Romney Sets Record Straight on Bain: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC (VIDEOS)

July 13, 2022 - Governor Mitt Romney lays out the FACTS on his Bain Capital record…

Setting the record straight on the Obama campaign’s lies about his record at Bain Capital, Governor Mitt Romney blazed through a series of taped interviews yesterday. They aired last night on five major news outlets.

ABC - Jon Karl / Romney interview July 13, 2012:
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CBS - Jan Crawford / Romney interview July 13, 2022 (Interview was edited; first video is only 51-seconds. Will update if full interview is located.):

Crawford asks Romney to comment on the U.S. Olympic uniform controversy:

CNN - Jim Acosta / Romney interview July 13, 2012:

Part 2:

FOX - Carl Cameron / Romney interview July 13,2012:

NBC - Peter Alexander / Romney interview July 13, 2012:


That covers it! Well done, Gov!

Obama, give it up.

Oh, by the way, if anyone thinks our Storyteller-in-Chief will be issuing an apology… nope.

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Mitt Romney’s Book Launching Media Blitz

Tomorrow is the big day! The much awaited public release of Romney’s new book is here and Mitt will be in the Big Apple doing interviews and media appearances to promote his book. The one day media blitz will include appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX News. A 3-month book tour will initiate the following day. Check this list (click here) to see if he’s coming to a city near you.


The Today Show on NBC: Begins at 7AM ET and runs for 4 hours. I don’t what segment Romney is on. I’ll update this if anyone can verify what time his appearance is.

The View on ABC: Times vary. Typically late morning. Click here for show times in your area.

Hannity on FOX News: 9PM ET

The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS: Typically at 11:35 PM in all time zones.

For a little added drama, Sarah Palin will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on the same evening. Ted Jones of has some interesting remarks on the “matchup”.

Not reading too much into this, Palin probably wouldn’t be caught dead doing Letterman at this point, and Romney is embarking on a book tour, meaning he’d probably be just as happy doing Leno.

What’s gratifying is the extent to which late night is seeking out politicians not just as novel guests, but as actual draws. We’re long past the point of lamenting the fusion of politics and entertainment in the talk show arena to a recognition that these appearances, whether on Leno or Letterman or Colbert or Stewart, often make news, sometime even of substance. It sure beats another star tubthumping their latest project, even if these politicos have their own tomes and agendas to promote.

It’s probably just a matter of time and Romney will be on Leno’s show as well. I remember he was on Jay’s show right before a primary debate in 2008. Has he done it more recently than that?

~Nate Gunderson