have won. He absolutely made a difference, and he knew it, and that difference was he was able to keep Mitt Romney out of the play by draining off conservative votes. And I think he did it to a large extent because Mitt is a Mormon. It was really to ruin Romney’s chances. So that created the pathway for Senator McCain.

Click here for the read the whole interview from

~Nate Gunderson

What Happens if Mitt is Picked?

Well, for one he will get a huge spike in Google searches. Look at the comparison (below) of indexed searches in the U.S. of ‘Biden’ and ‘Romney’. Notice the 3400% spike in ‘Biden’ on the 23rd.

Click the image to visit Google Insights

And if you’re keeping score…’s another fun one.

Click on the image to see Romney tosses Huck around on google searches

~Nate Gunderson

Transcript of Huckabee on the Rush Limbaugh Show

Click here to view the whole transcript.

Topics discusses: The ‘Are Jesus and Satan Brothers?’ issue, the WV primary convention, the RNC convention, acceptability of Veep candidates, and a possible hurricane in New Orleans during the RNCC. The transcript also has a caller afterwards who says Huck is flat out lying about what happened in WV.

I was only able to skim the transcript. Does anyone who listened to it have some thoughts on it?

~Nate Gunderson

Recap by Lizzie (thank you for doing this):

I heard it. Rush pretty much asserted that McCain and Huckabee combined against Romney in WV. Huckabee said, not so, it was Ron Paul’s group that did it. I wasn’t sure if Rush was doubtful when Huckabee explained how the WV thing went, or if he was “set straight”. But, I do recall one thing of note. Rush said, I had no idea that is how the thing came down. Then Mike said, well that’s how it was, I know because I was there. Then Rush seemed to have a “knowing” sound to his voice, like, “oh, you were there, and you want me to really believe you had nothing to do with it.”

Of course, I’m just remembering this, I didn’t read the transcript. And it could be that I wanted to believe that that is what Rush was insinuating. It was a very veiled comment, but I thought that was the underlying thought.

I was happy that Rush defended Mitt when Huck was saying Mitt went all negative in his campaign. Rush said, yeah, so what, that’s just politics and you and McCain gained up on Romney yourselves. That’s what started the whole WV topic I believe.

Just read the article about Romney helping McCain so much in Florida. It seems like Romney would help signigficantly in several states. So what is all this talk about Kay Bailey Hutchison? Is that a decoy, or is McCain foolish enough to pass on the guy most people want for VP?

The Primaries are Over - Huckabee Takes Two Steps Backwards

Recently I’ve been blogging about bridging the gap with Huckabee supporters. Yesterday I posted Conciliatory Tones… It’s a Start to give recognition to the efforts of some HA members who seem to be willing to accept or offer an olive branch.

Unfortunately Huckabee’s focus doesn’t seem to be bridging that gap but further dividing it. Bad mouthing Romney openly on national TV will not be viewed by Romney supporters as uniting the party. He has effectively taken two steps backwards in that regard. Yes, Huckabee says that he will support a McCain/Romney ticket it there happens to be one, but that comment by no means hides his clear attempt to keep Romney off that ticket. A Romney VP nomination means Huckabee enters 2012 as an underdog again and he’ll have some serious ground to make up, and he knows it.

I’m sure the disdain between Romney and Huckabee is mutual. But let me point out something here - since Romney has dropped out of the primaries back in February he has not made any negative reference to Huckabee, let alone any mention of him at all. But I have heard things from Huckabee at least five times now. He just can’t seem to let it go. And he can’t let it go because he wants his supporters fired up to prevent Romney being on the ticket and prevent him from being the “heir apparent”.

I appreciate the comments from Huckabee supporters on my post from yesterday, and I now want to make some points concerning what was said. I agree that the media loves that fact that there is this schism in the GOP and are playing it up for all it’s worth. BUT…Huckabee seems all too willing to give them fuel to keep the fire going. YES, I am stating that he is purposefully giving them fodder to banter around with.

Now, what is the real reason for my beef with Huckabee? Among other things I disagree with, this is what Huckabee said:

I think the issue is that, you know, in many ways, Mitt Romney has had very definite swings of position, not just on one or two things, but on many of the issues.

That is a lie. Whether Huckabee believes it or not it is a lie. The media (and Huckabee supporters) have clung to this flip-flop mantra and have taken it far beyond what it’s worth. We have said it many times before and have provided much proof: Romney flipped on abortion, but never flopped. He did not flip, nor flop, on gay marriage, guns, the war in Iraq, support for Bush or Reagan, or any of the other things he’s been accused of. That dead horse has been beat for far too long, and boy does that dead horse really stink. The worst thing about it is that Huckabee is doing it on national TV for his own political agenda, and at the cost of a broken GOP. Thanks, Huck.

Here is the YouTube of Huckabee’s comment so you can see everything in it’s context:

Like I said, Romney as been completely mum about Huckabee since the primaries. Here’s a quote from Romney’s spokesman I found on Jonathan Martin’s Blog:

The primaries are over,” Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said when asked for comment about Huckabee’s statements. “Now, the task of all Republicans is on uniting the party to help elect John McCain, not on sowing division.


~Nate Gunderson

Addendum: Quote from Jonathan Martin’s post from yesterday

At the same time, Huckabee’s Michigan supporters met with McCain social conservative liaison Marlys Popma last night in Saginaw. Though ostensibly held to discuss how Huckabee’s loyalists can help McCain, supporters of the former Arkansas governor also used the get-together to warn against tapping Romney, according to an attendee.

Elizabeth Sipfle, who called me without prompting, said picking Huckabee’s detested primary rival would amount to a poke in the eye of Huckabee’s supporters.

“We made it clear that we want Huckabee to be recognized,” said Sipfle, an Oakland County lawyer who chaired the Michigan effort of the volunteer “Huck’s Army.” “When you snub him, you snub GOP votes.”

Sipfle said she and her fellow Huckabee supporters were disappointed when a former Romney aide who is now working for McCain showed up at the meeting.

“It just was bad taste — and it didn’t go unnoticed,” she said.

Conciliatory Tones…It’s a Start

I’d like to give a little recognition to Huckabee supporters, more specifically members of Huck’s Army, for a major change in tone and verbiage. Though this won’t immediately patch things up, and it’s lasting power is uncertain, it’s a great place to start.

I think there are a few possible factors that have brought this about. First I think the public beating they’re getting from the media calling them bigots has caused them to try to prove they are not (I’m not saying they are in general, just a very vocal small percentage). Secondly, I think they are seeing that this is tearing up the GOP and want to do their part to correct it. Third, for some the turmoil is eating them up, and a few even feel guilty for some things they’ve said. Lastly, I think more and more they are coming to realize that Obama is indeed worse than the possibility of a McCain/Romney ticket. No matter the cause, the change, for me, is gladly welcomed.

I think we as Romney supporters should follow suit (some of us already have). We don’t need to falsely claim that there is absolutely no bigotry on the part of Huckabee supporters, but be very, VERY careful not to paint them all with a broad brush and lump them all in with the small few bigotous perpetrators. No one likes being painted with a broad brush, and it only leads to strong and negative reaction which has a snowballing effect.

To both Romney and Huckabee supporters alike I say let’s put aside our difference and focus on the real threat to America at this time which is Barack Obama. How is this done? Well I have made a determination to promote McCain despite my vast differences with him. I’ve even determined that were Huckabee on the ticket I would do the same, and believe me I have no love for Huckabee. But let’s face it, no matter who is on the ticket we will not win unless we have the complete support of ALL the factions underneath the big tent. If we elect to punish the party (ie not vote, promote Obama) because it has decided put forth a candidate or VP not of our choosing, we do so at peril of suffering a much worse fate: President Obama.

Here are some quotes from Huck’s Army forums that I was referring to above:

From the topic RACE 4 2008: Mich. So-cons meet W/McCain (MY WARNING):


I admit I posted at and posted some dumb things myself. I admit I posted a couple dumb things on this board as well. I really regret doing that and I sincerly apoligise for any childish post I posted here and there. I need to learn how to control my passion. I felt deaply hurt by the hatred posted at by the Romney supporters. I know that is no excuse for my childish behavior and sinking lower than them.


I went to that site and tried to make amends.

I think we should try to maintain a friendly relationship with Romney’s supporters. The better that relationship is, the less chance there is that people like the Washington Post will attack our man.

From the topic: How to disagree with Romney supp. without being disagreeable


I am really going to try to be positive - state why I like my candidate and stop throwing darts at the person whose candidacy I dislike. I know I’m slow and others have said the same thing before, but I want to stop contributing to the war.


the media is loving the fued between us — they are furthering the divide and I dont want to participate or respond any longer.

Some may disagree with me, but I know I dont want to walk with this bitterness/anger in my heart anymore. And I dont want my words or actions to stir up others towards anger and to fuel the fued between us.


To any Romney supporters out there …

Both of us know what it is like to passionately support our guy and see him not go all the way. Both of our guys have things that they are very good at and have good families. We continue to disagree on a number of issues, especially on who we could support. But we’ve fought long enough and let’s stop fighting.

I am going to try to spend my energy talking up my guy intead of talking yours down. I hope you do the same. But this “war” just needs to end.

We continue to disagree on major issues. But, in the mean time, let’s talk about football or something else we can agree about.

By the way, neither me or most of us ever opposed your guy even in part because of his religion.

Have a good day.


I am in total agreement here. I want the feud to stop. I would really like to see Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney come together to help this along as well. We are having a battle, being fueled by the media (Remember it was the New York Times that started all of this back in December), and it iis in our best interest, the best interest of our party, and the best interest of the nation to put aside our ideological differences and come together for the betterment (spelling ?) of all.


I don’t know if anyone here is in contact with the Romney bloggers, but I want them to know that a lot of us, while continuing to oppose him as a candidate, just want to stop the fighting. The insults and name calling on both sides are old and we all need to stop it. We want to just peacefully coexist and stop shooting at each other. This is ugly and not benefiting anybody.

I’ve said before that McCain needs to find a way to be pro-McCain and not just anti-Obama. And in the same way, we all need to be pro-Mike and not so much anti-Romney. Even though we all have our opinions of both Obama and Romney.

And when we talk to the Romney folks, let’s take a break and talk about some things we can agree on. They like their guy and we like ours and there’s no middle ground there. But we pretty much all pay taxes, have families, want America to be strong, etc. We can strongly disagree to the core about our candidates but we shouldn’t be enemies.

This doesn’t fix everything, but it’s a start.

~Nate Gunderson