Breaking: Romney Threatened by Fellow Airline Passenger

Jane Taber from Globe and Mail reports:

Republican politician Mitt Romney was physically threatened by a violent passenger on an Air Canada flight leaving Vancouver this morning.

Mr. Romney, who has been in Vancouver since Friday for the Olympic Winter Games, did not respond to the attack. Instead, he allowed the airline crew to deal with the incident, according to his spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.
Mr. Romney, 62, and his wife, Ann, were sitting in Row 15 of the economy section of the Embrarer 190 airplane, waiting for the plane to take off when the incident happened.

The man sitting in front of Mr. Romney’s wife dropped his seat back and when Mr. Romney asked him to move it upright for takeoff, the man became “physically violent.” Another report said that the man tried to strike Mr. Romney.

“Gov. Romney did not retaliate,” said Mr. Fehrnstrom.
Mr. Romney was not injured. The pilot returned to the gate and the passenger and his bags were removed by the RCMP.

Crazy news, isn’t it? …What if the perpetrator had made contact? One thing for sure, Romney would have all of us here at MRC at his back!

On a different note, I’m glad Romney is learning to dodge these low blows; I have a feeling the left is going to come out swinging the closer we get to election season.

~Aaron G.

Addendum by Ross:
A video news report with additional details can be seen at My Fox Phoenix

Now it seems the man lowered his seat into Ann Romney right before takeoff, so Mitt spoke up to protect Ann. We’ll continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

UPDATE #2: Another news video with commentary can be found here.

UPDATE #3: Mitt Romney won’t press charges

UPDATE #4: Mitt’s assailant reveals himself? I might not believe his side of the story, but it is humorous never-the-less. President Obama better beware of Mitt’s Vulcan grip…haha

Addendum by Nate: Kevin Madden, a Team Romney veteran, was asked about the incident and gave this response:

The governor is a very polite guy; he’s not one whose very prone to emotional outbursts or anything. But there’s one thing I know about Gov. Romney too is, you don’t mess with Ann,” Madden said. “But I can guarantee — I bet you not one hair got out of place during it.