Obama, Willing to Work with Anyone on Jobs, Must’ve Missed Last Week’s ‘USA Today’

From GOPToast:

Barack Obama recognized today the lack of support across the aisle for his job recovery ideas but claimed that he was ready to work with anyone who had ideas on the issue.

“It is appropriate that I met with leaders of both parties. Spurring hiring and economic growth are not Democratic or Republican issues. They are American issues,” he says. “I am absolutely committed to working with anybody who is willing to do the job.”

Calling for Washington to tackle the issues with “seriousness of purpose,” Obama wraps up: “I hope that as we enter the holiday season, the leaders I just met with will feel the same way.” And that’s all.

Photo Credit: Politico.com

Photo Credit: Politico.com

Well, Obama, it seems that you missed a certain edition of USA Today last week. And you missed most of the Internet. And, hey, even Twitter. While you were off having your pretend jobs summit, Mitt Romney was doing exactly what you just asked for. The top-ranked 2012 contender published his 10-point plan to fix the economy and create new jobs. Doesn’t that fall exactly in the “seriousness of purpose” range? Yeah, some people are out there claiming to know how to fix the economy or even offering a suggestion or two. Romney laid out an entire plan. How did Obama miss that one?
From Day One of Obama’s presidency he has sworn that he wanted all voices, all ideas. That’s never been the case though. If it was, people like Romney would’ve been asked to help from the beginning. Obama continues to talk one game while playing a completely different one.

Will Romney Be Invited to Obama’s Jobs Summit?

Barack Obama announced today that come December, he’ll be holding a jobs summit. Looks like the 10.2 percent unemployment rate and the failure of the massive stimulus bill now has the White House grasping at straws, hoping to find something that works now.

Or, at least give Americans the impression that they’re trying to find something that works.

“I’m hoping that this is not just another press conference,” House Republican Whip Eric Cantor told POLITICO. “We’ve seen a lot of these dog and pony shows out of the White House, but there’s no follow through.” Cantor complained that the White House has not listened to Republican ideas on job creation.

When I first heard this news, my immediate thought was, “Mitt Romney has to be invited to this jobs summit, right? It would only make sense.” But then I realized that Obama would never invite Romney to such a thing. Just like Obama never once considered Romney to be his auto czar. While someone who is truly trying to solve these kinds of problems would include Romney, we have to remember that Obama is still playing politics. I will be shocked if Romney is invited to participate in Obama’s jobs summit.

Think of it this way: Obama holds his jobs summit and invites Romney to participate. Jobs summit is successful. Romney is now able to trumpet his success at jobs summit. In the end, Obama gave Romney the means to prove he can accomplish what Obama has failed to do over the past year. Romney now has this to use against Obama in 2012.

So don’t expect to see Romney’s name on the jobs summit roster. Like Cantor said, this is only a dog and pony show.