New Poll: Romney Trounces Huntsman in Utah

KSL-Deseret News PollI wouldn’t normally consider a huge Romney lead in Utah anything but expected; after all, the former SLC Olympics CEO carried the state with a whopping 89% to John McCain’s 5% in 2008′s primary. This poll, however, is different than most others because it includes former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. as a potential presidential contender. Huntsman is a household name in Utah, and to see such a poor showing come from the people that know him best is rather telling.

This isn’t the first time Romney has competed well against rival Governors in their own states. These might ring a bell:

  • Romney Beats Palin in Her Own Alaska, Wallops Pawlenty in His Native Minnesota
  • Poll: Romney Edges Christie in New Jersey

  • Exit question: In a GOP primary, would Romney ever be so vulnerable in his native Michigan? …What about in Massachusetts (where he governed)?

    Video: Romney Book Event in Utah Hopes for 10,000 Attendees

    For frequent updates about Mitt Romney’s upcoming book release, including tour dates, book signings, and media appearances, Go Here.

    The Hinckley Institute of Politics (University of Utah) is hosting a book signing and lecture to discuss Mitt Romney’s new book No Apology: The Case for America’s Greatness, which is set to be released on March 2, 2010.

    The event will take place at the Salt Palace on March 13 (the day after Romney’s birthday). The event [hopes to have] 10,000 attendees, all of whom will receive a signed copy of the new book. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday (Dec.17) at 10:00 AM, evidently through a new website to be launched at that time: Pricing is not yet known. We will update when we know more. has No Apology on presale for $17.15. (Full retail $25)

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    (Aaronius and I have a very brief cameo in the video above. Woohoo! At 0:39 you can see Aaron in a black jacket and glasses and me in a blue sweater with two light stripes. If I knew the cameras were on I would have said “Hi” to my mother.)

    ~Nate Gunderson

    EDIT: I believe I was mistaken to say that the event “expects” to have 10,000. When referring back to the video from KSL, Kirk Jowers, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, states that they “hope to have around 10,000 people.” I changed to title and text of my post to reflect that.