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We will be posting results and updates all night long. Keep checking back!

Updates: (Newest to oldest, ALL times Eastern)

11:15 PM - Networks projects Obama wins re-election

11:15 PM - NBC News calling Ohio for Obama technically giving him 270 needed to win.

11:15 PM - Networks calling Iowa for Obama

11:00 PM - AP calls NC for Romney

10:30 PM - Romney gaining ground in OH, barely trailing in FL. Legal battles could be imminent.

9:45 PM - Electoral forecast update: Romney MUST win OH, VA, FL, and CO or IA in order to reach 270

9:40 PM - CBS calls New Hampshire for Obama

9:30 PM - FOX calls WI for Obama

9:25 PM - Current Intrade: Obama 89%, Romney 11%

9:20 PM - NBC and FOX call Pennsylvania for Obama

9:15 PM - Florida: 78% reporting: Obama 3,393,471 ; Romney 3,393,664

9:00 PM -

9:00 PM -

8:55 PM - @VicLundquist: Governor of Pennsylvania just gave an update here at HQ. Said based on turnout, Governor Romney will win PA later. pic.twitter.com/LW2ZNGmO

8:50 PM - No definitive information from any of the swing states yet. Fl, NC, VA, all too close to call. OH and NH with only small numbers reporting. Romney must take FL, NC and VA PLUS one of OH, PA or WI+IA or WI+NH. Looks like a long night ahead.

8:30 PM - (R) McCrory wins Gov in NC, a pick-up for the RGA

8:20 PM - 57% reporting in Florida; Romney +3

7:25 PM - Per CBS - popular vote so far: Romney 1,781,731 ; Obama 1,655,082

7:25 PM - Florida returns: 5% in, 50-50.

7:15 PM - Exit polls show Romney winning Indiana by 12. Obama won by 1 in 2008.

7:05 PM - CNN Virginia Exit Polls: 49-49

7:00 PM - WaPo reports that Romney has not even written a concession speech (click here)

6:55 PM - Via RCP: Battleground Pollster Projects 1.5 Point Romney Win (click here)

6:50 PM - This is the crowd waiting to greet Romney in Pittsburgh a few hours ago (click here)

6:35 PM - Drudge on early exit polls: Romney winning NC, FL; Obama winning NH, PA, MI, NV; Toss up: OH, VA, CO, IA

6:25 PM - Here’s a preview shot of where Romney will be giving his victory speech tonight (click here)

6:05 PM - Judge orders poll workers in Philly to cover mural of Obama at polling location (story here)

6:00 PM - Check out Mitt and Ann voting this morning:

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