Team USA Makes the Case for American Greatness…. in Soccer

Forgive me a moment as I deviate away from Presidential politics…

GOOOOAAAALLL! In stoppage-time of the final match in group play, Landon Donovan finds the back of the net to put USA up 1-0 over Algeria, clinching the lead in group C of the Soccer World Cup and sending USA into the round of 16. Had the US settled for a draw they would have dropped into a disappointing 3rd place in group C and would be packing their bags right now.

Donovan’s goal came off of a rebounded blocked-shot by the Algerian goalkeeper right in front, setting up an easy boot for the win. After having an earlier goal disallowed by a controversial off-sides cal, and needing a win to advance, Team USA was literally moments away from elimination.

The US awaits the outcome of group D, where they will play the second-place team this Saturday at 2PM Eastern on ABC. More coverage of today’s match from USA Today. Full World Cup TV schedule here.


~Nate Gunderson