#comMITTed: Colorado Springs Mayor re Romney: “We were watching a president”

24 days until the election…

Readers, I hope every single one of you are comMITTed to doing everything humanly possible to ensure a victory on November 6th for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Earlier this week, MRC launched a comMITTed final-days push to help shine the spotlight on what more can be done in swing states.

Here’s today’s news from The Centennial State, the great western state of COLORADO…

September 23, 2021 - Mitt Romney is greeted by enthusiastic supporters as he takes the stage at a campaign rally in Denver, Colorado. Click on image to enlarge. (Photo - Brian Snyder/Reuters)

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach wrote a guest column yesterday which was published in Colorado Springs’ The Gazette:

Romney is a study in leadership our country needs

With only a few weeks left until election day, voters are finally tuning in to the presidential election and taking the time to learn about the vision each candidate has for our nation’s future. It’s a big choice indeed, and nowhere has that choice been made clearer than in the recent debates — including the one that took place in Colorado last week.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both came into the night with something to prove. President Obama needed to explain why his policies have not succeeded in turning around the economy, and why the voters should believe that he can accomplish in the next four years what he hasn’t accomplished in the last four. Romney also had a challenge. The American people take removing a sitting president very seriously, and if Romney wants our votes, he had to present a concrete plan to end this seemingly endless economic downturn and get Americans back to work.

As it turns out, that night was a microcosm of everything that has been wrong with the Obama presidency. President Obama was inconsistent and unfocused. He was high on rhetoric and low on specifics. He had little in the way of plans, and little in the way of explanation for why his policies haven’t worked over the last four years. And time and time again, President Obama’s platitudes were empty and lacking in substance.

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach
(Photo – Mark Reis/ The Gazette)
Click on image to enlarge.

The President wants to create jobs. That’s terrific. But he didn’t provide a plan to lower Colorado Springs’ 9.5 percent unemployment rate besides more taxes and more government spending we can’t afford. Romney provided a very different take. If you want to help business, you need to reduce costs for those businesses. Mitt Romney has explained several ways he will do that. He will cut the cost of energy by opening up the incalculable resources we have here in America. We are in the midst of a natural gas revolution. Untapped oil resources are off our shores and waiting in Canada for the completion of the Keystone Pipeline. We need to explore those resources in an environmentally sound way that will produce millions of jobs and pump billions into our economy.

Governor Romney also told us how he will reduce burdensome regulations — including Obamacare — that add thousands upon thousands of dollars of costs on top of businesses, killing jobs and crushing growth. He’ll cut taxes on small businesses, allowing them to reinvest in their enterprises. He will put creating jobs for the American people first. That will be his priority. That will be his legacy.

In contrast, President Obama’s policies have slowed our economy’s recovery, and his reckless spending habits have saddled our children and grandchildren with another $5.5 trillion in debt. A second term will send our national debt soaring to $20 trillion. Meanwhile, the only part of the budget President Obama seems all too willing to cut has been funding for defense and for our military, threatening some 20,000 Colorado jobs.

There was a moment that night in Denver that was particularly telling. The candidates were given a question about their theory of the role of government. President Obama began, giving a rambling answer about government programs and the new spending he thought the country needed to get back on track.

Governor Romney turned and pointed to the words on the wall behind him. They were from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Then he talked about America. He talked about dreams and goals deferred in a nation that is thirsting for a real recovery, one that lets them pursue happiness in their own way. In that moment, we weren’t watching another politician or a bureaucrat.

We were watching a president.

(emphasis added)

Remember the raging wildfires in Colorado this summer? Mayor Steve Bach is pictured speaking to the news media near the site of the Waldo Canyon fire on June 28, 2022 in Colorado Springs. (photographer unknown)

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley today summarizes the poll tightening effect Governor Romney’s overwhelming debate victory is having on battleground states. Here’s what he writes about Colorado:

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The #LRA Must be Stopped - Why #Kony2012 =

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Invisible Children is an amazing organization that many of you may not have heard of until last week when the following video became the fastest spreading viral video in internet history.

What you may not know is that I’m a member of Invisible Children, and I was a volunteer leader of the event they called the Rescue in 2009 which culminated in Chicago outside Harpo studios.

I could go on and on about that week and how awesome it was, but I’ll just summarize the week quickly. The Rescue was an attempt by Invisible Children to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony against the people of central Africa. 100 cities around the world participated, and each city was provided a list of important people from their respective city that could “rescue” them.

Mitt Takes a Break to Celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of the SLC Winter Olympics

SALT LAKE CITY — An emotional Mitt Romney clearly relished taking a brief break from the presidential campaign trail Saturday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2002 Winter Games.

“I love you guys,” he said, beaming at the hundreds of Games staff members and volunteers gathered in the Union Pacific depot at The Gateway to hear from their former leader.

The crowd, many wearing their brightly colored jackets and other gear from the Games, cheered and chuckled as Romney reminisced about his time at the helm of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

With local and national reporters in attendance, however, Romney made sure to thank the crowd repeatedly for their contribution in making the scandal-scarred Games a resounding success.

“There’s power in unity,” Romney said. “We came together as a group of people not caring about who got credit, but caring about putting on the best Games in the history of sport and you did that.”

Later, at a special “Stars on Ice” show at Energy Solutions Arena, Romney said the community’s hard work showcased “the character and the passion of the people of Utah.”

He told the arena audience that he loved them, too, and “the experience that we shared together,” noting that when he took over the Games in 1999, he feared no one would sign up to volunteer.

Instead, nearly twice as many people as needed came forward. Some gave millions to bolster the Games’ budget, he said, while others worked for 17 days straight without pay or even tickets to events.

His comments came as Democrats and even one of his Republican opponents are raising questions about whether he’s overstated his role in turning around the troubled 2002 Games.

A trio of former local government elected officials, all Democrats, held a press conference on the steps of the Salt Lake City-County Building earlier Saturday to criticize Romney’s tenure at SLOC.

Romney is guilty of “arrogance and of acting as if we couldn’t possibly do it ourselves. He had to come in to save us and ride in on his white horse,” former Salt Lake City Councilwoman Sydney Fonnesbeck said.

Former Salt Lake City Councilwoman Joanne Milner and former Salt Lake County Councilman Joe Hatch offered similar accounts based on their experiences with Romney.

“He was not the savior of the 2002 Olympics,” Milner said. “It was the people of Utah.”

A video released Friday by the Democratic National Committee also accused Romney of accepting the same kind of federal bailout for the Olympics that he now criticizes on the campaign trail.

But state Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis said Utah’s minority party has “no gripe with Mitt Romney’s handling of the Olympics. He did a commendable job. I don’t think it’s useful for the Utah Democratic Party to say anything other than the truth.”

The DNC reportedly lobbied hard for state party support of their national effort to discredit Romney’s claim of turning around the Salt Lake Games, a key component of his campaign, even reportedly using a top adviser of President Barack Obama.

Read the rest of the story here.

Thanks to the remarkably successful Games in 2002, Salt Lake City may put in a bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee only has tapped three winter sites twice - Lake Placid (1932, ’80), St. Moritz (1928, ’48), and Innsbruck in an emergency (1964, ’76). Looks like we might find out next year.

Watch amateur video from one of Mitt’s speeches from yesterday below the fold. (more…)

Mitt Romney in Ohio: Former Ohio Governor George Voinovich To Endorse Romney, Touring Manufacturing Co

A tweet from FOX News TV Host Greta Van Susteren alerted us that former Ohio Governor and Senator George V. Voinovich will formally give his endorsement to Mitt Romney today (tweet enlarged; sent Jul 26, 2021 @8:35 PM ET):

BIG NEWS FOR GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY! Fox News has confirmed that former GOP Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio will endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for president on Wednesday in Ohio during Romney’s visit to the important 2012 battle ground state.

George Voinovich is endorsing former MA Governor Mitt Romney. 7/27/11

Voinovich’s endorsement is significant; he has a very impressive resume of service (from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress):

Senate years of service: 1999-2011
Party: Republican
VOINOVICH, George Victor
, a Senator from Ohio; born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 15, 1936; B.A. in government, Ohio University 1958; J.D., Ohio State University College of Law 1961; assistant attorney general of Ohio 1963; Ohio state representative 1967-71; lieutenant governor of Ohio 1979; mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, 1979-89; governor of Ohio 1991-1998; chairman of the National Governors Association 1997-1998; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1998; reelected in 2004, and served from January 3, 1999, to January 3, 2011; chair, Select Committee on Ethics (One Hundred Ninth Congress); was not a candidate for reelection to the Senate in 2010.

Van Susteren’s tweet referred to Romney’s tour of an American manufacturing company today in the Buckeye State where he’ll be discussing jobs:

Presidential Candidate Governor Mitt Romney to Visit Screen Machine Industries, Inc.

Screen Machine Industries, Inc. (SMI) is proud to announce that on Wednesday, July 27, 2011, at 1:15 p.m., the front running Republican Presidential Candidate Governor Mitt Romney will visit the Screen Machine Industries headquarters in Pataskala, Ohio.

Romney’s factory visit is to promote his export trade policy during a press conference as a key tenet of his presidential race for the White House. Specifically, Mr. Romney’s campaign has chosen the venue of SMI as the quintessential American – family-owned manufacturing business. Our factory will serve as the stage and backdrop to highlight and promote his major economic job creation “jump-start” program for reinvigorating American Manufacturing for Export.

Continue reading here.

Governor Romney has picked up several endorsements from current and former Governors. Former Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri will also officially give his endorsement to Romney and will help him raise money at an upcoming fundraiser. A few weeks ago, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman endorsed Romney as well.

Congratulations to Governor Romney!

Exit Question: Is Ohio Gov. John Kasich going to be endorsing Mitt?

South Carolina Extends Southern Hospitality to Ann Romney

Ann Romney's visit to South Carolina today enabled her to meet Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes and North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hartley. Mayor Hartley has endorsed Mitt Romney. ('Photo Of The Day' from mittromney.com) July 21, 2021

Ann Romney was treated to gracious southern hospitality yesterday and today as she made the campaign rounds in South Carolina for her husband, Mitt Romney. Throughout the two days of events, she shared insights into the personal life and character of her husband, Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Yesterday, Mrs. Romney attended a luncheon at Truffles restaurant in Bluffton. Invited guests included members of the Republican Club of Southern Beaufort County, the Sun City Republican Club, the Hilton Head Island Republican Club, and the Beaufort County Republican Party.

Ann Romney picks Bluffton to start campaigning

Ann Romney made her first campaign appearance anywhere in the nation for her husband, Mitt Romney’s, 2012 presidential campaign bid on Wednesday in Bluffton.
“This is her first stop, her first event of the year, the first one nationally — right out of the gate,” said David Raad, the Romney campaign’s South Carolina director.

Her talk focused largely on the character of her husband of 42 years, how they handled her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 1998, and their strong family of five sons and daughters-in-law and 16 grandchildren.

She said it’s a good thing for presidential aspirants “to be successful in their personal life … and that’s what I can talk about.

“When Mitt was a young traveling business consultant, he was away a lot and it was very hard for him because he wanted to be home more than anything. I’ll never forget how he would make Herculean efforts to be back just for a night.”

She said other moments in life brought difficult decisions.
“It’s been quite a journey, and now it’s time for Mitt and I to be traveling across the country” and spread a “message that we love this country and that were we’re concerned — that we know our way of life and sometimes maybe even our freedoms may be in peril.

She said she wants her grandchildren to be able to grow up in the country like she did.
“It’s going to be a monumental election,” she said.

“In my heart of hearts, I really believe Mitt will be the nominee,” she said. “There’s some great people running, and they’ll do OK, but Mitt’s gonna win,” she said, drawing applause.
She said her husband will stand out on the top issue. “I think people will be concerned about is jobs and the economy … That’s what he knows. That’s what he’s proven to be very successful at.”

Along with his experience as governor and in private business, where as an investor he has launched and rebuilt companies, he brings his background as running the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, she said.

Ann Romney concluded by referring to her husband’s business success:

We need his golden touch right now. We need a turnaround. And why not go with the guy who does turnarounds and knows how to do it well.

I’m here to encourage you to think about him as the South Carolina primary will be coming up ….

He really will be a fine president and a wonderful addition. I think you will all be very proud of him.”

Continue reading here.

Romney leads the pack of Republican presidential candidates in South Carolina and Iowa polls.

From islandpacket.com:

Jerry Hallman, chairman of the Beaufort County Republican Party, said he was “pleasantly surprised” by the visit. Hallman’s son worked for the Olympics when Romney took over.

I like Mitt Romney a lot,” Hallman said, “and I think she’s right in that he has what we need right now.”

After the Bluffton luncheon, Mrs. Romney was treated to a reception sponsored by the Charleston-area National Federation of Republican Women in the North Charleston City Hall.

Today, Mrs. Romney met with voters at Magnolia’s Restaurant in Myrtle Beach. While there she was greeted by Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes and North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hartley. *Mayor Hartley has announced her support for Mitt Romney.

* Mitt Romney Announces Support of SC Elected Official

July 20, 2021
Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today won the support of the Mayor of North Myrtle Beach, Marilyn Hatley.

I am proud to have the support of Mayor Hatley,” said Mitt Romney. “She will be a vital member of my team in South Carolina as I campaign to reverse President Obama’s failed policies and bring jobs back to South Carolina.”

“President Obama’s policies have been failures for South Carolina and the rest of the country,” said North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley. “Rather than lead us toward economic recovery, President Obama has made job creation more difficult for small business owners. Mitt Romney has a proven record of job creation as governor and in the private sector. He is the right man at this extraordinary time to lead our country toward economic recovery.”

Background On Mayor Marilyn Hatley:

Marilyn Hatley Is In Her Third Term As Mayor Of North Myrtle Beach. Hatley has worked on the North Myrtle Beach Woman’s Club and other charitable organizations in the North Myrtle Beach area. In addition to her duties as Mayor, Hatley is the owner of Visible Designs, Inc., a hair salon.

(emphasis added to articles)

It is wonderful to read of Ann Romney’s busy schedule in South Carolina. It’s a general consensus that she is one of Mitt’s greatest assets!

UPDATE: New photo of Ann…
(Love the patriotic spirit evidenced by the fashions of some of the ladies!)

Ann Romney speaks at a reception sponsored by the National Federation of Republican Women at the North Charleston City Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. July 20, 2021

Mrs. Romney has posted additional photos on her Facebook page.

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