Mitt Romney’s National Call Day May 16th — Want To Help?

The Romney for President Exploratory Committee will be holding a National Call Day in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 16th, 2011.

Mitt and Ann - Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images North America

The event is drawing Romney family and friends in support of the Governor’s efforts. Also in attendance will be many high profile supporters, such as: former Olympians Dan Janssen and Derek Parra, former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, Senator Jim Talent of Missouri, and Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets.

The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Calls will commence at approximately 5:30am PST or 8:30am EST. Free lodging for out of State volunteers will be provided. If you are planning on attending please bring with you: cell phone, cell phone charger, iPad and/or laptop.

If you’re interested in helping out contact Matt Briggs for more details.


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UPDATE by Jayde:

Romney corrals hundreds of fundraisers to dial-for-dollars from Las Vegas

In the wee hours next Monday in Las Vegas, when many Sin City visitors are still sound asleep or just going to bed, an army of top fundraisers for Mitt Romney will start dialing for dollars with an eye toward raising millions for his presidential exploratory committee.

Hundreds of fundraisers have signed up for the money harvest in Vegas. The fundraising marathon, which will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is shooting to corral between $2 million and $3 million, according to Romney fundraisers.
So far, Romney has assembled the biggest network of GOP bundlers of the numerous potential GOP candidates. Romney fundraisers said his committee is trying to raise between $15 million and $30 million this quarter, an ambitious goal since donors can only give a maximum of $2,500 each for the primaries. For the entire primary season, Romney fundraisers are looking to raise a minimum of $50 million.

When Romney announces his formal campaign, as he’s expected to do by the end of the second quarter, donors will be able to give a total of $5,000, half for the primaries and half for the general.
Romney, who launched his exploratory committee last month and has been meeting periodically with big bundlers in several cities, is hoping to get top fundraisers to rope in between $25,000 and $50,000 each by the end of the second quarter. Since April, Romney has traveled to several traditional fundraising havens such as New York, Washington and Los Angeles to meet with small groups of bundlers and rev them up.

In 2007, Gov. Romney’s campaign raised a record-breaking $6.5 million in a single day! Can we help break Mitt’s record this time around? We want to do our part to help make this a huge event for Mitt. PLEASE click here to make your pledge and we’ll contact you on that hopefully record-making day so you can be a part of history!

Let’s ALL help to make this a fantastic day for Governor Romney!

Romney in Las Vegas, Speaks at Republican Jewish Coalition, Blasts Obama (VIDEO)

A two-day stop in Las Vegas last Friday and Saturday (April 1-2) further connected Mitt Romney with Nevadans struggling with high unemployment and home foreclosures. Friday, Gov Romney conducted a walking tour of a north Vegas neighborhood faltering from home foreclosures.

Saturday marked the 2011 Winter Leadership meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) held in The Silver State. Romney spoke to an enthusiastic audience about Obama’s “wandering foreign policy”, domestic matters, tumult in the Middle East and North Africa, and health care. (C-Span covered The Gov’s speech; it was live-streamed and rebroadcast throughout the day):

Real Clear Politics

Mitt Romney got aggressive on healthcare today during an appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s winter meeting, training his fire on President Obama rather than answering to critics.

A Massachusetts resident in the audience observed in the question-and-answer session that Romney had run what the man said was a “very gentlemanly campaign” for governor against a Democratic woman, Shannon O’Brien, in 2002, and so, the man wanted to know, would Romney run more like a pit bull if he became the GOP’s nominee against Obama next year.

Romney replied, “There’s no question in my view that when you run, when you disagree with someone on their policies as much as I disagree with Barack Obama on his domestic policies… I will take them on head-on and aggressively if I’m the nominee.”

And then he did a surprising thing: He pivoted to healthcare, an issue that has been described as the albatross around his neck in the coming Republican primary because many conservatives loathe the individual mandate in the Massachusetts reform plan he implemented as governor that served as a model for Obama’s plan.

“And by the way, if we get the chance to talk about healthcare - which will be fun, because of course he does me the great favor of saying that I was the inspiration for his plan - I’ll say if that’s the case, why didn’t you call me?” he said to the crowd, growing more animated. “Why didn’t you ask what was wrong? Why didn’t you ask if this was an experiment, what worked and what didn’t and I would have told him, I know, what you’re doing, Mr. President, is going to bankrupt us.”

He concluded, “I can’t wait to have those conversations.”

(my emphasis)

Ann Romney also attended the RJC event. When invited by her husband to step to the podium to say a few words, the audience responded with a standing ovation.

Romney’s speech /Q&A session at RJC meeting:

Regarding Obama and Democrats:

“Ours is the party of opportunity and theirs is the party of handouts.” – Mitt Romney

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Romney Flexing

Romney Begins the Exploratory Flex April 2011 (Photo by Michael Fagans / The Californian)

For Romneyiacs like me this is the biggest news of the year - news we’ve waited to hear for over 3 years now. It seems an official campaign for Romney to seek the presidency is kicking into gear… and sooner than I thought. I had been guessing/suspecting that an exploratory committee would be formed in early May.

Reports from the Wall Street Journal say that during a meeting with 100 fundraisers that Romney mentioned early April as the time he’s likely to launch an exploratory committee. (An exploratory committee is not a full campaign but would allow Romney to legally raise funds towards a presidential run.)

From WSJ:

About 100 fund-raisers gathered at Manhattan’s venerated Harvard Club this morning to hear former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney lay out his ambition: Raise $50 million fast.

One Romney fundraiser said the $50 million figure was what the governor wanted to show by early summer, at the time of the first financial filing deadline of what is likely to be his official presidential campaign.
“Our fundraising will be a knockout blow to anyone who is squeamish,” said one Romney fundraiser, speaking of potential Republican challengers still flirting with a race by early summer. Mr. Romney’s money machine raised a little more than $60 million in the primary campaign of 2008, according to finance records.

Mr. Romney told the crowd this morning that he is likely to announce his presidential exploratory committee in early April, an announcement that would kick fund-raising into high gear. A 15-city fundraising tour that began Tuesday in Washington is now expected to reach at least 30 cities.
As he did at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington Tuesday, the former governor told bundlers…that the primary season will be brutal. His strategy is to win two or three of the first states, with polling numbers already looking good in New Hampshire, where he has a lake house, and Nevada, where the Mormon vote is strong.

Jayde reported yesterday on a meeting that Romney had with fundraisers on Tuesday in Washington. There are two bits below (also from WSJ) I want to throw out again because they outline what appears to be the strategy of the campaign at this time:

Mr. Romney said he needed to do well in the New Hampshire and Florida primaries and Nevada’s caucuses, while emerging from those early states with enough money to convince undecided voters that he would have the financial firepower to get to the finish line.
Romney fund-raisers are set to converge on Las Vegas on May 16 for a final push ahead of the first financial filing deadline. The Las Vegas meeting will include a marathon phone-a-thon to reach donors, according to one fund-raiser involved in the plan.

Points I gather, though they are not confirmed:
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Romney to Vegas As Nevada Caucus Looms Large for 2012 GOP

Looks like Mitt Romney will be spending his upcoming Valentine’s Day in fabulous Las Vegas, addressing the 2,500 members of the International Franchise Association. The speech is an opportunity for Romney to showcase his business acumen in the 2012 Presidential caucus state of Nevada. As Eric McPike reports in a Real Clear Politics article this morning, the IFA’s 51st annual convention will take place in Las Vegas from Feb. 13 to 16th. The event will be held at the MGM Grand, with the theme “Building the Future Together.” The emphasis of the confab will be focused on how small business owners can position themselves “as the economy begins to improve.” Romney will have to strike the right balance of criticism of President Obama’s handling of the economy, while conditions may seem to be improving.

Additional focus is being centered on this event, since Romney is a leading contender for the GOP Nomination in 2012, should he decide to run. Nevada is now emerging as an important early voting state in that process. While Romney won the Nevada caucus quite handily in 2008, the delegates he won were none binding, so there was little importance attached to his win. In 2012, all that will be changed.

According to CNN:

“Last weekend, in hopes of preventing a repeat performance, Republican state party leaders changed the rules to make the 2012 caucus results binding, meaning that delegates attending the Republican National Convention in Florida the following summer must stick with the candidate choices determined by the caucus results.” 

The Nevada caucus, which will be the third of four early nomination voting states in 2012, along with Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, will award its delegates on a proportional, as opposed to a winner-take-all basis. The hope of party leaders is to have a more energetic and active exchange among the candidates.

Usually we’ve been the ugly stepchild that nobody cared about,” says Heidi Smith, a Nevada member of the Republican National Committee. “This time around it’s going to be important for the candidates to come here and prove themselves to the people of Nevada. 

According to Laura Meyers of The Las Vegas Review–Journal, Romney seems to have a decent head start in Nevada, thanks to his name recognition and his winning performance here in 2008. Meyers then adds: 

That’s one reason Republican leaders decided last month not to make Nevada’s February 2012 GOP caucuses a winner-take-all contest. They wanted to attract all GOP presidential comers to compete for delegates instead of potentially ceding the state to Romney if he jumps into the race.

“I think everyone has to recognize that Mitt Romney will be the front-runner in the Nevada caucuses,” said Jack St. Martin, a GOP consultant based in the state. “The question will be how strongly he finishes and who finishes second, and how strong a second.”

So by deciding to award the caucus delegates proportionally, Nevada will see its status as an early decider in Republican Presidential politics raised significantly. For Romney it offers both a challenge and an opportunity. Romney will now have to work a little harder to ensure a victory in a state in which he will be favored in, much like New Hampshire. However, a victory in both states will provide him with the needed momentum to enter any proportional primaries to be held in March or Super Tuesday in early April.

The announcement for Romney’s Las Vegas appearance touts his business, managerial and political record and skills: 

The 50th Annual IFA Convention honored those who have made the industry what it is today and showcased the growth of franchising over the past half century. Attendees left inspired, optimistic and ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.
Our 2011 Annual Convention Opening General Session keynote speaker will be
Mitt Romney
Widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments as a public servant and in private enterprise, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney currently serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Free and Strong America PAC.
In 2008, Governor Romney was a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination and distinguished himself as an important voice in favor of strengthening our economy, military, and families.
Elected Governor of
Massachusetts in 2002, Governor Romney presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and a period of sustained economic expansion. Without raising taxes or increasing debt, Governor Romney balanced the budget every year of his administration, closing a $3 billion budget gap inherited when he took office. By eliminating waste, streamlining the government, and enacting comprehensive economic reforms to stimulate growth in
Massachusetts, Romney got the economy moving again and transformed deficits into surpluses. Come hear what he, and our other convention speakers, has to share.

Join Mitt Romney at Las Vegas BBQ in Support of Dr. Joe Heck

Q: What could be better then meeting Mitt Romney?
A: Meeting Mitt and eating BBQ at the same time!

Well Heck! ..If you live in Nevada, this is your chance to do just that:

Join Gov. Mitt Romney and Dr. Joe Heck

-Click here for more info or Click here to RSVP-

Here is what Mitt’s Free Strong America PAC says about Joe:

Joe Heck is running for the U.S. House in Nevada.

Dr. Joe Heck, R-Nevada

Dr. Joe Heck has passionately served the residents of Nevada as a physician, Army Reservist, and community volunteer.

A 1984 graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Health Education, he received his Doctor of Osteopathy from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1988, and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in 1992. Joe began his 25+ year career in public service as a volunteer firefighter and ambulance attendant in rural Pennsylvania. He volunteered as a Medical Team Manager with the Nevada Urban Search & Rescue Team - Task Force 1 and as a member of the LVMPD Search & Rescue team. He continues to serve as a tactical physician with the LVMPD SWAT team. Called to active duty in 1996 in support of Operation Joint Endeavor and 2003 in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Joe continues to serve in the United States Army Reserve having recently returned from a deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He currently holds the rank of Colonel and commands a U.S. Army Hospital. In July 2006 he graduated from the prestigious U.S. Army War College, earning a Masters of Strategic Studies.

Joe represented Senate District 5 in the Nevada Senate from 2004 through 2008, serving on the Natural Resources, Human Resources and Education, and the Commerce and Labor Committees, and as Vice-Chair of the Transportation and Homeland Security Committee

A small business owner, he is the President and Medical Director of Specialized Medical Operations, Inc a corporation dedicated to providing quality medical training, consulting, and operational support to Law Enforcement, EMS and Military Special Operations. Joe and his wife Lisa, a registered nurse, reside in Henderson with their three children

For more info check out these links:

Heck for Congress

Heck’s Facebook page

Heck’s Twitter account

UPDATE: Check out photo of the event on Heck’s Facebook

Romney to Keynote at Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit

After the announcement of Romney’s headline speech at the annual ski industry trade show comes the press release that Romney will also keynote at a pharmacy summit next May.

Across this broad spectrum of industries, what other politician could have more influence then a man who has brought immense success to the private sector, the 2002 Winter Games, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Because of his impressive background, Mitt has become recognized as an industry professional in almost every industry out there. There’s no doubt that the organizers of these conventions/summits know of Mitt’s ability to bring success to anything he puts his name on.

In the upcoming months, look for more appearances by Romney at these sort of events:

Posted at by Allison Cerra

SHORT HILLS, N.J. (Dec. 11) One of the nation’s largest specialty pharmacy channel management organizations will have former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney deliver the keynote address at its annual summit.

Armada Health Care announced Friday that Romney will attend the Sixth Annual Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit, scheduled from May 4 to May 7, 2022 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Gov. Romney will deliver the Armada Summit Keynote address at the opening session.

Lawrence S. Irene, CEO of Armada, stated, “We are delighted that Gov. Romney has shown an interest in our market and will be attending the 2010 Armada Summit. As the largest gathering of industry stakeholders, our annual summit is the perfect venue for national leaders like Gov. Romney to gain a valuable insight to the many challenges of the specialty pharmacy channel.”

Update: Posted at

Governor Mitt Romney to Deliver Keynote Address at Sixth Annual Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in 2010

SHORT HILLS, N.J., Dec. 14, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Armada Health Care, LLC (Armada) the nation’s largest Specialty Pharmacy Channel Management Organization, announced today that Gov. Mitt Romney will attend the Sixth Annual Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in 2010. The Armada meeting is scheduled for May 4-7, 2010 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Gov. Romney will deliver the Armada Summit Keynote address at the Opening Session. Lawrence S. Irene, CEO of Armada, stated, “We are delighted that Gov. Romney has shown an interest in our market and will be attending the 2010 Armada Summit. As the largest gathering of industry stakeholders, our annual summit is the perfect venue for national leaders like Gov. Romney to gain a valuable insight to the many challenges of the Specialty Pharmacy channel”

Governor Mitt Romney to Deliver Keynote Address at Sixth Annual Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit in 2010

About the 2010 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit:
Since our inaugural gathering five years ago, the Armada Summit has grown nearly 40 fold in attendance and is considered the premier annual platform for the Specialty Pharmacy industry. The 2010 Armada Specialty Pharmacy Summit venue will offer every attendee a genuine opportunity to gain helpful knowledge about the current and future specialty pharmacy channel through valuable business sessions, productive meetings and educational seminars. The conference format is also designed to allow ample opportunities to network and establish new relationships with other industry associates. In the end, meeting participants will gain meaningful insight that transfer today’s specialty healthcare trends into tomorrow’s successful business opportunities. Scheduled for May 4-7, participants at the 2010 Summit will include over 1,000 attendees and exhibitors from specialty pharmacy providers, third party payers, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, national distributors, and other industry professionals. Registration is now open and available online through

About Governor Romney:
Widely recognized for his leadership and accomplishments as a public servant and in private enterprise, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney delivers powerful insight on the current and future challenges facing America and the world, and offers compelling solutions on how America can regain its course.

His is a career marked by success. From 1978 to 1984, Governor Romney enjoyed a successful tenure as Vice President at Bain & Company, a leading management consulting firm, helping businesses grow and improve their operations. In 1984, Romney founded and led Bain Capital, now one of the nation’s most successful venture capital and investment firms. He later took a temporary leave of absence to return to Bain & Company as CEO at a time of financial turmoil to lead a turnaround of the organization.

During the run-up to the 2002 Olympic Games, Romney left the private sector to become President and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Given the task of turning around an Olympics mired in controversy and saddled with debt, Romney galvanized community spirit, erased a $379 million operating deficit, organized 23,000 volunteers, and oversaw an unprecedented security mobilization just months after the September 11th attacks, leading to one of the most successful Olympics in the country’s history.

Romney’s career in public service has been equally distinguished. Elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he presided over a dramatic reversal of state fortunes and sustained economic growth, balancing the state budget without raising taxes, creating tens of thousands of new jobs, and enacting education reform to both reward students and aid failing schools. In 2006, Governor Romney proposed and signed into law private, market-based healthcare reform, ensuring that every Massachusetts citizen receives health insurance — without a government takeover and without raising taxes.

Elected Chairman of the Republican Governors Association during the 2006 election cycle, Romney raised a then-record $27 million for candidates running in state house contests across the country.

Governor Romney has been deeply involved in community and civic affairs, serving in his church and numerous charities including City Year, the Boy Scouts, and the Points of Light Foundation. He was also the Massachusetts Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 1994 against Ted Kennedy. He received his B.A., with Highest Honors, from Brigham Young University in 1971. In 1975, he was awarded an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was named a Baker Scholar, and a J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School.

Governor Romney and his wife Ann have been married for 40 years and have five sons, five daughters-in-law, and fourteen grandchildren.

Romney to Headline at Pharmacy Summit

Romney to Headline at Pharmacy Summit