Sununu Sets Record Straight on Obama’s Lies About Romney: Auto Bailout Attacks & More…

While Americans are cheering for U.S. athletes as they go for the gusto at the Olympic games in London (USA!) former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu continues to garner political gold on Mitt Romney’s behalf.

Sununu appeared yesterday on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ with Maria Bartiromo to set the facts straight on Obama’s auto bailout attacks on Romney. Entitlement reform, taxes, the economy, and more were mentioned. As usual, solid Sununu came armed with facts and controlled the narrative.

No wonder Bartiromo couldn’t get anyone from the Obama campaign to appear with Sununu

Two days ago (July 31st) Sununu took on Juan Yawn Williams on Hannity (FOX News). Sununu ran truth circles around Williams…

“Is government the solution or the problem?” (begins @:15):

(Did you notice how Williams employed another new desperate Obama tactic? When Sununu laid out the disaster of Obamanomics, Williams attacked with a silly and ineffective “you’re-so-pessimistic-about-America-Chicken-Little” meme. Sounds like Team Obama held a few midnight beer summits to come up with that one!)

Who Won the CNBC Economic GOP Debate in Michigan? Full Debate Added

We’ve just finished another big presidential debate tonight! What did ya’ll think?

We’ll post the debate here in it’s entirety as soon as it’s available.

It was held at Oakland University in Michigan and moderators Maria Bartiromo and John Harwood (CNBC) were joined by Sharon Epperson, Steve Liesman, Rick Santelli, and Jim Cramer.

Participants: Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum

Before this debate started, Jim Cramer and CNBC decided to focus on two companies, General Motors and Domino’s Pizza. I’m guessing these choices were very deliberate. They chose General Motors because of Mitt’s criticism of the auto bailout that the democrats have tried to twist into a way to attack Mitt Romney. I’m sure Mitt welcomes any questions about the auto bailout because it gives him a chance to tell the voters the truth about his position and most will ultimately realize Mitt was right all along. Domino’s is a company that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital bought several years ago. This gives Mitt a fantastic chance to talk about how he and Bain helped Domino’s grow so much and how that experience will aid him in his mission to grow the U.S. economy. That, combined with Michigan being the state of Mitt’s birth and the state that Mitt’s father George Romney was a popular governor of for three terms, gives Mitt quite the home field advantage. CNBC is reporting that the students seem to be behind Mitt more than any other candidate.

Chat with us during the debate and make sure to come back to this post after the debate for video, analysis, and some ways to help Mitt. Until then, please sign up at

UPDATE: An on-sight poll of students there at Oakland University gave Mitt the victory with 40% of the vote!

The Fix calls Mitt a winner!

* Mitt Romney: Steady, steady, steady. The former Massachusetts governor was on friendly territory tonight with an economic-themed debate set in the state where he was born. The crowd was very much on his side — cheering virtually anything he said. And Romney was on his game too; his answer on housing versus jobs was that of a confident frontrunner. Romney, again, looked like the person on stage most ready to carry the Republican standard next year against President Obama. Plus, the utter debate collapse of Texas Gov. Rick Perry — the only other candidate with a demonstrated ability to raise tens of millions of dollars — will likely push some on-the-fence major donors Romney’s way.

Jennifer Rubin picks Mitt as the winner as does Rich Lowry from National Review and Christian Heinze from the Hill.

Full Debate added below the fold (more…)